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The Nerd Venn Diagram

The Nerd Venn Diagram

A visual representation to see where you lie in the nerd-geek spectrum. Now all we need is someone to make a Nerd-geek-dweeb continuum – and we are set.

Nerd Generational Hipsterism

The Nerd Culture & Hip-Hop

Seems like that the hip-hop hipster/nerds are here to stay; which in my opinion, has both good & bad traits. The ‘good’ is that maybe some intellectual/creative art can come about, I mean not to say that the average hip-hop head is dumb; as many of the ‘real hip-hop heads’ know a lot about the socio-political world beyond the music. But in theory, the ‘nerds’ and the ‘hipsters’ should be able to be just as knowledgeable – if not more …. sounds like a stretch especially since the hipsters only seem to be about fashion, but I guess we will see.

The bad? Well, I am not necessarily a fan of the tight jeans and loud ass colors, but to each their own. Oh, also don’t like the feminine nature that some of the male hipsters are promoting – be a man.

A breakdown from Illdoctrine on Hipsters
– kind of accurate

Artifical Brainis 256GB of Apple Hate – Nerban’s week in tech July 24/09

Designed by Squad GazZz

Nerban’s week in Tech – July 24/09

Its been awhile, but better late than never right? Some interesting links from the world of technology to keep you up to date on the ever changing technological landscape for better, faster, and quicker access to the things we love (__________ insert that here).

Artificial brain ’10 years away’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8164060.stm– Just a precursor to when robots will enslave us, and then every race will have had that ‘slavery feeling’

256GB Memory Drive
http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/20/kingston-unveils-256gb-thumb-drive-for-well-heeled-memory-fiends/– It would be like carrying a hard drive on your key chain, for some it would mean and endless supply of adult entertainment

World’s First 3D Webcam Tested
http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/09/07/16/2213224/Worlds-First-3D-Webcam-Tested– Never really was a webcam person, never had one, but for those that are on lonely nights on dating sites – I am sure they will find some perverse use for this

First Microsoft retail stores to open this fall
http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=3358– Trying to go at Apple’s neck, but until they get the ‘cool’ factor, people will still be fascinated by the Apple Store

Apple demands Microsoft stop its Laptop Hunters ads
– Apple is crying like little b*tch*s over Microsoft’s clever ads; I don’t recall Microsoft crying foul over the “I am a Mac” ads, they just clapped back

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tan(010) – Importance to women is a hard route to MapQuest


Super Tangent(010)

Night out with friends, prep your route, importance, workplace exit cues

Preamble: Ahhhhhh, feels good to get writing these tangents again – its not that nothing hasn’t been pissing me off (there is never a dry spell of that), just been busy focusing on more topic related posts. There is a correlation I think between tangents/rants (pent up anger and frustration) to producing great content; whether it is art, writing, sports, or singing – frustration seems to affect performance (for some), well for me, looks like it is positvely correlated. So, haters, busters, chumps, pricks, hacks, and lames – keep doing your thing!

Night Out with Friends

Maybe it’s the anti-social nature in me, or maybe it is the years of experience waiting for people, picking up people, people not being ready when they said they will be – but I do not really enjoy the process that preceds going out to the club/lounge with friends. I know there are some folks that bask and really like this stage of going out; but I repel it, try to avoid it as much as possible. My usual experiences usually goes like this: friends get the ‘cheap-bug’ and want me to drive, they are reluctant to pitch in on gas & parking, and then there is the waiting part (see my various posts on ‘time’ to understand that). Recently I have tried to bypass all of the elements that annoy me of the club process by telling my friends that I will meet them at the venue – but somehow that never pans out as expected. Maybe, just maybe, in the future I will pronounce that I will not attend, and then magically appear – thus saving my time, money, and sanity.



Preparing Your Route

Maybe its one of those weird logical things that only make logical sense, but if I were going to an address that I don’t know – I will not ask directions from other people; as usually these directions go somewhat like “turn left after 2 lights, the 4th street turn right, after you see the school go for 2 more blocks then turn left”, and so on. More times than not in those situations, a key count of a light or street is overlooked, which leads to one getting lost. So to avoid those situations, one should search out the directions on Google Maps or MapQuest so that they can print out or write the directions – especially if you have days/weeks advance notice in knowing that you have to be at this specific location. It baffles me that some people who use web communications daily, do not rely on the web to solve a simple problem such as directions. People need to be self-reliant in solving life’s simplest problems, don’t rely on others solving your issues that you could’ve easily solved yourself with a little effort and time management. Step your game up!



