Sour patches (beat pack)

Music has always been one of my favourite things – in life. And the creation of music is always satisfying – being able to take notes and make it evoke emotions has, and will always be powerful.

Over the years, as a creative content producer, I have dabbled in music production here and there, and here are some beats I have put together from about 2018-2019. No, I’m not a Pharrell, but hopefully somewhere in the field — even if its on the bench, on the practice field away from the main game.

Feel free to connect for this and all your other music placement needs.

Best of NFL Celebrations (w/ Scribble effects)

Since there will most likely not be much football this year, I decided to take a project on of merging NFL endzone celebrations w/ a Video Motion Graphics technique called ‘Scribble’. I now have much respect for video animators; a seemingly short animated sequence takes a long time.

All video footage is copyright to the NFL and its media partners.

Music by: Big Wild – When I Get There (2017)

Baggage Handlers (Short Film)

Short Film Synopsis:
We are all products of our past relationships; the relationship baggage we carry is sometimes too much for our current partners. A couple finds out that they are still carrying a lot of their past and have to make a decision that will bring happiness – to everyone involved


Jahte Le
Hilary Wirachowsky

Writer, Director, Editor:
Desmond Blackman

Shawn Buckley

Goose Goddi Productions,
Desmond Blackman (VUSM)

(c) 2019

NSNG – How to keep the pounds off


NSNG stands for ‘No Sugars, No Grains’, coined by celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich, is a nutrition plan (don’t like using the term ‘diet’) that is great for keeping the weight off.  The idea behind NSNG, is that sugar and grains are hard for the body to process and burn off; thus an excess of sugars and grain products lead to weight gain. And when you think about it, I’m sure you can see the parallels of eating too many grains like your cereal in the morning with that bagel — this mix of ‘Simple Carbs’ takes hours if not days to fully burn off if you are not physically active for the day. So removing or severely reducing the amount of sugars and grains from your palette will help keep the weight off. Now, by ‘sugars’, this refers to any added sugar (natural sugars from fruits are okay).

So WTF to eat?!?!

So you might be saying, ‘Hey, what am I supposed to eat then if you take out my morning cereal and bagel?!?’, and I hear yea – that is why I have made an example meal plan:

– Plain Greek Yogurt w/ frozen or natural fruits
– Bacon and Eggs
– Sausage
– Sweet Potato
– Ground Turkey or Chicken
– Veggies: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach, Kale
– Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Plantains


Just try it for a week, and you’ll start seeing the differences. For more info visit:


Oh and of course, it is good to do physical activity at least 3 times a week, 168 hours in a week, I’m sure you can find 3 hours there for yourself and betterment.

Still Here

still here

I realized that I haven’t wrote a blog post in awhile, and just wanted to write a quick post.  Last post was in May 2016, and a lot has happened in the world since then — a lot.
However, in such a tumultuous state of time, we have to stay true to our goals, dreams, and desire – that’s been a constant battling theme with me. And for those that are battling the same, keep your head up, and keep moving the feet forward … even if it is a slow pace.

Stay tuned.


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