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Drone videography

In the midst of this crazy pandemic year of 2020, I decided to purchase a drone. At first, I was going to go with the Mavic Mini, but decided to go with the Mavic Air 2 – because, why not? Anyhow, after getting my drone pilot licnese, I have been having fun going to different locations around Toronto and Southern Ontario and flying. I tell people that I am a Pilot. If they ask for specifics, I just change the conversation.

Here are some drone videography youtube clips

Racially Constructed (Documentary 2020)

I was involved with this Documentary as a Producer and Director, and it tells the story (and struggles) of Noreen – as she has grown up dealing with trying to find comfort with her skin complexion. Shadeism or Colorism, is the struggle that many black people have to deal with during their lives as self-esteem and self-worth is sometimes tied to how dark or light one is. Yes, writing that last sentence out sounds crazy, but many people – from children to grown adults still place a value on their self-esteem and self-worth based on their complexion.

This documentary started off with an idea from Noreen as she called me one Fall Day in 2019 and explained what she wanted to do. At first, I thought this would be a small little project that I can assist with – I was semi-interested, as I had other projects on the go, so I told her ‘why not’. Several months later, multiple shoots across Toronto and New York City, a pandemic, several rounds of editing, and finally in September 2020, this 38 minute documentary was finished that hopefully can shed some insight into the important issue of colorism in the black community.

Thanks to everyone that was involved!

Sour patches (beat pack)

Music has always been one of my favourite things – in life. And the creation of music is always satisfying – being able to take notes and make it evoke emotions has, and will always be powerful.

Over the years, as a creative content producer, I have dabbled in music production here and there, and here are some beats I have put together from about 2018-2019. No, I’m not a Pharrell, but hopefully somewhere in the field — even if its on the bench, on the practice field away from the main game.

Feel free to connect for this and all your other music placement needs.

Best of NFL Celebrations (w/ Scribble effects)

Since there will most likely not be much football this year, I decided to take a project on of merging NFL endzone celebrations w/ a Video Motion Graphics technique called ‘Scribble’. I now have much respect for video animators; a seemingly short animated sequence takes a long time.

All video footage is copyright to the NFL and its media partners.

Music by: Big Wild – When I Get There (2017)

Baggage Handlers (Short Film)

Short Film Synopsis:
We are all products of our past relationships; the relationship baggage we carry is sometimes too much for our current partners. A couple finds out that they are still carrying a lot of their past and have to make a decision that will bring happiness – to everyone involved


Jahte Le
Hilary Wirachowsky

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