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Still Here

still here

I realized that I haven’t wrote a blog post in awhile, and just wanted to write a quick post.  Last post was in May 2016, and a lot has happened in the world since then — a lot.
However, in such a tumultuous state of time, we have to stay true to our goals, dreams, and desire – that’s been a constant battling theme with me. And for those that are battling the same, keep your head up, and keep moving the feet forward … even if it is a slow pace.

Stay tuned.


Propaganda Posters: Classic to Modern

Art of the Picture Persuasion

Some interesting propaganda posters from the world wars, and to modern politics.  Essentially, propaganda were the first original ‘Memes’ – meant to convey emotion and thoughts.

Some powerful imagery ahead.

– Powerful, showing that women were in the battle too.
– I just thought that Pacman was cool; never was really good at the game though
– Good ‘ol Uncle Sam
– I don’t really get this, leave a comment if you do
– Obama campaign poster
– Governments were extremely racist
– I guess they wanted people to save on fuel expenses for the war effort, but this is kind of  a stretch – almost insulting people’s intelligence.
— In this one, they probably should of showed a bit more ‘booby’


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The 4 Types of Rappers


The 4 Types of Rappers

There are 4 Types of Rappers that we all know, love, hate, despise, and secretly want to be like.

The 90’s Rapper

This is the rapper that thinks that Rakim & Eric B are still the President, and hope that Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth will get back together. Baggy pants are still a staple fashion, and using complex metaphors over a classic snare drum & clap mixed with a boring chorus – are the ingredients to ‘Real Hip-Hop’

Top 90’s Rappers:

  1. Jay Electronica
  2. Raekwon
  3. Underground Rappers

The Gangsta Rapper

This is the Alpha Thug, spends his drug money on working with the popular producers and the best studios. Loves Scarface. Is not afraid to take pics or videos of himself with guns, knives, and using banned narcotics. Likes to use a wide range of simile’s to explain how he will shoot and kill you, your family, and even retroactively kill your deceased great-great GrandFather from the civil war.

Top Gangsta Rappers:

  1. Young Jeezy
  2. Rick Ross
  3. Gucci Mane

The Swag Rapper

This is the Rapper whom gets his haircut at least once a week, cause you, black ppl’s hair grows back very fast. Always has the newest shoes and gear, frequenter of the Luxury Car Rental stores – cause appearance is everything, right? Makes sure to buy bottles upon bottles in the club, pouring liquor into his entourage’s mouth, and strangers. And always takes a bad bitch back to the hotel – then when its time to checkout, its back to Mama’s house … Until next weekend, and ‘We Do it again’.

Top Swag Rappers:

  1. Ma$e
  2. Tyga
  3. Any rapper that is highly materialistic (Yes, its a lot)

The Emo Rapper

This is the rapper that likes close fitting jeans, and low V-neck tops. Working out at the gym isn’t that important, food isn’t as important either. Comes from the suburbs, but knows about hardships …. Talks about real problems like bitches that snort too much of your cocaine, those type of issues. Likes to sing too, and thinks they are ‘Pseudo Rockers’ so will have a skateboard and guitar too. Also this rapper is very expressive with his feelings and emotions, sometimes a bit too much.

Top Emo Rappers:

  1. Drake
  2. Drake
  3. And, Drake

Yeah, we know there are more types of Rappers that could possibly be added to this list, feel free to list those types in the comments below.

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Video Produced By: Urban Comedy Network
Director, Writer, Editor: Desmond LiBM B

Social DNA

Social DNA

Similar, Complimentary, Opposite.

According to the folks at Energy Diamond, these are the keys, well in terms of balancing them, to achieve positive/optimal social DNA. I think they may be onto something because having your social network full of one set of people does not really do much in giving you a balance viewpoint on things. I know many people that only want to surround their world with similar thinking people – I think this is an attempt to lessen arguments & protect their sense of self (the overly religious do this a lot).   I truly think that if people adopted a more balance viewpoint by allowing themselves to be open to various inputs of ideology and reasoning, then we would have more tolerance, and ultimately more peace. But Utopia is a couple of generations away …. (I hope that I’m wrong though).
For more info check out www.energydiamond.com/socialdna/

Contractors Hyperbole

The Language of Contractors

I find the Home Improvement Industry to be a very challenging field, its either ‘Do-It Yourself’ or hire a Contractor. This post will focus on the latter, and their interesting rhetoric. Recently had to ‘monitor’ (be present) at my Mother’s house while several contractors vied for a chance to complete a floor tiling project; and I have noticed several ‘Talking Points’ that ALL Contractors seem to have. So here are some Talking Points that I have observed, and my interpretation of what they really mean:

“I know a guy that can do that for you”
– means that he can’t do it himself, so he worked out a deal with someone that he knows, and will take a percentage

“His work is very very good, amazing”
– this claim will hardly never be validated, who is really going to take the time to view strangers houses?

