tan(011) – My Intuition parks bad on the streets, sickly

tan(011) – Against your Intuition, Street Parking, Sick from Work

NOT to go off on a Tangent, but …

Preamble: Without the venting of frustrations, one is destined to be a very hot pressure cooker, so let the steam go!

Against Intuition
This is a rant against myself. Against my fault for having too much faith in other people and their abilities to fulfill an order. The ordeal happened when I was renting some audio equipment for a friend’s going away party, and to make a long story short, I rented speakers and speaker cables from a local audio rental store that will go unnamed; but the customer service rep gave me incorrect speaker cables – rendering the speakers useless. Now when placing the order, I suspected that the customer service guy was a bit new and somewhat inexperienced; and at this store, it is a requirement that you know your stuff, very well. Preamble, I have rented from this store numerous of times in the past though; with no bad experiences, they have always given me the right pieces of equipment and necessary cords (I never had to check before I left the store). However this time, because of the inexperienced and uncertainty vibe that I was picking from the CSR, I wanted to do a physical check of the equipment, but I was reluctant to do so. I think my rationale for NOT checking was that if I persisted to check, that action may have been insulting to the CSR; so I was kind of being sensitive to his feelings. But, after having to drive across town and back to pick up PROPER speaker cable from my house, I will be LESS sensitive in the future

Street Parking
Pretty simple concept: if you are going to park on the street, and clearly there is enough room for two cars to park, park APPROPRIATELY. That means, consider other cars that may want to park; so that means, don’t park in the middle of the space so that only your car can fit – instead move up a bit and park so that another car can park behind you. Simple concept, yet some people have no consideration for others and will park selfishly so that no others can use the parking space. Let’s be aware people, you mofo’s aren’t the only ones out there; let’s have some thought for others. And not to digress, but this is also a gross act of laziness – especially when your girlfriend is to friggin lazy to move the car up a bit so that you can park behind her. Instead, you have to go park across the street in a private lot that is subject to parking tickets and towing … and she has the nerve to call me ‘selfish’, hopefully she isn’t living in a glass house, lol.

Sick for a Day
I hate it when you are sick for a day, and one of your fellow employees goes to your workstation to ‘see what work needs to be done’, and they completely reorganize your stuff. It’s a simple concept dumb mofo’s; leave things the way you found it. Don’t change the position of the phone, don’t move papers around to different locations, put it back the way you found it. You are not doing anyone a favor by moving stuff around dummy. Lame dummy.

The United E-Thugs of Internet Soldiers

Internet Soldiers!

The growth of the E-Thug

They …
Spend all of their time threatening people over the internet to compensate for their ‘lack of a life’ and hatred of humanity for not accepting him.

They …
Are a computer geek that only exists on the internet and thinks he is top sh*t by typing in CAPITALS, swearing excessively and thinking they can beat you down in a fight.

They are the E-Thugs, because they will never think about getting at you in the streets; they exist only in standard unicode web fonts.

BE CAREFUL WHEN you approach these characters they may TWEET you to death, TEAR UP that wall on your FACEBOOK, and simply mess up your MYSPACE … thought they will never breach your physical space … lames!

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The Naïve Woman


Naïve or Manipulative?

Deflecting blame and responsibility

Naïve is a French loanword (adjective, form of naïf) indicating having or showing a lack of experience, understanding or sophistication. It can also be spelled naive. The noun form can be written naivety, naïvety, naïveté, naïvete, or naiveté.

Women can be one of two things; very naïve or very manipulative; I would go even further to suggest that sometimes they blur the line between manipulative behavior and naitivity; masking their manipulative states as being naïve. They do this so that when the sh*t hits the fan, they can deflect and redirect blame. Giving simplistic replies to their man like, “I didn’t know that he would do that”, “I am so shocked that he did that”, and “I had no idea that he was thinking like that” are sometimes humorous and disrespectful to our intellects. These examples are referring to those women whom always get into some sort of man trouble; either some guy gets aggressive with them, starts flirting with them, or starts stalking them – and then these women seem baffled as how this could have transpired. Of course you are going to have the odd creepy dirtbag, but I would suggest that a lot of the predicaments that women get into are a result of their direct chosen behavior.

