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On the Strength Of

Recently had to ask some people that I work with a strange request: “can I have a woman dump a bag of flour on you?”. Yes, the bag of flour that you make bread & cake with. At first, I thought that I would be looked at as a ‘madman’ – or to some, ‘madder’, but I decided to ask anyway. Sometimes I was hesitant, other times I was blunt with it. I found out that most people at first found the request strange – as I expected. Some said ‘nah’, which I knew was gonna happen, however more people than I thought actually agreed. No compensation was offered, nothing was promised, which led me to ask the question as to why they would agree to such a request. And the only answer I could possibly fathom is the apt title of this post – ‘on the Strength of’.

One could only agree to such a request if they fully believed and supported the individual making the request. This had me almost kinda baffled because sometimes, or most times, I question and doubt my self, ideas, and concepts, but it is almost overwhelming (don’t worry, not gonna cry) to know that there are a group of people around me that will ‘ride for the cause’, primarily because they believe in ‘YOU’. And its odd, and something that I have to change. I should be my biggest believer in my self before anyone else is. We all should aim to have that same mindset.

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tan(013) – We need a Transportation Social Sheriff

Designed by Tooaya

tan(013) – Transportation Social Sheriff

lost drivers, stand right & walk left, staying in one’s blindspot

Preamble: What a way to start off October with a rant, but there is no better way as many of you lame drivers and subway riders have been singing, dancing, in your own little world with no regard for others, listen up!

Lost Drivers

Tourism is good for all cities, it boosts the local economy, trade, etc. But if your from out of town, and you may not be familiar with the city, don’t drive like you are the only one on the road – at your slow turtle pace. There are certain areas of a city that are shown to have a bunch of slow drivers, and higher accident rates: specifically any landmarks or the downtown city centre, and around the airport. I understand that you are looking for some street, but going considerably below the speed limit does not only put yourself at risk, but also other drivers

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Stand Right, Walk Left

I’m sure all my subway riders will relate to this one. The odd time I am compelled to use public transportation over driving my own car as to save commute time or to avoid expensive parking rates. On the escalator’s in the subway stations, they have a general rule for the passengers; ‘Stand right, or walk left’, which is pretty much saying ‘be courteous of others who are in a rush’. Unfortunately, this moral decency and respect for your fellow man usually does not translate to all members of society as during rush hour, you will have people standing in the left side of the escalator as they are either completely oblivious, talking with a friend, or minding their own business. When an event like this happens, most people will bite their tongue – choosing to express their disdain with their facial expressions. I on the otherhand will walk toward the insensitive lame with a polite excuse me, positioning my arm to connect with their back …

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Staying in One’s Blindspot

For my drivers out there, don’t you dislike when another driver in the lane beside you refuses to pass you or slow down considerably enough so that they get out of your blindspot. We all know how dangerous it can be if one doesn’t know that a car is in their blindspot; it can cause serious accidents. So, please, don’t remain in someone’s blindspot, either speed up and pass them, or slow down and cruise so that the car can see you. Its common courtesy people, let’s follow it.

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tan(011) – My Intuition parks bad on the streets, sickly

tan(011) – Against your Intuition, Street Parking, Sick from Work

NOT to go off on a Tangent, but …

Preamble: Without the venting of frustrations, one is destined to be a very hot pressure cooker, so let the steam go!

Against Intuition
This is a rant against myself. Against my fault for having too much faith in other people and their abilities to fulfill an order. The ordeal happened when I was renting some audio equipment for a friend’s going away party, and to make a long story short, I rented speakers and speaker cables from a local audio rental store that will go unnamed; but the customer service rep gave me incorrect speaker cables – rendering the speakers useless. Now when placing the order, I suspected that the customer service guy was a bit new and somewhat inexperienced; and at this store, it is a requirement that you know your stuff, very well. Preamble, I have rented from this store numerous of times in the past though; with no bad experiences, they have always given me the right pieces of equipment and necessary cords (I never had to check before I left the store). However this time, because of the inexperienced and uncertainty vibe that I was picking from the CSR, I wanted to do a physical check of the equipment, but I was reluctant to do so. I think my rationale for NOT checking was that if I persisted to check, that action may have been insulting to the CSR; so I was kind of being sensitive to his feelings. But, after having to drive across town and back to pick up PROPER speaker cable from my house, I will be LESS sensitive in the future

