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Attitudes & behaviors in society; looking at the past, present, and future characteristics among people.

The Missing Women Project

The Missing Women Project

Video of Ilene Sova’s Exhibition “The Missing Women Project” at Creative Blueprint Gallery in March 2013. I did the videography & editing. The Missing Women Project is a socially important project as Ilene has created paintings of Missing Women from the OPP Missing Women Database. Each painting represents an unsolved case.

Missing Women Project

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Whom should pay for dates? Men or Women?

who should pay

Is Chivalry Dead?

So you were able to persuade the girl of your dreams in going on a date with you, perfect. Things are going well, you give her your magic charm, she is smiling & laughing (hopefully not at you), the food is good, and you end up paying, and you take her home. Good Stuff. But the cycle of you paying for the meal after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and to the 10th date, starts to leave you wondering, “When is she going to pay for the date?”. And this is the question that is the fuel for debate, and equally the source of arguments as some women, regardless of how long they have been dating their Man, refuse to pay for dates. Chivalry is not dead, is it? Yes, Men should do certain things, but we also live in an age of equality – with the rise of Feminism, women desire & want to be treated as equal, as they should be. But in some facets of life, they still want the Man to ‘take care’ of certain things such as dates – even if they are in a long-term committed relationship or even married.

A lot has been said also on whom initiates the date – meaning that if the Man asks the Woman out, then the Man should pay – I can understand that. But after awhile, once a mutual understanding is established, and once both parties are interested in each other, then that is when things such as dates should start being shared, right? This video illustrates the differing views between males & females on whom should pay for date – hilarity ensues as most women will stick to their guns that women should NEVER pay for dates, and where Men are always trying to walk that fine line of ‘wishing/hoping’ that women eventually start sharing or paying their ‘fair share’.

Starring Comedians:
Sylvana: @sylvanasays
Justin Laite:
Produced by Urban Comedy Network

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Flippin’ the Neediness


Flip the Neediness?

A method to dump your partner w/o being the ‘Bad Guy’

I’m sure we all have had that experience of being with someone that just became too needy over time; at first their needy behavior was ‘adorable, but then it grew into a weird beast that is both weird and sometimes creepy – with constant text messages and phone calls. Well, there are a couple of ways to deal with the needy:

  • Drop ‘em like its hot – the fastest & equally coldest method
  • Tolerate – answer the constant text messages/phone calls
  • Flip the Neediness – YOU become the needy one!
Now this is the one that is most interesting, ‘Flippin the Neediness’. Defined by comic Justin Laite, this is the process of becoming even MORE needier that your needy partner so that they start realizing that YOU are the neediness and with the hopes that they eventually dump you because they can’t handle your needy behavior any more.  So for instance if they call you 5 times a day, then you start calling them 20 times a day.  Send them over 50 text messages a day; describe your toast, coffee, brunch, lunch, and so on.  ‘Like’ and comment on all of their FaceBook posts everyday.  Eventually, they should be sick of you and will start to think that YOU have a problem.  This is almost an ideal situation if it works because it removes the burden of dumping someone that is emotionally unstable.  Classic.
Has anyone tried this before? What has been your findings? I would presume it would be awesome.

Starring Comedians:
Sylvana: @sylvanasays
Justin Laite:
Produced by Urban Comedy Network

Awareness & Branding

Look @ Me

Raising awareness

They say that ‘Content is King’, and it is, but then ‘Awareness is Royalty’, because the problem that I face, as with others, is the awareness of content. Its something that I have been struggling with for years, and I know, or have a good idea of how to get around it – but I guess my insecurities get the best of me. Insecurities suck. It really does. In the current day of attention spans lasting from 1-10 seconds, it is even more important to have awareness out there. Heck, even your own close friends may not be aware of the projects that you are doing unless you bang them with the content, repeatedly, creatively. As a good friend of mines once said, ‘Persistence over Resistance’ – and yes he was referring initially to how he bags chicks with his persistence (I advised him how ‘persistence’ can be viewed as ‘harassment’ in a court of law), but this nugget of wisdom can be extrapolated to the business of branding.

Ben Greenman’s Charts about Graphs and Graphs about Charts

Charts about Graphs, Graphs about Charts

Came across this article after roaming the Internet and thought that the idea was a bit too ingenious not to mention and give credit: especially nowadays where every day a shitload of articles are produced with a bunch of charts and graphs – all in an attempt to persuade us to do something.

So on that note, here are some of Ben Grossman’s ‘Charts about Graphs and Graphs about Charts’



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Social DNA

Social DNA

Similar, Complimentary, Opposite.

According to the folks at Energy Diamond, these are the keys, well in terms of balancing them, to achieve positive/optimal social DNA. I think they may be onto something because having your social network full of one set of people does not really do much in giving you a balance viewpoint on things. I know many people that only want to surround their world with similar thinking people – I think this is an attempt to lessen arguments & protect their sense of self (the overly religious do this a lot).   I truly think that if people adopted a more balance viewpoint by allowing themselves to be open to various inputs of ideology and reasoning, then we would have more tolerance, and ultimately more peace. But Utopia is a couple of generations away …. (I hope that I’m wrong though).
For more info check out


All About the Tangents Baby!