So, if you are one of these lame’s, or know someone who is, here are some methods how you can change them:

Step 1: Confront their bullsh*t
– too often, we men are letting too much slide. Somewhere in the 70’s or 80’s or even 90’s, men were conditioned not to say what is on their minds, and to practice some sort of new age passive behavior where discussion about sensitive topics is taboo. Interesting correlation in the rise of feminism and the rise of pussification amongst men, lol. I’m digressing from the topic though, but you need to confront the issue when something doesn’t seem right, don’t let it go – cause it will probably happen again

Step 2: Common Sense is Common
– After the confrontation, they will try to retract, backtrack on statements, and will try to place the blame of the source of tension to situational factors – but never placing the blame on themselves. Screw that, no, screw that with a big Phillips Screwdriver. Women have a classic tendency in committing the Fundamental Attribution Error; attributing undesirable behavior/consequences to situational factors instead of dispositional factors (themselves). Part of the reason in doing this is simple; it is much easier to blame your problems on something else – and as a society, most of us may do it without much conscious awareness. But, that doesn’t make it right. Women need to own up to their behavior – that guy wouldn’t be making those sly innuendos if you hadn’t been flirting with him OR those guys wouldn’t be commenting on your appearance if you hadn’t been exposing so much cleavage. Get real ladies. Don’t come crying and complaining why certain things are happening to you when you know exactly why – stop playing the innocent game, ya guilty!

Step 3: Go at the stubbornness
– So if she still wants to play naïve, then there are some ways to get her to see the ‘light’ in her cloudy atmosphere. Essentially when one plays the naïve role, they are showing an undesirable trait; that trait is the lack of sophistication and critical judgment. So, point that out. Women always have a desire to be ‘sophisticated’ and an ‘expert authority’ on relationships and people – and by a certain age, at least near the end of high school, women have enough interactions to use as a reference point for the analysis and interpretation of future behavior … simply put, they have ‘experience’. That experience is learned by direct contact, and through TV., film, and the oral tradition (get ya mind out the gutter, wiki it). So when she acts shocked, surprised about why something has happened – and when you know the causal factors of why it happened, and she can’t accept that, then go at her intellect. She will hopefully see the error in her ways and stop her stubborn behavior.

Step 4: Acceptance
– Once you have said your peace, be at peace. Know that if they persist to act asinine and/or play foolish, undesirable results will materialize. Some women are completely naïve – and may have not learned from previous experiences; that is completely possible. However, I would suspect that most women know EXACTLY what they are doing and they use the naïve card as a ‘Get out of jail’ card. Sorry ladies, your card is expired, fellas stand up!

In summation ladies, you are very smart; much more than you lead on. You are very perceptive and aware of your environment and the people within it; simply take responsibility for your actions. And understand that most actions and behavior from others are intentional; and you as ladies have a good idea at the motivation behind it. Don’t play the fool, or you will end up the fool. Tired of y’all asking the obvious questions and standing there in bewilderment; kinda like standing with a mini-skirt, high heels, fishnet stockings, and low-cut tank top on the Las Vegas strip and asking why all these guys are asking if you are available for 30 minutes for a $100 … lol.


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Funky Phresh Vinyl Toys 3

Funky Phresh Vinyl Toys 3

Some flyer Vinyl Toys from KidRobot

Grateful Bear
– Loving the whole gangsta bear image as the bear takes it back to the 80’s with the Gold Chain and a watch … who wears a watch these days?

Big Monger Ramirez
– Well this piece is up for interpretation …

Knuckle Bear
– Tough Bear with weird arms and a mean grill

Miss November 1978
– This may get your real, tangilbe girl jealous

Until the next episode, go support good art!

