Artifical Brainis 256GB of Apple Hate – Nerban’s week in tech July 24/09

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Nerban’s week in Tech – July 24/09

Its been awhile, but better late than never right? Some interesting links from the world of technology to keep you up to date on the ever changing technological landscape for better, faster, and quicker access to the things we love (__________ insert that here).

Artificial brain ’10 years away’– Just a precursor to when robots will enslave us, and then every race will have had that ‘slavery feeling’

256GB Memory Drive– It would be like carrying a hard drive on your key chain, for some it would mean and endless supply of adult entertainment

World’s First 3D Webcam Tested– Never really was a webcam person, never had one, but for those that are on lonely nights on dating sites – I am sure they will find some perverse use for this

First Microsoft retail stores to open this fall– Trying to go at Apple’s neck, but until they get the ‘cool’ factor, people will still be fascinated by the Apple Store

Apple demands Microsoft stop its Laptop Hunters ads
– Apple is crying like little b*tch*s over Microsoft’s clever ads; I don’t recall Microsoft crying foul over the “I am a Mac” ads, they just clapped back

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