Euphemistic Styles

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Euphemisms: The new way of insults, respectively

First, the title image probably has no real correlation with this subject (if it is, please comment), I just thought it was funny.  Now, Euphemisms are literal devices in languages; as it provides people to be genuine in the verbal manisfestations of their cognitions with regard for other’s sensitivity. In Laments terms, a euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable or less offensive expression in place of one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the listener. There are all kind of euphemisms from those of a sexual nature, to classism, to racism – all done subtly, and at times without one realizing what is truly being said. Some common and interesting euphemisms are:

“Enhanced Interrogation Technique”
– another term for torture

“Fertility Cente”
– an infertility centre

“Taking the Browns to the Superbowl
– using the tooilet

“Salad Dodger”
– A more polite term for someone overweight

“Hard Gas”
– Soiling oneself.

“Richard Cranium”
– the short name for ‘richard’ + cranium (head); an insult

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