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Buy Yourself a Personality: Motorcycle

Buy Yourself a Personality: Motorcycle

I never got what the excitement over motorcycles are; many people find thrills in ‘being one with the road’ and living dangerously as one pothole or rock can be a devastating life-ending accident. I like my life. And which is why I am not a subscriber to the motorbike craze, I am not against motorcycles completely – I recognize their value in fuel consumption, insurance, and their ability to weave through traffic. Many people are willing to fork over 10-40k for a Kawasaki, Honda, or Harley for a mode of transportation that can only be utilized certain times of the year – some people have a lot of disposable income OR are buying some personality for themselves, such as:

– just having any kind of bike makes one look like a bad boy – someone who is a rebel against the system. This stereotype is sometimes the furthest thing from the truth as that Kawasaki rider is probably some computer analyst for a multinational corporation

– bike riders always seem to have the perception that they defy authority; they don’t follow rules, they break them. The other defiant trait is that bikers weave through traffic and push the speed limit; if you don’t perform such a behavior then you either have gotten a very costly speeding ticket or you are just a ‘poser’ – something that a biker never wants to be seen as (even if it is true).

Gear Head
– it is assumed that any biker is a gear head/bike and car junkie; meaning, they know everything about bikes, cars, how to fix mechanical issues, and so on. Bikers will be seen almost as an authority figure on bikes, and will be asked about the new bikes on the market, questions about torque, horsepower, and other performance and maintenance issues.

– it is automatic, one will instantly see a change in their love life. Girls that didn’t think you were hot before will suddenly have a change of heart (Mike Jones Syndrome). And of course, they will want to go for a ‘ride’, and I say give them a physical one, and a metaphorical one … you dig?


In all, one of the big things that you get from buying your personality (via the Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Honda) is the ‘cool’ factor. You will get the looks, the stares, the glares, the envy – just be careful, for some that is more lethal than heroine.



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Heart Attack Lane

Climbing Obesity

Controlling our hunger pangs may be one of the answers

I have heard of this ‘Heart Attack Grill’ which has several locations throughout the U.S. but I never visited their site, I was shocked that they are actively promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. The names of their foods are ‘triple bypass burger’, ‘pure lard fries’, and other nonsense. The restaurant is staffed by waitresses dressed as Nurses and the name of the establishment is called ‘Heart Attack Grill’ – that really says it all. No wonder the U.S. has the highest obesity rates in the world; and their healthcare system is in shambles and chaos. One of the reasons why the healthcare system is so battered and bruised like a Rihanna on a Grammy night, is because the population is not healthy – if even a good 40% of the population was not obese, then the healthcare system would not have to deal with as many cardiac arrests, myocardial infractions, strokes, and other debilitating diseases that come along with obesity. I understand that the Heart Attack Grill is a ‘novelty’ store and is just playing on a perception – the perception that American society has shifted to ‘healthy, green’ eating; as evident in the media – but that perception of the ‘healthy’ movement may be somewhat unrealistic. As the stats are still alarming, especially for minorities:

“According to the July 17 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, blacks have a 51 percent greater prevalence of obesity than whites. Hispanics also experience a greater percentage of obesity than whites with a 21 percent higher prevalence, according to the CDC publication.”

There are fast food joints everywhere; clogging up the street corners and stomachs of America – especially in lower income areas where the ‘alternative eating’ possibility (healthy foods) are out of their reach and budget. I acknowledge that this is a concern, but really what may be more significant is our timing and control of our hunger – if we listen to our hunger pangs, this can control and regulate our eating to more appropriate levels. What I mean is that most of our eating is triggered by external stimuli; environmental cues that we associate with eating events such as when we finish school/work, as soon as we get home, etc. Most times we are not necessarily responding to our internal cues (the hunger pangs, the growling belly); so we eat at times when we are not hungry and/or we at times when it is convenient to us or we eat when we want to relax – how many of you all have had a stressful day and when you come home, open up a salty bag of chips? You were not necessarily hungry, but the food was ‘comforting’ – these type of habits contribute a lot to the current obesity state of America as comfort foods are readily available and affordable. There is a whole science of research behind the motivations of hunger that really go deep into it, too long to discuss here, but I advise one to look it up if interested.
With all that said, here are some foods that are not only healthy, affordable, but will satisfy your hunger:

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that protect your heart by reducing both inflammation and the risk of blood clots. These fats also work to keep your cholesterol levels healthy. Eat salmon or other oily ocean fish like tuna, sardines or herring at least two times per week. For a heart-healthy meal, try grilled salmon steaks with a green vegetable and a side salad with a sprinkling of lemon juice instead of high-calorie salad dressing.

Olive Oil
Olive oil reduces your risk of heart disease by lowering your LDL cholesterol levels. Choose olive oil for cooking, or make a nice dip for whole grain bread by pouring a bit of olive oil in a small bowl and add a bit of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of oregano.

Oats contain a soluble fiber called beta glucan that helps reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Soluble fiber also helps keep your digestive system healthy. Enjoy oatmeal with just a small amount of brown sugar and plenty of strawberries and walnuts for breakfast. Cold cereals made with oats are also great with low-fat milk or soy milk plus slices of fresh fruit.

Apples contain a phytochemical called quercetin which acts as an antiinflammatory and will help prevent blood clots as well. Apples contain vitamins and fiber, come in several delicious varieties and are portable. Eat an apple with a handful of walnuts or almonds as a healthy snack or add apple slices to your healthy salads.

Almonds and other nuts contain healthy oils, vitamin E and other substances that will help keep cholesterol levels in check. Almonds are also a good source of protein and fiber. Almonds make a great snack on their own, or sprinkle slivered almonds on green beans or asparagus with lemon juice as a deliciously healthy side dish.

Red wine
Red wine contains a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. Resveratrol has been shown to be good for your heart. Be sure to enjoy red wine in moderation. Studies show that only 4 to 8 ounces of red wine is needed each day.

Whole Grains
Whole grains provide vitamins and fiber that will help to keep your heart healthy. Make a deliciously healthy sandwich with two slices of 100-percent whole-grain bread, three ounces of lean turkey breast, lots of sliced tomatoes and avocado, plus lettuce and a bit of mustard. Switch from white pasta to whole grain pasta too.

Green leafy vegetables
Green leafy vegetables contain folate, which helps to keep homocysteine levels down, and vitamin E. Green leafy vegetables have also been associated with better retention of memory as age. Try using fresh spinach leaves or other greens for your favorite salad instead of iceberg lettuce.

Tomatoes are packed with vitamins and lycopene, which has been shown to reduce heart disease risk. Add thick slices of tomatoes to sandwiches and salads or enjoy tomato sauce on whole wheat pasta. In fact, cooked tomato sauce and canned tomato sauce that you buy in the store both contain more lycopene than raw tomatoes.

Soy protein has been shown to prevent heart attacks and soy makes an excellent protein substitute for red meat, which will reduce your saturated fat intake. Add tofu to your favorite stir fry or pour soy milk on your morning cereal.

And of course, EXERCISE is a big factor – have we not noticed that the common remedy to most problems, diseases, and stress is exercise.

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Obesity Statistics Report from Milwaukee Health Examiner

Artifical Brainis 256GB of Apple Hate – Nerban’s week in tech July 24/09

Designed by Squad GazZz

Nerban’s week in Tech – July 24/09

Its been awhile, but better late than never right? Some interesting links from the world of technology to keep you up to date on the ever changing technological landscape for better, faster, and quicker access to the things we love (__________ insert that here).