Street Parking
Pretty simple concept: if you are going to park on the street, and clearly there is enough room for two cars to park, park APPROPRIATELY. That means, consider other cars that may want to park; so that means, don’t park in the middle of the space so that only your car can fit – instead move up a bit and park so that another car can park behind you. Simple concept, yet some people have no consideration for others and will park selfishly so that no others can use the parking space. Let’s be aware people, you mofo’s aren’t the only ones out there; let’s have some thought for others. And not to digress, but this is also a gross act of laziness – especially when your girlfriend is to friggin lazy to move the car up a bit so that you can park behind her. Instead, you have to go park across the street in a private lot that is subject to parking tickets and towing … and she has the nerve to call me ‘selfish’, hopefully she isn’t living in a glass house, lol.

Sick for a Day
I hate it when you are sick for a day, and one of your fellow employees goes to your workstation to ‘see what work needs to be done’, and they completely reorganize your stuff. It’s a simple concept dumb mofo’s; leave things the way you found it. Don’t change the position of the phone, don’t move papers around to different locations, put it back the way you found it. You are not doing anyone a favor by moving stuff around dummy. Lame dummy.

tan(009) – Broken earphones cost 5 cents in exams

Tangent 009 – 5 Cents a bag, phones in exams, earphones

5 Cents a bag

Before, it used to be certain grocery stores that would charge you 5 cents per bag; the tradeoff was that the grocery store offered lower prices and didn’t invest in things like food sampling, bagging your groceries, and the like. Now, all commercial stores imaginable from grocery to retail, now have to charge 5 cents per bag. It is really starting to become a nuisance as I will go to one of my regular stores, shop, and then get shocked when the cashier asks me if I want bags – then I do the usual, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot’ thing, and privately cuss to myself that this is asinine.

Phones in Exams

I am sure that everyone can relate to an exam situation in school where the prof said “everyone turn off or silence your phone”, and half-way through the exam, a loud annoying polyphonic sound emits from some student. The student tries to coyly turn it off, but it never works, and the class is disrupted. Whenever I go into class, exam or not, I have the common sense to say to myself, “ok, its time to turn off or put the phone on vibrate”. I don’t understand how other people can simply forget this common act of courtesy and decency. You have to be an idiot or a moron to not have the foresight that your phone might ring in class, and it would be wise to check before you enter class. Simple respect for the prof and your classmates, you lame.


The earphones for your iPod/mp3 player will never function properly for more than 1 year; I think there is an exact science to it. Earphones are designed to only last a few months before one side of the earphones ceases to work properly – one side may not produce sound at all, or it may produce a reduced sound. I have had walkmans, Discmans, various iPods, and over time the earphones will crap out. Always. I never thought of investing in expensive earphones, but I may just have to pay the price to enjoy ‘ear to ear’ continuous sound.

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(tan)001 – 100 days, protocol, half-sick

(tan)001 – 100 days, protocol, half-sick

Tangents: My favorite part of the day, as I gotta speak on all the cognitions running amuck in my head …

Being half-sick is never fun; it is not the sickness that takes over your whole body, and causes you great discomfort or pain, but it still is a pain in the *ss. Been running around with some allergy-like symptoms: runny nose, scratchy throat – which all cause you to feel tired and drained of energy. And this can not come at a worst time when one is trying to meet so many deadlines. I got to rate my immune system somewhat – I never really get sick in the winter, but as soon as we start transitioning to spring, the pollen, the bees, the spring-like conditions, always get to me and I come down with something. Only in the recent years have I begun to even take allergy pills to combat it; but, rarely helps.

Protocol, protocol, protocol
Just found out that I owe a lot of money in overdue fees – $36 worth. That is not the shocking part (even though it is still shocking), but over a period of a month, I have been borrowing a book from my school’s library, and allegedly I have returned the book late, and every time it is late a $3.00/hour charge has been levied upon me – this must have happened over 5 times. My beef is, after the first offence, wouldn’t it make logical sense to say, “Hey, you have some outstanding fees on your card”, rather than let it get to $36? Well, safe to say, I will be fighting this, as the library staff should make people aware that they are racking up fines.

