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Stop Hack-a-Jordan w/ 5-on-4 Basketball

5-on-4 Penalty Basketball

A lot of talk in the NBA this year has been about how to stop the ‘Hack-a-Jordan’ technique that certain teams employ on terrible Free Throw shooters; case in point DeAndre Jordan of the LA Clippers. DeAndre is a strong Offensive and Defensive presence, but he is one of the worst Free Throw shooters in the league – for the 2015-16 season he shot a staggering 43% during the regular season.   ‘Hack-a-Jordan’ is a strategic technique that is well within the NBA rules, but it slows down the game, is lackluster, and is a sad sight for sore eyes to watch Power Forwards/Centres try to make free throws. The whole ‘Hack-a-Jordan’ is spawned from the ‘Hack-a-Shaq’ technique when teams used to intentionally foul future Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal (usually in the 4th quarter and when the game was close), Shaq was a horrible free throw shooter, but a dominant scorer.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Clippers(
DeAndre Jordan shooting a Free Throw)

Fast forward to the current Era, and the ‘Hack-a-Jordan’ has altered courses of games and is different than the ‘Hack-a-Shaq’ because we are seeing the technique used all throughout the game — not just the 4th Quarter. The Basketball journalists and armchair experts have loudly chimed for a rule change; and I am sure Commissioner Adam Silver is working on one. But I have an idea that can radically change the game – and it involves borrowing a concept from Hockey and Soccer: introducing disadvantaged scenarios.

Penalties for Fouls

In Hockey, when there is a penalty committed, the penalty offender is relegated to the penalty box for 2 mins, while his team is down a player; causing a 5-on-4 situation. This concept can be applied to Basketball. Imagine what 5-on-4 basketball would do to open up a game? I propose in situations where there are intentional off-the ball fouls, flagrant fouls, and technical fouls, part of the punishment should include that the offending player is removed from the court for a predefined set of time. Now, if we borrow from the Hockey rulebook, the player would be off the court for 2 mins – resulting in a 5-on-4 situation. And the player would only be allowed to enter back in the game after the 2 mins, but can only enter after a stoppage in play (ball goes out of bounds, foul, etc). Allowing for 5-on-4 situations would deter teams from employing ‘Hack-a-Jordan’ and would force players to think twice about committing a technical or flagrant foul.

Now, I know in Hockey, the power play is stopped after the the advantaged team scores a goal, but this wouldn’t work in Basketball as it is a high scoring game; and you would still have disadvantaged teams scoring as they could jack up 3’s. Basketball has changed from a post-up game to a more nimble run-and-gun game that has opened the court up and put a focus on smaller line-up that can shoot 3’s. But imagine how the game could open up with less players on the court? The defensive and offensive strategies that would have to be employed to play 5-on-4 would bring a new dynamic and excitement to the game — and most importantly it would stop this scourge of ‘Hack-a-Jordan’ so that we don’t have to witness terrible free-throw shooters.

NFL Films: All About the Score

All About the Score

Of all the major sports leagues, the best league in my opinion that has handled the delivery of media and timeless content is the NFL. The NFL Films branch of the NFL produces not only amazing behind the scenes documentaries of life on the gridiron, but the music score to the films is quite amazing. NFL Films was developed as an offshoot of the NFL in 1962, and has since then been heralded as producing astounding content – here are some of the great scores that have come out of NFL Films.

Main composer: David Robidoux

Old NFL Films theme music

Composer: Tom Hedden

Composer: Sam Spence – The Equalizer

Who would of thought that adding classical orchestra music to scenes of Football players running and smashing into each other would come off so well …

Also, thank god that Football is back, Baseball is hella boring #Fact

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What should I do? Cleveland responds

Cleveland Responds to LBJ Nike Ad

Besides that the production value of this response video to Lebron James new Nike Ads is very high; which suggests that a lot of people in Cleveland are passionate about this issue, this video hits LeBron hard on several points. They call him a traitor, quitter, and pretty much label him a bitch – the moral of the story is that the city of Cleveland is very passionate about their sports.

The Recession

In a city hit hard by the recession, it is not surprising that many people find solace and/or escapism from their everyday life through sports – and what makes this particular story very hard is that LeBron grew up in Cleveland; as oppose to most sports franchise players that come from another place.  Thus, the people of Cleveland felt like Lebron is ‘one of their own’, and literally, he is.

On one hand you got to feel kind of bad for the city of Cleveland – as they treated LeBron like a lover, brother, family member that betrayed them, but on the other hand, it is just ‘sports’ and sports these days are a strategic game.

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LeBron James Fan/Hate Art

LBJ Imagery

Gotta give LeBron some credit, he has surpassed Kobe Bryant – not in championships or MVP titles, but in being the most hated player in the NBA.  And with that special title comes special images to ‘salute you’.  With signing with the Miami Heat, LeBron is leaving Cleveland and heading to Miami to join Chris Bosh & Dwayne Wade – while leaving the city and region of Cleveland, Ohio very upset.  I can’t wait until The Heat play the Cavs in the 10-11 season – LeBron better have some extra security.