Artificial brain ’10 years away’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8164060.stm– Just a precursor to when robots will enslave us, and then every race will have had that ‘slavery feeling’

256GB Memory Drive
http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/20/kingston-unveils-256gb-thumb-drive-for-well-heeled-memory-fiends/– It would be like carrying a hard drive on your key chain, for some it would mean and endless supply of adult entertainment

World’s First 3D Webcam Tested
http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/09/07/16/2213224/Worlds-First-3D-Webcam-Tested– Never really was a webcam person, never had one, but for those that are on lonely nights on dating sites – I am sure they will find some perverse use for this

First Microsoft retail stores to open this fall
http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=3358– Trying to go at Apple’s neck, but until they get the ‘cool’ factor, people will still be fascinated by the Apple Store

Apple demands Microsoft stop its Laptop Hunters ads
– Apple is crying like little b*tch*s over Microsoft’s clever ads; I don’t recall Microsoft crying foul over the “I am a Mac” ads, they just clapped back

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Funny Double Entendre’s from across the Pond


Double entendre

Literal & Figuratively Language

A double entendre (from French: double = double and entendre = to mean, to understand) is a figure of speech in which a spoken phrase is devised to be understood in either of two ways. In most cases, the first meaning is straightforward, while the second meaning is less so; often risqué, inappropriate, or ironic. Of course, a double entendre can only really be understood when the context is identified; meaning, the context has to be ‘just right’ to fight the phrase. The following entendre’s come from the British site British Ex Pats, and these examples will either make you have literal LOL’s or LMAO’s – if not, you are a certified mannequin:

1. Michael Buerk, as he watched Phillippa Forrester cuddle up to a male astronomer for warmth during BBC1’s UK eclipse coverage:
“They seem cold out there, they’re rubbing each other and he’s only come in his shorts.”

2. Chris Tarrant discussing the first Millionaire winner Judith Keppel on ‘This Morning’: “She was practising fastest finger first on her own in bed last night.”

3. Clair Frisby talking about a jumbo hot dog on ‘Look North’ said:
“There’s nothing like a big hot sausage inside you on a cold night like this.”

4. Carenza Lewis, about finding food in the Middle Ages on ‘Time Team
Live’, said:
“You’d eat beaver if you could get it.”

5. A female news anchor who, the day after it was supposed to have
snowed and hadn’t, turned to the weatherman and asked:
“So Bob, where’s that eight inches you promised me last night?” (The weatherman and half the crew were so helpless with laughter they had to leave the set.)

6. Our best source, as ever, is the sports programme… Bobby Simpson, commenting on cricketer Neil Fairbrother’s shot: “With his lovely soft hands, he just tossed it off.”

7. Mike Hallett, discussing missed snooker shots on Sky Sports:
“Stephen Hendry jumps on Steve Davis’s misses every chance he gets.”

8. Jack Burnicle was talking about Colin Edwards’ tyre choice on World Superbike racing:
“Colin had a hard on in practice earlier, and I bet he wishes he had a hard on now.”

9. ‘Winning Post’s’ Stewart Machin commentating on jockey Tony McCoy’s
formidable lead:
“Tony has a quick look between his legs and likes what he sees.”

10. Ross King discussing relays with champion runner Phil Redmond:
“Well Phil, tell us about your amazing third leg.”

11. Ken Brown commentating on golfer Nick Faldo and his caddie Fanny
Sunneson lining-up shots at the Scottish Open (an old favourite):
“Some weeks Nick likes to use Fanny, other weeks he prefers to do it by himself.”

12. James Allen interviewing Ralf Schumacher at a Grand Prix, asked:
“What does it feel like being rammed up the backside by Barrichello?”

13. Steve Ryder covering the US Masters:
“Ballesteros felt much better today after a 69.”

14. Willie Carson was telling Claire Balding how jockeys prepare for a big race
when he said: “They usually have four or five dreams a night about coming from different positions.”

15. US PGA Commentator:
“One of the reasons Arnie (Arnold Palmer) is playing so well is that, before each tee shot, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them …..
Oh my god, what have I just said?!”