100 days
I guess these are some very important times, because every major newscast is planning a ‘special’ on the President’s first 100 days – CNN has stepped up to the plate with acquiring a lot of black journalists, Fox News is … well … is Fox News – they do what they do. Overall, he has hit the ground running hard, and has done the best he has with the cards dealt to him. Obama has had some faux pas: the joke about the special Olympics on Leno, flip-flopping on going after the Bush Administration on torture policies, and of course the ‘bow’ to a Saudi Prince, but in all, it is way too early to assess the effectiveness of his policy, let’s wait a year or so. I mean, based on how the nation feels about the last 8 years, anything Obama done will be praised as ‘much better’, that is why his approval rating is still so high, the honeymoon isn’t over.

No time handling hands for you – you are not equipped for time handling duties
Yes again, I am writing about time, not in trying to ‘find more time’, but to ‘manage time’. When people say, ‘Oh, I don’t have time’, that literally means they don’t want to do it – and I myself, was almost saying to a fellow peer of mines when he was trying to get me to do some Producer-esque tasks (when I wanted to do more technical ish), and I realized that it was a cop out. For instance, if he had said to me, “Ok, do these tasks, and I will pay you $10,000”, you best believe my tune would have jumped a few octaves and would not illicit a reluctant response. But I guess we all need to find our motivation, because it is the motivation that turns ‘time’ into a friend from a foe.


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Increments in Time


Increments in Time

Another one of my rants on ‘time’

I am sure if we all could better manage our time, we would be more productive individuals in all facets in our lives. But this fine art is hard to grasp by many; even I have trouble sometimes (shocking). I can’t tell the many of times were I had a schedule with someone and they were late – not by like 5 minutes, but by like 15 minutes to an hour. At first thought, I thought that the type of people that I am dealing with (i.e. Music artists, entertainers) they did this to be ‘fashionably late’ – yes there are some people like that, and to those, I would like to give them a ‘fashionable kick’ in the head, but violence is frowned upon, generally. But then, I noticed that many people that I encounter that were not in the entertainment field, were just as tardy; poor punctuation. So rather than classifying such people as narcissistic pricks, maybe they just interpret the perception of time differently than I. Perfect segue to how we ‘perceive time’.

Time can be defined as a component of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects. Different individuals may judge an identical length of time to be passing at different rates. Commonly, this is referred to as time seeming to “fly” (a period of time seeming to pass faster than possible) or time seeming to “drag” (a period of time seeming to pass slower than possible). The psychologist Jean Piaget called this form of time perception “lived time”.

I would go a step further and suggest that time feels like its ‘dragging’ when the mind is not stimulated; i.e., your at a boring job at work, and the day just seems to drag on – you keep wishing that it would end as fast as possible, or a fire alarm would be pulled. When the mind goes into ‘routine mode’, the area of the brain that handles processing and thinking shuts off, and one becomes dormant. However in contrast, in a highly stimulating job that forces one to always process different trains of thoughts, time would ‘fly by’. As I always try to compare things to the Yuppy, when the Yuppy essentially finds it hard to turn off the ‘switch’; even in relaxed modes, the Yuppy gets agitated; as he/she conjures up ways to increase and improve their efficiency in their projects – that is why, with most Yuppy’s, life seems to fly by. Yuppy’s always complain that they can’t get things done; wishing they could add more hours in the day, or they try to extend the day by using energy supplements. Either way, time is a universal standard of measurement, but the perception of the value of time (and how we use time) is susceptible to individual interpretation … which explains why people are so out of sync with each other.

And sadly, until we all perceive time similarly, I will continue to wait for clients …

Direct to the point

Direct Sales

Respect the Customer

Sales is one of the world’s oldest traditions. Salesman are persuasive individuals that attempt to get you to buy a product or service. Sales can be split into sub-categories ranging from buying a product/service to buying into an idea. When buying into an idea, it is best for the salesman to get straight to the point; don’t sell dreams and hopes or the American Dream. Especially now with this broken economy, salesman will use all sorts of tactics to prey on susceptible individuals.  So my advice, especially when dealing with intelligent people, get straight to the point – we want the bread and butter, cut the filler.  If an idea is solid, we will see it, if it’s loose, then we will tell you where to go.

