A model is to an example as

Sports Role Models

The sports athelete is a tough job; especially if you are very good at what you do. With success, more money and more responsibilites come with the territory as money is tied to image, image is tied to sponsorship contracts, and public perception is easily sculpted from one’s glorified actions. Even more importantly though is how youth see’s sports figures – because it is the youth that idolizes these stars and will mimick their behavior. Thus, it is advantageous for these athletes to be socially responsible so that they become a role model as opposed to an ‘example of’. Role models are positive, are a good pattern to model youth’s behavior after (on & off the court/field); in contrast, an ‘example of’ character is one whose on & off the court behavior is frowned upon in society, and these individuals are usually known as the ‘bad boys’ and have run-ins with local and federal law enforcement (Vick!). Enough preamble, let’s get into it:


A model is to an example as …

Jerry Rice is to Michael Vick

Designed by: Mike Walchuk

Designed by: Sapoman

We all know the story of Michael Vick’s foolishness …

Michael Jordan is to Charles Barkley

Designed by: austin671

Designed by: evolutionsky

Probably not a pic from, but this must be the press conference where he explained that he had the get the killer brain from the girl in Phoenix …

Emmitt Smith is to Terrell Owens
Designed by: dzmond

Designed by: kelmo

Muhammad Ali is to Mike Tyson

Designed by: el-douglas

Designed by: ucarts

Mike Tyson has went from being a ruthless boxer to now showing some warmth, his latest movie I hear is actually pretty good.
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