Increments in Time


Increments in Time

Another one of my rants on ‘time’

I am sure if we all could better manage our time, we would be more productive individuals in all facets in our lives. But this fine art is hard to grasp by many; even I have trouble sometimes (shocking). I can’t tell the many of times were I had a schedule with someone and they were late – not by like 5 minutes, but by like 15 minutes to an hour. At first thought, I thought that the type of people that I am dealing with (i.e. Music artists, entertainers) they did this to be ‘fashionably late’ – yes there are some people like that, and to those, I would like to give them a ‘fashionable kick’ in the head, but violence is frowned upon, generally. But then, I noticed that many people that I encounter that were not in the entertainment field, were just as tardy; poor punctuation. So rather than classifying such people as narcissistic pricks, maybe they just interpret the perception of time differently than I. Perfect segue to how we ‘perceive time’.

Time can be defined as a component of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects. Different individuals may judge an identical length of time to be passing at different rates. Commonly, this is referred to as time seeming to “fly” (a period of time seeming to pass faster than possible) or time seeming to “drag” (a period of time seeming to pass slower than possible). The psychologist Jean Piaget called this form of time perception “lived time”.

I would go a step further and suggest that time feels like its ‘dragging’ when the mind is not stimulated; i.e., your at a boring job at work, and the day just seems to drag on – you keep wishing that it would end as fast as possible, or a fire alarm would be pulled. When the mind goes into ‘routine mode’, the area of the brain that handles processing and thinking shuts off, and one becomes dormant. However in contrast, in a highly stimulating job that forces one to always process different trains of thoughts, time would ‘fly by’. As I always try to compare things to the Yuppy, when the Yuppy essentially finds it hard to turn off the ‘switch’; even in relaxed modes, the Yuppy gets agitated; as he/she conjures up ways to increase and improve their efficiency in their projects – that is why, with most Yuppy’s, life seems to fly by. Yuppy’s always complain that they can’t get things done; wishing they could add more hours in the day, or they try to extend the day by using energy supplements. Either way, time is a universal standard of measurement, but the perception of the value of time (and how we use time) is susceptible to individual interpretation … which explains why people are so out of sync with each other.

And sadly, until we all perceive time similarly, I will continue to wait for clients …

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