So for you people involved in MLM’s, retail, insurance sales, here are some tips for you all to incorporate into your sales schema’s and pitch’s so that you won’t waste people’s time:

  1. “WHAT HAVE I DONE TODAY TO GENERATE BUSINESS FOR TOMORROW”Before the highly successful saleperson leaves their office for the day, they will repeat this quote to themselves. Whatever type of daily organizer or appointment schedule you use, you need to look at it prior to leaving your office and make sure that you have activities on the books for tomorrow. For example, you will have scheduled confirmed appointments on the books, or you will have sales contracts to write, or you will have prepared a list of clients to call on your call back list, etc… This will double or even triple your personal production.
  2. “MY INCOME IS IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE SERVICES I RENDER TO OTHERS”Highly successful salespeople delivers exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale. By giving your clients exceptional customer service, they will be more willing to refer you and your company to their friends, family, and co-workers. Thus dramatically increasing your referral business. We all know that referrals are the #1 internal marketing vehicle. So, by memorizing this quote, you will have more satisfied customers and also dramatically increase your income due to the increased referral business.
  3. “THE MOST POWERFUL INGREDIENT IN BUSINESS IS POSITIVE MOMENTUM, GET IT AND KEEP IT”The “big MO” is something that all successful salespeople find, build and maintain at ALL times. In order to get and keep positive momentum, there are some areas that you need to avoid. Some of these areas are negative people, bad business decisions, costly advertising mistakes, poor time accountability, and blaming others for your failures. Positive momentum is developed first and foremost by your ATTITUDE. Conceive your business strategies, believe in your business strategies, and then go out and achieve your business goals.
  4. “IN ORDER TO WIN A MAN/WOMAN TO YOUR CAUSE, YOU MUST FIRST MAKE A FRIEND”This is just plain old sales 101. Before anyone buys anything from you, they must first like you and trust you. Before they like you or trust you, you must be a friend to them in their eyes. Always remember that the client is buying you, not your product. So once they are your friend, they will buy anything from you. Also, this quote will greatly help you in your personal life as well.
  5. “THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WISE PERSON AND A FOOL IS THAT THEY BOTH FACE THE SAME CHALLENGES, THEY BOTH MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES: THE WISE PERSON LEARNS FROM THEIR MISTAKES”We will all make mistakes in business and that’s alright. Just don’t continue to make the same mistake over and over again. For example, a fool is a person that constantly arrives to work late everyday, or constantly misses their weekly/monthly sales quota, or is constantly running the same advertisement every month but the telephone never rings from that particular advertisement. In order to become a wise person, it takes constant focus on all of your decisions regarding any business or sales issue.
  6. “YOU CAN’T DO THE SAME THING EVERYDAY AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT”As professionals, we are either moving forwards or backwards in life, we are NEVER standing still. Highly successful salespeople constantly strive to move their careers forward, thus producing more appointments, sales, income, and professional career advancements. If for whatever reason you find yourself moving backwards, you need to refer to Quotes #1, #2,#3,#5, and #7.
    KNOW SALES, KNOW MONEYSales is a learned respones. The more knowledge and information you can obtain pertaining to sales, the higher your income will be! Individuals that state that they are a born salesperson, is nonsense. To become highly successful in sales, it takes a tremendous amount of time to read as many sales books as you possibly can, or attending as many sales seminars that you can, or listening to tapes or CD’s in your car on the way to work so you can constantly continue to educate yourself on sales. I can assure you that your competitors top salesperson is constantly building his/her library of knowledge of sales material, are you? Once you “know” sales, you will “know” money because your knowlegde is greater, your attitude is stronger, and your self-confidence is bullet proof!

Source: http://top7business.com/?id=590

I am sure, hopefully, that most of you all are doing this, but when your customer is directly asking you the ‘straight goods’, act like UPS and deliver.