16. Metro Radio:
“Julian Dicks is everywhere. It’s like they’ve got eleven Dicks on the field.”

17. Harry Carpenter at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race 1977 (the most famous of all?):
“Ah, isn’t that nice? The wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the cox of the Oxford crew.”

18. New Zealand Rugby Commentator:
“Andrew Mehrtens loves it when Daryl Gibson comes inside of him.”

19. Pat Glenn, weightlifting commentator:
“And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazing!”

— The British are such clever, witty and interesting people … Hope this made you laugh in whatever you are doing

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tan(010) – Importance to women is a hard route to MapQuest


Super Tangent(010)

Night out with friends, prep your route, importance, workplace exit cues

Preamble: Ahhhhhh, feels good to get writing these tangents again – its not that nothing hasn’t been pissing me off (there is never a dry spell of that), just been busy focusing on more topic related posts. There is a correlation I think between tangents/rants (pent up anger and frustration) to producing great content; whether it is art, writing, sports, or singing – frustration seems to affect performance (for some), well for me, looks like it is positvely correlated. So, haters, busters, chumps, pricks, hacks, and lames – keep doing your thing!

Night Out with Friends

Maybe it’s the anti-social nature in me, or maybe it is the years of experience waiting for people, picking up people, people not being ready when they said they will be – but I do not really enjoy the process that preceds going out to the club/lounge with friends. I know there are some folks that bask and really like this stage of going out; but I repel it, try to avoid it as much as possible. My usual experiences usually goes like this: friends get the ‘cheap-bug’ and want me to drive, they are reluctant to pitch in on gas & parking, and then there is the waiting part (see my various posts on ‘time’ to understand that). Recently I have tried to bypass all of the elements that annoy me of the club process by telling my friends that I will meet them at the venue – but somehow that never pans out as expected. Maybe, just maybe, in the future I will pronounce that I will not attend, and then magically appear – thus saving my time, money, and sanity.



Preparing Your Route

Maybe its one of those weird logical things that only make logical sense, but if I were going to an address that I don’t know – I will not ask directions from other people; as usually these directions go somewhat like “turn left after 2 lights, the 4th street turn right, after you see the school go for 2 more blocks then turn left”, and so on. More times than not in those situations, a key count of a light or street is overlooked, which leads to one getting lost. So to avoid those situations, one should search out the directions on Google Maps or MapQuest so that they can print out or write the directions – especially if you have days/weeks advance notice in knowing that you have to be at this specific location. It baffles me that some people who use web communications daily, do not rely on the web to solve a simple problem such as directions. People need to be self-reliant in solving life’s simplest problems, don’t rely on others solving your issues that you could’ve easily solved yourself with a little effort and time management. Step your game up!



Measuring Importance

Women have a hard time in understanding. Period. Wait, that was too ‘black & white’, maybe not ‘period’, because women have no problemo in understanding what is important to them – but lord help you for women trying to UNDERSTAND anything that DOES NOT relate or affect them (ooh, isn’t that ‘selfish’, lol). That is like trying to explain color to a man that was born blind, teaching a dog to speak several human languages, understanding the meaning of life – it is damn near impossible and will take years to accomplish. I don’t think there is more need to elaborate other than that women usually have a tendency (yes, strong stereotypes are being used) to only have concern for themselves, and to f— everything else, everyone, and there desires. So fellas, as I have said many times in tweets, posts, in relationships it seems that you got to sit on your knees, cup your genitals, give up your independence, brain, and pride to your woman – if you truly want to make her happy … (that was sarcasm). Stand up fellas, don’t let these birds peck at you; if you had fear before, get some courage you cowardly Lion – stand up.