Measuring Importance

Women have a hard time in understanding. Period. Wait, that was too ‘black & white’, maybe not ‘period’, because women have no problemo in understanding what is important to them – but lord help you for women trying to UNDERSTAND anything that DOES NOT relate or affect them (ooh, isn’t that ‘selfish’, lol). That is like trying to explain color to a man that was born blind, teaching a dog to speak several human languages, understanding the meaning of life – it is damn near impossible and will take years to accomplish. I don’t think there is more need to elaborate other than that women usually have a tendency (yes, strong stereotypes are being used) to only have concern for themselves, and to f— everything else, everyone, and there desires. So fellas, as I have said many times in tweets, posts, in relationships it seems that you got to sit on your knees, cup your genitals, give up your independence, brain, and pride to your woman – if you truly want to make her happy … (that was sarcasm). Stand up fellas, don’t let these birds peck at you; if you had fear before, get some courage you cowardly Lion – stand up.

Workplace Body Language Cues

This is for all those in the work environment, I am sure you have experienced a million times already. I can’t stand when people don’t pick up on body language cues that I drop, that indicate that: a) I don’t care to sit and ‘chit chat’, b) I have lost interest in the conversation, or c) I really don’t give a f— in engaging in this mindless dialogue. I usually drop cues such as backing away from them, turning my body away from them, begin typing on my workstation again – but it usually doesn’t work as they still talk; talking about what they did last weekend, what they will do this weekend, about the boss, blah blah blah blah. I have to blame myself for this, I have to rant on my behavior because I am a very good attentive listener. I give good attention cues such as nodding head, saying stuff like “oh really?”, “wow”, “ok”, “that’s good”, and so on. Essentially, I may be motivating them to talk more as they are picking up on my verbal responsive cues, and may be ignoring or not even noticing my body language cues … and they say that “Body Language speaks louder than Verbal Language”, well, not in the workplace environment, at least not for me.

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Nerban’s constant flow


Keep Flowing

Tips to keep the mind running


Following links in Wikipeda
Just search a random topic in Wikipedia, it could be a historical person/place, a terminology and/or definition, or a product. Enter in the search string and simply follow the links that are on the first page that you view; since Wikipedia references and links pages based on relationships, you can easily and quickly become informed on topics that you had no knowledge of. And we know that the more knowledge is powerful – even though it may be random topics, this technique should keep your interest for a few minutes … maybe hours (depends how much of a nerd you are).


Ambidextrous tries
Pretty simple task that is challenging – try to write with your opposite hand. This is an amazing challenge as it takes you back to grade school as you have to practice holding the pen, arching your elbow in the right position, and then trying to increase your writing speed – this is not an easy task. However, the benefits are paramount as you will increase your concentration and focus, and will be able to write with both hands – so if a corrupt regime cuts off one of your arms, you will be able to clearly write your memoirs.


Some of the funniest and interesting part of the Internet is reading the comments that people post. The voice of the people is sarcastic, crass, lewd, rude, anecdotal, and sometimes very humorous. It seems the anonymity and impersonal communication that the Internet provides has allowed people to say things that they probably normally wouldn’t during face-to-face interactions.


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Hypervigilant creative people


a hinderance or an accelerant?

To all blend DJ’s, abstract artists, digital designers, application program developers, fiction writers, and like-minded individuals; hypervigilance, which you may interpret as paranoia, needs to be realized, channeled, and understood appropriately for your forward momentum. Growing up, I am sure we can all recall those kids that were weird, dressed funny, socially were out of place, but they excelled in the arts; paintings, drawings, molding, et cetera. A possible reason for this is having hypervigilance, which can be described as “an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviors whose purpose is to detect threats. Hypervigilance is also accompanied by a state of increased anxiety which can cause exhaustion. Other symptoms include: abnormally increased arousal, a high responsiveness to stimuli and a constant scanning of the environment for threats”. So in the structural definition, a hypervigilant person can be likened to one who is very paranoid about themselves, their surroundings, and exaggerate subtle environment cues as threats to their own safety.

