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The United E-Thugs of Internet Soldiers

Internet Soldiers!

The growth of the E-Thug

They …
Spend all of their time threatening people over the internet to compensate for their ‘lack of a life’ and hatred of humanity for not accepting him.

They …
Are a computer geek that only exists on the internet and thinks he is top sh*t by typing in CAPITALS, swearing excessively and thinking they can beat you down in a fight.

They are the E-Thugs, because they will never think about getting at you in the streets; they exist only in standard unicode web fonts.

BE CAREFUL WHEN you approach these characters they may TWEET you to death, TEAR UP that wall on your FACEBOOK, and simply mess up your MYSPACE … thought they will never breach your physical space … lames!

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Wk in Nerban’s Tech: Google Earth Thugs, Twitter on the High

Google Earth Thugs, Twitter on the increase, f-bomb video game on the Wii!

Week in Nerban’s Tech March 21, 2009

House of Dead says f-word more than any other video game

– What makes this a story is not only  that they say the F-word a couple of hundred times through out the game; its the fact that this game is on the family-friendly Nintendo Wii Console – talk about irony

Surprise! Google Earth used for robbery

– Got to give these thugs credits for using technology to increase their efficiency in thuggery.

Twitter fastest growing community, according to Nielsen

– when everyone from every show on CNN started getting their own personal Twitter accounts, and even Larry King is shouting them out, you had to expect that it would explode

Flying car passes first flight test


– I am more so upset that we are NOT at this stage already; I seriously, seriously thought that we would be flying already

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