Workplace Body Language Cues

This is for all those in the work environment, I am sure you have experienced a million times already. I can’t stand when people don’t pick up on body language cues that I drop, that indicate that: a) I don’t care to sit and ‘chit chat’, b) I have lost interest in the conversation, or c) I really don’t give a f— in engaging in this mindless dialogue. I usually drop cues such as backing away from them, turning my body away from them, begin typing on my workstation again – but it usually doesn’t work as they still talk; talking about what they did last weekend, what they will do this weekend, about the boss, blah blah blah blah. I have to blame myself for this, I have to rant on my behavior because I am a very good attentive listener. I give good attention cues such as nodding head, saying stuff like “oh really?”, “wow”, “ok”, “that’s good”, and so on. Essentially, I may be motivating them to talk more as they are picking up on my verbal responsive cues, and may be ignoring or not even noticing my body language cues … and they say that “Body Language speaks louder than Verbal Language”, well, not in the workplace environment, at least not for me.

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Euphemistic Styles

Subtle Punk’s

Euphemisms: The new way of insults, respectively

First, the title image probably has no real correlation with this subject (if it is, please comment), I just thought it was funny.  Now, Euphemisms are literal devices in languages; as it provides people to be genuine in the verbal manisfestations of their cognitions with regard for other’s sensitivity. In Laments terms, a euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable or less offensive expression in place of one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the listener. There are all kind of euphemisms from those of a sexual nature, to classism, to racism – all done subtly, and at times without one realizing what is truly being said. Some common and interesting euphemisms are:

“Enhanced Interrogation Technique”
– another term for torture

“Fertility Cente”
– an infertility centre

“Taking the Browns to the Superbowl
– using the tooilet

“Salad Dodger”
– A more polite term for someone overweight

“Hard Gas”
– Soiling oneself.

“Richard Cranium”
– the short name for ‘richard’ + cranium (head); an insult

Designed by Scritch & Scratch

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Lucid Dreaming

Designed by Kimag 3500

Lucid Dreams

Influencing your dreams

Ever had that feeling that you were dreaming but still aware of what was going on? Almost as if you were cognitively aware that you were in a dream? You may have experienced a lucid dream; which is a dream that the sleeper is aware that he or she is dreaming. When the dreamer is lucid, he or she can actively participate in and often manipulate the imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can seem extremely real and vivid depending on a person’s level of self-awareness during the lucid dream. Recently, there have been an interest to deliberate lucid dream; so that people can get an insight into their own unconscious forces at work. However, for one to truly be a ‘pro’ at lucid dreaming, it is said that people should practice picking up ‘dream signs’, such as:

Action — The dreamer, another dream character, or a thing does something unusual or impossible in waking life, such as flying, jumping or running great distances, walking through walls, teleporting/changing the dream setting, or noticing photographs in a magazine or newspaper becoming three-dimensional with full movement.
Powerlessness — There is a sensational loss of bodily strength. This can mean being unable to move entirely, simply that you are unable to run away from something you otherwise would. This can also include a loss of senses, such as severely limited vision or hearing.
Context — The place or situation in the dream is strange and includes fictional characters or places.
Form — The dreamer, another character, or an object changes shape, is oddly formed, or transforms. This may include the presence of unusual clothing or hair, or a third person view of the dreamer.
Awareness — There is a peculiar thought, a strong emotion, an unusual sensation, a loss of normal logic, or an altered perception. In some cases when moving one’s head from side to side, one may notice a strange stuttering or ‘strobing’ of the image.
Clocks — The dreamer looks at a clock or watch, looks away, then looks back, and the time could have changed, unintelligible symbols appear on the watch face or even the watch can be gone all together.
Fingers — The dreamer seems to have an abnormal number of fingers (e.g. more than 5 on a hand).

Designed by Tauzero

One can build up a habit of periodically asking oneself throughout the day if you are dreaming, and performing some of the tasks above. This habit will eventually cause checks to be performed during a dream, leading to lucidity when dream signs are remembered and recognized. And then hopefully you will be able to answer some of those questions that bug you throughout the day

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