Causality to the Creative

So if this sounds like you, don’t worry, its even better if you are somewhat creative as researchers have correlated links between hypervigilant people and creativity, a study in the September 2003 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that the brains of creative people appear to be more open to incoming stimuli from the surrounding environment. A University of Toronto press release noted, “Other people’s brains might shut out this same information through a process called ‘latent inhibition’ – defined as an animal’s unconscious capacity to ignore stimuli that experience has shown are irrelevant to its needs. “Through psychological testing, the researchers showed that creative individuals are much more likely to have low levels of latent inhibition. “This means that creative individuals remain in contact with the extra information constantly streaming in from the environment,” says co-author and University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

Benefit for you

It appears that reduced latent inhibition can be beneficial for creativity as decreased latent inhibition may make an individual more likely to see connections that others may not notice. This may explain why so many creative individuals partake in solitary acts; it fosters inspiration and creativity by absorbing environmental stimuli. Or how you may have some friends that will comment and be able to talk about the strangest and peculiar details of life. However, with all this sensory stimulation, one can be overwhelmed – which in some cases, can lead one to madness. But interestingly enough, Einstein, Newton, and other creative individuals that have enhanced mankind were labeled as ‘genius’, but many said that they bordered on the line of madness and insanity. Many times, I always thought I was a genius or maybe I was just crazy … I am sure many of the hypervigilant folk can relate.

And now, onto the creative art


Phases of the Migraine

Phases of the Migraine

Different phases of pulsating pain
Phases of the Migraine

The Yuppy, Nerban, bum, herb, dude, trick may differ in their values and characteristics, but they all are exposed to mental strains – the stress of the world, mixed with a lack of sleep, with a sprinkle of annoying mofo’s, can be the recipe for concurrent migraines. You know what a migraine is; the heavy feeling in your head, the throbbing, occurs when you really don’t need it – when you have to focus on an important task, when you are in the company of loved ones, or when you are at work. Migraines have the ability to affect our mood, and subsequently our behavior. Upon reading, I found out that there are different phases of migraines that can attack us:

Prodrome phase
Prodromal symptoms occur in 40–60% of migraineurs (migraine sufferers). This phase may consist of altered mood, irritability, depression or euphoria, fatigue, yawning, excessive sleepiness, craving for certain food (e.g. chocolate), stiff muscles (especially in the neck), constipation or diarrhea, increased urination, and other visceral symptoms. These symptoms usually precede the headache phase of the migraine attack by several hours or days, and experience teaches the patient or observant family how to detect that a migraine attack is near.

Aura phase
For the 20–30% of individuals who suffer migraine with aura, this aura comprises focal neurological phenomena that precede or accompany the attack. They appear gradually over 5 to 20 minutes and generally last fewer than 60 minutes. The headache phase of the migraine attack usually begins within 60 minutes of the end of the aura phase, but it is sometimes delayed up to several hours, and it can be missing entirely. Symptoms of migraine aura can be visual, sensory, or motor in nature.

Pain phase
The typical migraine headache is unilateral, throbbing, moderate to severe and can be aggravated by physical activity. Not all of these features are necessary. The pain may be bilateral at the onset or start on one side and become generalized, and usually alternates sides from one attack to the next. The onset is usually gradual. The pain peaks and then subsides, and usually lasts between 4 and 72 hours in adults and 1 and 48 hours in children. The frequency of attacks is extremely variable, from a few in a lifetime to several times a week, and the average migraineur experiences from one to three headaches a month. The head pain varies greatly in intensity.

Postdrome phase
The patient may feel tired, have head pain, cognitive difficulties, “hungover”, gastrointestinal symptoms, mood changes and weakness. Some people feel unusually refreshed or euphoric after an attack, whereas others note depression and malaise. Often, some of the minor headache phase symptoms may continue, such as loss of appetite, photophobia, and lightheadedness. For some patients, a 5 to 6 hour nap may reduce the pain, but slight headaches may still occur when standing or sitting quickly. Normally these symptoms go away after a good night’s rest.