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The Simplicity in the ‘Difficult’

The Simplicity in the ‘Difficult’

Virtues: stubborness, respect, communications, selfish behavior

The ‘Difficult’ can be described as those people that are problematic & troublesome to deal with; they put up a hassle, they b*tch, complain, argumentative, slightly to severely irrational, and have an insurmountable level of the quality of stubbornness. The stubbornness is the inability or unwillingness to change and/or embrace a new idea or concept; and stubbornness relates to inability to understand where another person is coming from and not listening to what they are saying. The ‘Difficult’ are all around us – at the office, school, family, friends; they all at some point will find a situation where they will only care about their self-serving interests and will ignore/disregard what you are trying to say.

Varying Degrees of the Difficult
The difficult have to be one of two people; either they are very cunning and crafty OR they are very ignorant and lack comprehension skills. Either degree of the two can create headaches and problems for the individual that is dealing with this difficult specimen of human; I mean, after dealing with difficult people, many experience nausea, high blood pressure, bewilderment, and even rage. Going back to the degrees of the difficult that I outlined, the cunning & crafty difficult person is difficult because usually it ties into some logical plan that they have outlined – and they wish not to deviate from their plan. However, the ignorant and lacking comprehension skills of the difficult is usually tied not to logical thinking, but to selfish motives; the “I want to do it my way” school of thought. This group of the difficult usually can not provide logical reasons for their actions, and the only reasons they can provide are self-serving and selfish.

Dealing with the Difficult
I used to think that I am a difficult person to deal with (keyword for you mofo’s is ‘used’), but I had to privilege to listen in on a conversation with two people that were having a logistical/business discussion. To surmise promptly, the difficult person had gotten himself into some trouble with what he had promised without consulting his business partner; the business partner explained to the Difficult as to why what he had promised could not materialize – there must have been 10 explanations with different visual examples, but the Difficult did not get it or choose to ignore. The Difficult continued to ask the same question(s) over & over again. The business partner had to eventually come off the phone as it was raising her blood pressure and she was becoming increasingly enraged.

The whole time I was observing, I was like ‘wow’, dude is very difficult – he is not or is unwilling to understand simple things. Furthermore, these simple things that he was not understanding was because if he chose to understand, it would make him look very asinine … his behavior appeared to be very difficult, but the reasons for him behaving as such were simple – he was in a jam/mess, and was trying to get out of it the best way he can.

So in the dealing with the difficult, it can be a simple process, and its not anything really profound or deep, you just got to tell the difficult how simple it is to resolve your problem, and it starts with accountability, then grows to compromise.

Explain it once, maybe twice, after the third time, let ‘Mr. Tone’ do the talking, first name ‘dial’.

.:: d.b ::.

Silly Monkeys! Part 2: Its ‘Jart’ Bitch, the ‘fly designer’

Silly Monkeys! Part 2: Its Jart Bitch, the ‘fly designer’

Virtues: respect, responsibility, ethics, ‘cant tell me nothing’ syndrome
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Jart is a graphic designer. He thinks that he is very trendy and hip. Jart has a funky style; his clothes are a bit different in the cut, design, and the colors. Jart’s musical tastes are very trendy as he stays away from ‘mainstream’ music; Jart’s not into the current hip-hop/rock, but more into classic/underground hip-hop, trance, house, and other rare music. Jart’s differences makes him unique; and Jart uses such differences to set him a part from others, because not only dp his differences in his personality deviate him from the norm, but his skills/abilities are also in a ‘class of their own’ – or so that is what Jart believes. You see, the combination of good skills/abilities with his unique distinction from the norm makes Jart a ‘gassed’ individual, Jart thinks he knows much more than you, Jart believes that he is superior to you – and most times, hey, Jart could be right (that’s sarcasm for you). You see, over the years Jart has been told how much his work is ‘hot’ and ‘nice’ and other accolades; thus Jart does not know how to handle adversity well; you see, Jart believes that any static with a client is not because Jart is doing something wrong, but because the client does not understand Jart’s greatness.

