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Funky Phresh Vinyl Toys 3

Funky Phresh Vinyl Toys 3

Some flyer Vinyl Toys from KidRobot

Grateful Bear
– Loving the whole gangsta bear image as the bear takes it back to the 80’s with the Gold Chain and a watch … who wears a watch these days?

Big Monger Ramirez
– Well this piece is up for interpretation …

Knuckle Bear
– Tough Bear with weird arms and a mean grill

Miss November 1978
– This may get your real, tangilbe girl jealous

Until the next episode, go support good art!

.:: LiBM::.

Funky Phresh Vinyl Toys: Dunny UK Series

The Dunny UK Series

These vinyl toys by KidRobot are like 6 – 10 pounds in price each, and are some of the most creative-disturbing-cute vinyl toys that you will ever see. I don’t know at what age you would introduce these to your kids, or if the logic is to be an adult, and buy them for interior decoration, but either way – they will definitely set you apart from the pack whether it is at the monkey bars at the playground, or in the overpriced high-maintenance condo.

You can check out more and buy at: FuturePlastik.co.uk … those UK boys are always ‘out there’ with the culture and art, lol.

.:: LiBM ::.