Now the remedy part to ‘alieve’ migraines, I usually go with the common-sense theorem; don’t do the things that are taxing to your body (i.e. not sleeping well, not eating properly, etc.), but that is better said than done – especially with the ambitious and simple-minded alike. There are the over the counter drugs like Aspirin and Tylenol, but I am not really a proponent for drugs because though they may help, one may develop a dependency on it that may be detrimental. And further, one is not solving the precipitating problem, but just allowing a mechanism to cope. Thus, the experts suggest that one way to significantly lower the frequency of migraines is to do physical activity for at least 15 minutes a day – its funny, it seems that excursive/vitality is the remedy to most ailments, yet we never find time to do so, and that is why a good 2/3+ of the U.S. population is obese – go figure. Sexual activity is also another viable way to decrease migraines – I am sure the fellas will subscribe to that … and it may even lead to an increase in men reporting migraines.

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Wk in Nerban’s Tech: Google Earth Thugs, Twitter on the High

Google Earth Thugs, Twitter on the increase, f-bomb video game on the Wii!

Week in Nerban’s Tech March 21, 2009

House of Dead says f-word more than any other video game

– What makes this a story is not only  that they say the F-word a couple of hundred times through out the game; its the fact that this game is on the family-friendly Nintendo Wii Console – talk about irony

Surprise! Google Earth used for robbery

– Got to give these thugs credits for using technology to increase their efficiency in thuggery.

Twitter fastest growing community, according to Nielsen

– when everyone from every show on CNN started getting their own personal Twitter accounts, and even Larry King is shouting them out, you had to expect that it would explode

Flying car passes first flight test


– I am more so upset that we are NOT at this stage already; I seriously, seriously thought that we would be flying already

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Nerban’s week in Tech 2009-03-15

Web turns 20, Venezuelan cell phone for $14

The Web turns 20

– Look how far we have gone since 1989, all thanks to our demand for porn
Venezuelan cell phone for $14

– Launched by the government of Venezuela for its people; may be equipped with GPS tracking software
NY Times could save money by giving everyone a Kindle

– Unfortunately, the newspaper as we know it may be disappearing very soon.

Kutiman Mixes YouTube

– Someone has a lot of time on their hands as they have taken sounds from various videos and created a mix video

Nerban’s week in Tech – Google domination and $99 iPhone

Source: http://metasurfing.blogspot.com

The Nerban’s week in Tech

Week ending Feb 14 2009 – Google drops a whole load of features for Gmail, Google Meter, $99 iPhone

I know you all are digging the dope retro technology picture.  Anyhow, this week in technology for the Nerban sees an affordable iPhone, and Google’s continued pursuit of world domination.  I said it once, and I will say it again, Google offers the best services for the web (email, search, google docs), but Google is essentially an advertising service for companies – they offer free products, and slap adsense wherever possible.  Twitter, take note, as you may need a business model soon, anyway, here are the best links:

Google Sync for mobile devices (iPhone, Symbian OS, Blackberry)
– A convenient way to sync your contacts and calendar over the air; another attempt for Cloud computing – looks like it will be better than Apple’s ‘MobileMe’ which just continues to be littered with problems.

Google deleting Blogspot posts with no warning
– Even though it is in your TOS, Google is deleting any posts at its will, if you have copyright content such as music or video; specifically from a media company (Universal, Time Warner etc.). The quick way to resolve this, is to self-host your own blog, and don’t rely on Google’s BlogSpot service.

Google Power Meter
– Another attempt of Google trying to look more ‘green’, but also attempting to get beyond your home computing needs, and monitoring a household’s energy consumption.

Gmail knows where you are
– A Labs feature that tells your recipient where you were when you sent the message … somewhat intrusive, but there may be some use for it, can’t figure out how it could be useful though.

$99 iPhone
– As everyone is feeling the pressure in this battered economy, Apple posits itself to release an affordable iPhone; if successful, they could go at the neck and take out some cheap alternative smartphone models (HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung)

Mac Clones
– Soon, could we see Dell and other traditional PC manufacturers deliver computers with the Apple Operating System??

Until next week …

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