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Sky Service Airlines – Bad, really bad

Sky ‘service’, but ‘service’ is missing

Note: The great thing about this thing called the Internet is that it gives a voice to people for complaining and airing grievances. My grievance is with this joke of an Airline called Sky Service

I have flown on quite a few airlines from Air Canada, Delta, United, West Jet, etc.  Generally, they are all decent, I never had any real problems – that was until I encountered Sky Service Airlines (http://www.skyserviceairlines.com/).  They are a discount airline that I had the unfortunate experience of flying with recently.  I am not a fat or a tall guy, but I found the seating to be very cramped; combine that with a malfunctioning seat that couldn’t recline, being double booked, being relocated to the back of the plane near the washrooms, and then being offered cheap ass alcohol as compensation for my inconvenience …. I was well dissatisfied.  I was embarrassed, uncomfortable, and annoyed that they had ruined my flight on multiple fronts.

So I wrote an appropriate letter to their Customer Relations department, they said that it will take a minimum of SIX weeks to get back to me; either they have limited customer service staff or they receive a lot of complaints.   I may not be a public figure as Kevin Smith (yet), but I know how to cause a ‘stir’ … so the ball is in Sky Service airlines court – how this game is played is up to them.  In my eyes, the only way to resolve this situation is to refund my ticket, what do you all think?

Does anyone else out there have any airline horror stories????

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tan(011) – My Intuition parks bad on the streets, sickly

tan(011) – Against your Intuition, Street Parking, Sick from Work

NOT to go off on a Tangent, but …

Preamble: Without the venting of frustrations, one is destined to be a very hot pressure cooker, so let the steam go!

Against Intuition
This is a rant against myself. Against my fault for having too much faith in other people and their abilities to fulfill an order. The ordeal happened when I was renting some audio equipment for a friend’s going away party, and to make a long story short, I rented speakers and speaker cables from a local audio rental store that will go unnamed; but the customer service rep gave me incorrect speaker cables – rendering the speakers useless. Now when placing the order, I suspected that the customer service guy was a bit new and somewhat inexperienced; and at this store, it is a requirement that you know your stuff, very well. Preamble, I have rented from this store numerous of times in the past though; with no bad experiences, they have always given me the right pieces of equipment and necessary cords (I never had to check before I left the store). However this time, because of the inexperienced and uncertainty vibe that I was picking from the CSR, I wanted to do a physical check of the equipment, but I was reluctant to do so. I think my rationale for NOT checking was that if I persisted to check, that action may have been insulting to the CSR; so I was kind of being sensitive to his feelings. But, after having to drive across town and back to pick up PROPER speaker cable from my house, I will be LESS sensitive in the future

Street Parking
Pretty simple concept: if you are going to park on the street, and clearly there is enough room for two cars to park, park APPROPRIATELY. That means, consider other cars that may want to park; so that means, don’t park in the middle of the space so that only your car can fit – instead move up a bit and park so that another car can park behind you. Simple concept, yet some people have no consideration for others and will park selfishly so that no others can use the parking space. Let’s be aware people, you mofo’s aren’t the only ones out there; let’s have some thought for others. And not to digress, but this is also a gross act of laziness – especially when your girlfriend is to friggin lazy to move the car up a bit so that you can park behind her. Instead, you have to go park across the street in a private lot that is subject to parking tickets and towing … and she has the nerve to call me ‘selfish’, hopefully she isn’t living in a glass house, lol.

Sick for a Day
I hate it when you are sick for a day, and one of your fellow employees goes to your workstation to ‘see what work needs to be done’, and they completely reorganize your stuff. It’s a simple concept dumb mofo’s; leave things the way you found it. Don’t change the position of the phone, don’t move papers around to different locations, put it back the way you found it. You are not doing anyone a favor by moving stuff around dummy. Lame dummy.

The Intuitive Waitress?

The Intuitive Waitress?
Virtues: proactive, stereotypes, prejudice, customer service  

I once worked in a restaurant, I only lasted a few weeks as a bus boy; carting dishes from the tables to the back for washing. One thing that I noticed about the waiters at the restaurant was that they took a proactive stance in trying to anticipate what the customer would want. Which makes sense, because the waitresses are trying to get a larger tip for providing good customer service. Keep in mind though, that the waitress has to use their preconceived notions about the customer in order to be ‘proactive’.

Jumping to the present, my girl and I have gone out to a couple of restaurants and we have both noticed a trend in the way wait staff are being ‘proactive'; we both have different interpretations of this proactive behavior.

Incident One:
Were at a nice Asisan Cusine restaurant, I order a pad thai, and a platter of spring rolls; my girl ordrers some noodle dish. The waiter, a middle-aged asian man comes over and asks me specifically if I would like some hot sauce with my pad thai. I’ve had pad thai many times before, and I was never asked such a question.

Incident Two:
In a trendy part of time at a cafe/restaurant with a romantic/intimate ambience. I order a pad thai (again), and my girl orders a noodle dish (again). Now, this particular pad thai dish already came with spices, and our waitress asked me specifically again, if I would like hot sauce.

So based on these situations, I got to pose the question, are the intuitiveness of the waiters a sign of being proactive to the customer (as is my position) or is the intuitiveness a sign of disrespect and racial stereotyping (as the girlfriend is advocating).

I can’t call it, what do y’all think?

(P.S. I am a Young Black Entrepreneur Extradornaire … may help with your assessment)