I knew a Jart, he was definitely a Jart; to the ‘T’, from the tight pants, neon pink shoes w/ matching hat, MacBook Pro, and backpack. This Jart was commissioned to design an interface for my company, he was going to be well compensated for his work (he was), but this Jart was a Bitch – couldn’t handle criticism, when we pointed out flaws in his work, he couldn’t accept that he did anything wrong, but blamed the problem on us. Jart ducked meetings, lied about things, didn’t write down our notes (even though we asked him too), and Jart avoided certain members of my group (including me) because we were too critical of his work. What killed me is that this Jart Bitch was being paid handsomely for work (Jart got paid consistently and on time), and yet he treated us like … well, you know (Check the title of this piece). One of my associated blasted Jart in an introspective essay, a blast so hard that I felt sorry for Jart, and Jart is a bitch; in the fact that he treated us with dis-respect, and took us for fools.

In retrospect, I’ve learned some things about Jart; his behavior, movements, and other nuances. Jart’s experience with us was not pleasant, but I don’t know if Jart realized the error in his ways in his tight-ass pants and pink attire, but I do know that Jart will think twice again before he treats people like silly monkeys.

Peace Jart, Bitch.

.:: d.b
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Silly Monkeys! Part 0: An Abstract

Silly Monkeys! Part 0: An Abstract
Virtues: ‘Yuh tek man fi fool/joke’, deceit, respect for others

Abstract: One day I was sitting in the offices of my business partners place of employment at an executive school. One of their co-workers who was an older white lady, let’s say in their mid-40’s made an off-color comment, it went something like, “What are you silly monkeys doing”. Now, we are three young black men, and we have an older lady calling us silly monkeys – albeit she said it in a joking context. I had never met the lady before, but I took her comment as someone that was clueless to what that phrase signified to a black person. However, one of my business partner took gross offense to it – which I understood why, but deep down inside I believe that she honestly did not say those words in a racist context.

But the story mentioned above is not what this piece is about, at least not the historical/racist aspect of what ‘silly monkey’, ‘monkey’, or ‘porchmonkey’ means to the black community. I think silly monkey is an interesting concept that can be tied to when one treats another like an idiot; one whom is deceitful, manipulative to another, and they believe that the ‘silly monkey’ has no clue of what they are up to. I always had this concept in my mind, but I could not phrase properly – better yet, I could not phrase in such a sweet, concise catch phrase that captured the essence of the concept.

So thank you, middle-aged white lady who was trying to make a joke and be hip with her peers, you have armed me with a definition that is timeless, transcends races & borders, and describes a daily occurrence that I, and I think a lot of us have to go through – dealing with people that take us for joke.

.:: d.b


Virtues: objectification, respect, ‘mack status’, inequality

First off, you must admit that the picture above is hot.

And to get in to this piece, I know you all have seen it before: you’re in the club with the music jumping, alcohol bubbling, and ladies bumping to the vibes. What I find interesting are the violators – those that take free liberty in gratifying themselves by molesting others. I never could muster the courage/efforts to run my hands all-over a woman while I dance with her. Even if I know her very well, or if we had a personal relationship in the past, I can’t ‘disrespect’ a woman like that in-front of others. So when I see this happening in the club, its kinda disgusting — even if the woman is fine.

So progressing, I experienced a strange event one day in class; I was chilling beside two of my female classmates that I was cool with. I was in the middle of the two, and I noticed that they were mouth-whispering to each other about something; probably about me – but I didn’t really care too much even though they had mischievous & devious looks. Then out of nowhere, I felt a soft hand quickly caress my man chest – I looked to the girl on my right as she giggled. And as my attention was preoccupied, the girl on my left carried out the same action as her accomplice. So I turned my attention to the opposite side & she also giggled too. Not like this was in an isolated room, at least 50 of us were in a lecture hall as this happened. I asked ‘what are you doing? She replied ‘just checking out the merchandise‘, I was taken aback. On the one side I felt like a mack as I had two moderately hot girls groping me, also, I felt like a piece of meat; a random object that these girls felt that they could just violate & objectify – that is a horrid thought, but on the flipside if I wanted to reciprocate the gesture it wouldn’t be acceptable – I would probably be charged &/or accused of something.

I guess that’s equality for you – different codes of conduct are ‘suitable’, depending on the environment.

So ladies, if you go to the local night club, expect to be violated.
And fellas, if ladies are violating you OUTSIDE of a club setting, hey, take solace in the fact that you ‘got it’ & the ladies can’t control their behavior in your presence … that’s what I did.

.:: d.b

Life in B Major