“Its not going to cost you, its going to cost me”
– it will still cost YOU, but probably in the long run

“I’m giving you the best possible price – I’m not making any money”
– even at the baseline cost, I’m still making money, sucka!

“These things happen from time to time”
– I f#cked up, and since you don’t know shit about this industry, I will blame it on ‘natural circumstance’

“Unlike other contractors who would just tell you anything, I’m being honest with you”
– I’m saying this to gain your confidence, but I am more like the contractors that I have tarnished

In all, I have to give it up to the Contractors, they have realized how they are viewed amongst the general public as sleezy, corrupt, ex-con, dirtbags; thus, there probably was some ‘Contractor Meeting’ a few years ago where they adopted some psychological rhetoric as they try to get into their customers heads and try to distance themselves from the perception of their own industry.

Kinda clever.


<<< Wish this was how all Contractors looked like, then, I wouldn’t really have that much of a problem with ’em.

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Tragedy Fatigue

(Brendan Bannon/Polaris Images)

Tragic News All Around

Tragedy Fatigue is a concept that suggests repeated exposure to catastrophic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, war, and other events where there is a loss of life, can wear down the spirit and psyche of a society. This past year or so has been especially rough on the collective psyche; Earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, threat of a nuclear meltdown in Japan, violence with the ‘Arab Spring’ revolts in the Middle East, wars in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes. Thus, watching the news constantly of these tragic events can easily affect anyone – such is why, I suggest, that stories of infidelity and cheating may not be all that bad for society’s psyche. For awhile I thought that the major news networks were covering too much ‘sensationlism’ news; stories about affairs, scandals, escorts and such, but there may be some good that comes about with these stories – giving people a mental break from the tragic occurrences that happen frequently. As a society we have become to desensitized to the tragedies of the world that bring pain and death; and as humans, I hope we feel a bit of empathy and sympathy for those experiencing such pain. And in contrast, on the pain scale, an infidelity scandal is something that we can identify with, but not be as affected as violent tragedies.

So the next time you see CNN dedicating too much time on the latest celebrity cheating on their spouse, still condemn them, but maybe realize that they are giving a much needed break from reporting real problems in the world to reduce your fatigue.

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The Long Visual Road

via Demonflame

The Long Road to ….

The most importance thing of the Long Road is not necessarily the destination, but the journey, and what you learn during your travels.  One’s outlook and perspective can greatly influence if the road will be joyous or sombre.  Here are some great imagery from the Interwebs that capture that ‘Long Road’

via robertmekis

via VisualPoetress

via erbphotography

via VisualPoetress

“I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment” – Nelson Mandela

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Prolonged Chapter

Managing Doubt and your own Expectations

Self-doubt is a real bitch; and its a tricky issue because usually the self-doubt comes from others. Or better yet, it comes from how you perceive how others think of you. Then its a spiraling effect of self-doubt from with-in, and with-out; until it leads to a state of timidness and procrastination. As you become afraid of doing something that you may or may not be too sure of, because of what someone may or may not think. Our own projections can then become a hindrance. I really don’t know or pretend to know what the cure is – the easiest thing to say is ‘Ignore the self-doubt’, easier said than done when you got the voices of your self and your peers spewing negative phrases – and for some reason in the mind, it is amplified to the ‘Nth’ degree.
For months I wanted to update this blog with a more streamlined look, but my self-doubt kept prohibiting me, first I was like, “what’s the value, no one comments on it”, but maybe they don’t comment because the mechanism to comment isn’t quite clear. I made up a plethora of other excuses too that I won’t bore you with, but I am happy that I have come to a place where I am washing away the dirt of my self-doubt. Take this is as one of those new-age affirmations of self-will and determination, or a ploy by me to commit to something because I have published it on this world wide web, but I will remove this self-doubt, and finally just ‘do the damn thing’.

New facelift coming soon … I think, lol

All music is ‘Emo’

Joe Budden = Emo

An interesting dialogue by Joe Budden and his first-person perspective video as they talk about music being emotional – regardless of how shallow or deep your favorite artist may be, at the end of the day, all music brings an emotion. Joe Budden may bring some real life/struggle emotion, while Soulja Boy may make you feel like getting up and dance in the club – either way, it all comes down to the feelings.

Kind of a long video for the Internet finicky crowd, but you’ll learn something at the end of it.  Side note: they really shouldn’t be talking so foul in front of the little kid … SMH

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