Virtues: objectification, respect, ‘mack status’, inequality

First off, you must admit that the picture above is hot.

And to get in to this piece, I know you all have seen it before: you’re in the club with the music jumping, alcohol bubbling, and ladies bumping to the vibes. What I find interesting are the violators – those that take free liberty in gratifying themselves by molesting others. I never could muster the courage/efforts to run my hands all-over a woman while I dance with her. Even if I know her very well, or if we had a personal relationship in the past, I can’t ‘disrespect’ a woman like that in-front of others. So when I see this happening in the club, its kinda disgusting — even if the woman is fine.

So progressing, I experienced a strange event one day in class; I was chilling beside two of my female classmates that I was cool with. I was in the middle of the two, and I noticed that they were mouth-whispering to each other about something; probably about me – but I didn’t really care too much even though they had mischievous & devious looks. Then out of nowhere, I felt a soft hand quickly caress my man chest – I looked to the girl on my right as she giggled. And as my attention was preoccupied, the girl on my left carried out the same action as her accomplice. So I turned my attention to the opposite side & she also giggled too. Not like this was in an isolated room, at least 50 of us were in a lecture hall as this happened. I asked ‘what are you doing? She replied ‘just checking out the merchandise‘, I was taken aback. On the one side I felt like a mack as I had two moderately hot girls groping me, also, I felt like a piece of meat; a random object that these girls felt that they could just violate & objectify – that is a horrid thought, but on the flipside if I wanted to reciprocate the gesture it wouldn’t be acceptable – I would probably be charged &/or accused of something.

I guess that’s equality for you – different codes of conduct are ‘suitable’, depending on the environment.

So ladies, if you go to the local night club, expect to be violated.
And fellas, if ladies are violating you OUTSIDE of a club setting, hey, take solace in the fact that you ‘got it’ & the ladies can’t control their behavior in your presence … that’s what I did.

.:: d.b
Life in B Major

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