Taking down the mural

Ex-Fans Burn LeBron’s Jersey and other LBJ shirts

Kobe Bryant Fan Art

Kobe Bryant Fan Art

Love him or hate him, he gets it in

Love him or hate him, Kobe Bryant seems to be that dude that can reach in his bag of tricks and pull out something amazing.  Anyone one with thousands of sites and blogs dedicated to his demise must be doing something right, right?  This L.A. Laker perennial All-Star pulled off a ridiculous shot last week against Duane Wade (clip below), so I figured that you gotta give a player his due when he gets it in – and season after season, Kobe Bryant has lifted the NBA out of the ‘Jordan-less’ era, and I am sure that David Stern isn’t complaining with the revenue the league is bringing in.

So here is some Kobe Bryant fan art that shows off his athleticism and that smile that is warming to some on the West Coast, but is hated by most.

Designed by Man of Inspiration

Designed by Diztrickt

Designed by K1Illuminati

And here is Kobe doing what he does best

Best Tiger Woods Parodies and mashups

Poor Tiger

This story keeps unfolding and getting worse for Tiger Woods, but with most public tragedies come some creative humor – at the expense of some. The ‘mashup’ is the new trend, so the following are some funny mashup videos as people have likened Tiger to famous/infamous cheaters such as Shaq, Kobe, Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton … and the list goes on.

1-900 Cheater

Feat. Tiger Woods, Shaq, Chris Brown. Based of Jay-Z’s classic ‘1-900 Cheater track’.

Eye of the Tiger

Chinese TV Re-enactment

This has to be the funniest animation and most insulting to Tiger Woods – they have him crying like a bitch, but funny.

Satisfaction vs Fun

Satisfaction vs. Fun

A physiological difference of sorts

When talking about motivation and the rewards of motivation, I think it falls in one of two categories: satisfaction and fun. They sound similar, but are not the same. Satisfaction can be defined as contentment; which is a state of being at ease in one’s situation – physiologically, there are not major changes in the immune system when one is exeriencing a ‘satisfying’ moment. However ‘fun’ produces an adrenaline rush that causes blood to flow all throughout the body and excites our senses. With ‘fun’ there is a stage of intense stimulation followed by an exhaustion period. To highlight the difference, I have created the following examples:



– dealing with the allergies, weeds, animals eating your flowers and vegetables is not a pleasurable experience, but I can see that the end result of the hard work of gardening can be rewarding

Home Renovations

– besides the fact that you may suffer some injuries or may staple some part of your appendages to a wall, the reward of doing your own home renovations is the increased value of your property and the feelings of accomplishment and success


– there is a fine art to cooking; the boiling, the seasoning, steaming of a dish can be very theraupetic after a stressful day – and the reception of compliments and accolades of a meal well prepared can be very fulfilling (pun intended)


– the thousands of dollars they cost, the stress and anxiety, the endless cleaning up after their mess isn’t that much ‘fun’, but kids do bring out a rewarding factor to parents; as parents can witness the growth and evolution of their offspring right in front of their eyes.

Working Out

– the changing of your clothes, dealing with people who think its cool to walk around nude in changerooms, and the sweat and intensity involved doesn’t make working out at the gym fun, but the improved immune system functioning (cardiovascular, lower blood pressure/cholesteorel), weight loss, and muscle growth make it all rewarding.




– the rush of hitting the jump shot, tackling the running back, or beating a defender provides an adrenaline rush that not much other experiences can provide.

Gentleman’s clubs

– self-explanatory, I guess if one can’t understand this, then the ‘hands-on’ approach is necessary (pun intended – in some states and provinces only)


– See last explanation
Shopping (for women)

– beats me!!! I have no rational explanation

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A model is to an example as

Sports Role Models

The sports athelete is a tough job; especially if you are very good at what you do. With success, more money and more responsibilites come with the territory as money is tied to image, image is tied to sponsorship contracts, and public perception is easily sculpted from one’s glorified actions. Even more importantly though is how youth see’s sports figures – because it is the youth that idolizes these stars and will mimick their behavior. Thus, it is advantageous for these athletes to be socially responsible so that they become a role model as opposed to an ‘example of’. Role models are positive, are a good pattern to model youth’s behavior after (on & off the court/field); in contrast, an ‘example of’ character is one whose on & off the court behavior is frowned upon in society, and these individuals are usually known as the ‘bad boys’ and have run-ins with local and federal law enforcement (Vick!). Enough preamble, let’s get into it:


A model is to an example as …

Jerry Rice is to Michael Vick

Designed by: Mike Walchuk

Designed by: Sapoman

We all know the story of Michael Vick’s foolishness …

Michael Jordan is to Charles Barkley

Designed by: austin671

Designed by: evolutionsky

Probably not a pic from, but this must be the press conference where he explained that he had the get the killer brain from the girl in Phoenix …

Emmitt Smith is to Terrell Owens
Designed by: dzmond

Designed by: kelmo

Muhammad Ali is to Mike Tyson

Designed by: el-douglas

Designed by: ucarts

Mike Tyson has went from being a ruthless boxer to now showing some warmth, his latest movie I hear is actually pretty good.
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