Getting things off your chest in random sequences … nah, I ain’t crazy

If you have been following this blog, then you must know that I like to go off on ‘tangents’ – which are somewhat long commentaries, complaints, stories, about particular topic(s). And in my day-to-day life I realised I do this too, like just pick any topic, and at will, I can just go off, bring up stats, complimentary issues, segway into sub-issues, etc. Some of my friends and co-workers find this annoying – but this post isn’t about their reaction, and I don’t want to go off on a tangent about that. But I recently met someone whom is almost identical in the ‘tangent nature’ and she referred to herself as ‘tangentical’ – and this is like explaining the whole experience of studying psychology: Attaching technical terms to feelings that you have always felt. If I can re-define this word that has not been defined, ‘tangentical’ to me suggests a disposition to use tangents through all facets of life and interactions with others, and to evoke emotions. You can argue with my definition, but will most likely lose to Supreme Court of Moi.

One frequent response of being Tangentical is that most people will say ‘I don’t get you’ or ‘I don’t understand, you talk to much’, which may all be some valid points. But being Tangentical is much more than just being able to ‘go off’ on a rhetoric diatribe, its about attempting to cover each and every possible trite question that the listener may have; so as to avoid the mundane questions.

Example: when talking to someone about why you don’t like Baseball, explain when your displeasure started, any personal experiences of playing baseball, and attempts to try and modify your dislike of Baseball.

So essentially being Tangentical embodies identifying etiology, subjective experiences, attitude/behavior modification, and logical rhetoric.

Now, if only I can learn the technical term for discovering technical terms to stuff we already experience … That would make my day/week/month/year/decade even more.

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Contractors Hyperbole

The Language of Contractors

I find the Home Improvement Industry to be a very challenging field, its either ‘Do-It Yourself’ or hire a Contractor. This post will focus on the latter, and their interesting rhetoric. Recently had to ‘monitor’ (be present) at my Mother’s house while several contractors vied for a chance to complete a floor tiling project; and I have noticed several ‘Talking Points’ that ALL Contractors seem to have. So here are some Talking Points that I have observed, and my interpretation of what they really mean:

“I know a guy that can do that for you”
– means that he can’t do it himself, so he worked out a deal with someone that he knows, and will take a percentage

“His work is very very good, amazing”
– this claim will hardly never be validated, who is really going to take the time to view strangers houses?

“Its not going to cost you, its going to cost me”
– it will still cost YOU, but probably in the long run

“I’m giving you the best possible price – I’m not making any money”
– even at the baseline cost, I’m still making money, sucka!

“These things happen from time to time”
– I f#cked up, and since you don’t know shit about this industry, I will blame it on ‘natural circumstance’

“Unlike other contractors who would just tell you anything, I’m being honest with you”
– I’m saying this to gain your confidence, but I am more like the contractors that I have tarnished

In all, I have to give it up to the Contractors, they have realized how they are viewed amongst the general public as sleezy, corrupt, ex-con, dirtbags; thus, there probably was some ‘Contractor Meeting’ a few years ago where they adopted some psychological rhetoric as they try to get into their customers heads and try to distance themselves from the perception of their own industry.

Kinda clever.


<<< Wish this was how all Contractors looked like, then, I wouldn’t really have that much of a problem with ’em.

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Tips for the Social Media Geek

Increasing Geekitude

Some tips to accelerate your nerd/geekiness online to make you further increase the efficiency in whatever you do (probably Facebook & Twitter).

Multi-Task (dual screen)
– pretty simple; two screens allows you to do and see more. For the graphic artist, it allows you to look at Photoshop on one monitor, and view stock footage on Bridge on the other monitor. It is also good for learning tutorials – have the video tutorial playing on one side, practice the teachings on the other monitor – generally it just increases the level of productivity.

– pretty much any device that allows you to do e-mail, browse the web, social network, and etc. There are many devices on the market for you to choose from; iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, etc. Think of the phone as your personal device that manages your communications and engagements with the world. No longer is the computer/laptop needed as the device to do such management.

Google is not only a search engine, but essentially they are an advertising platform that delivers targeted ads via their many products and services. As such, they offer these services usually free, and they are quite useful as they are built on ‘cloud computing’ and are usually able to interface with your mobile device.

Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Maps
Google Reader (manages RSS feeds/blogs)

Time Management Skills
– all these tools are great, but are useless unless you don’t learn how to manage your time properly. Blocking out times, and even people to work on projects/items may be necessary. Sometimes it is best to start with a good ‘ol pencil and paper to itemize what needs to be done, develop a timeline, and then put such plan into action.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to being more efficiency and productive, hopefully.

You’re a F#*cking Human Being

You’re a Fucking Human Being – Joe Rogan and Daft Punk

A rant by UFC announcer, ex-Fear Factor host, comedian Joe Rogan off of his podcast; an interesting take on life, religion, politics, and such. Don’t really get why they autotuned Joe Rogan’s voice, and added Daft Punk’s ‘Around the world’, but that mix, and the visuals makes for a good 5 minutes of engaging content.