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Entertainment: The nonsense that entertainers get away with, that us normal people would be arrested for.

Sam Frank “Simple Life that I’m dreaming of”

Sam Frank “Simple Life”

Just that simple life that we all are striving for …

This song may be Dubstep or post Dubstep, either way this is a big song getting play over in the UK. This type of music, which I like to call a ‘Post Funk Dubstep Hip-Hop’ is in my opinion the ‘next’. Yes it has that electronic sound of the autotune, but the composition and instrumentation used is that ‘next level ish’ that can actually make autotune almost soulful. And maybe I’m ranting a bit much, and maybe these type of songs/beats have been popping for awhile now, and I’m just now either exposed to it, but regardless check it out.

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Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography

Dream Girl Kinetics

This is a Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography Music Video I produced for some independent artists out of Toronto. I was inspired by the Cee-Lo Green video ‘F— You’ and other Kinetic typography videos. A funny story accompanies this video, or tragic, I was like 80% done with the video, but then my power went out; which corrupted the file, so I had to spend another 10-12 hours re-creating everything. That was a lesson in saving multiple drafts of all video projects – especially in the Wonderful, yet buggy, Adobe After Effects, lol.

And of course with anything that is abstract, comes politics – especially when dealing with different people (which now, I really understand why most artists want to work for themselves and not deal with bullshit from other clients, collectives, etc.) … but thats for another chapter in my book, I’ll just say that when sampling a population, make sure your sample is representative of the target audience of your works.

Video Produced, Directed by d dot b (moi).

Also check out this artwork I did too:

Euro-Hop on Hip-Hop

The Euro Flava on Hip-Hop

2010 can probably be seen as the year of the ‘teaser’, where hip-hop got a little sugary taste of euro flavor. And the equivalent to the creepy guy that delivered the sugary snack was none other than Euro house star producer David Guetta. With chart-topping tracks for Kid Cudi, Estelle, Flo Rida, and Black Eyed Peas, other hip-hop and urban artists are taking note and realizing a new potential and opportunity. Some absolute truths exist with the euro market;
A) it is a big-ass market,
B) most Europeans already embrace the hip-hop culture

Thus, as hip-hop grows and continues its syntheses, 2011 will be the year of more and more songs embracing the Euro flava’. Rihanna just dropped a literal euro album, and everyone from Usher to Ne-Yo has singles in the works.
However, some of the hip-hop purists abd your general haters, have voiced some of their dis-taste for this evolution – citing it as ‘pop’, ‘euro trash’, and turning hip-hop into shit. What I think it is actually doing is tapping into a sub-genre that for some reaspn took very long for artists to explore. Hip-Hop has many Flavors, and this particular one will be somewhat on the pop tip; with mindless lyrics about club life, e-popping, and alcohol drinking rhymes, but isn’t it better than the current ‘club hip-hop’ trash of Wocka Flocka and other ‘hits’ that only talk about shooting and drug dealing? I guess I am referring to deciding between picking on one of the lesser evils, but from a societal standpoint, music laced with heavy degradation and negativity can’t be good. We are probably a long way off for clubs to be playing Talib Kweli or Immortal, but give me a euro-pop track with layering instrumental compositions with mindless lyrics, over bass-heavy coke-laced raps.

And really, life is all about innovation & progression, and that is what hip-hop has always done – I’m not saying that this sub-genre should dominate the artform, but it should be a viable repertoire in an artist’s weaponary and should be similied to ‘dirty South’, ‘west coast’ hip-hop style.

David Guetta feat Chris Willis, Fergie, LMFAO

Flo Rida – Club Can’t Handle Me ft. David Guetta

Sweet Freedom

Sounds of the 80’s

When you have a song stuck in your head, for a couple of years, it really sucks; especially if you consider yourself a music snob/connoisseur. Today however, via the wonderful app ‘Shazam’ for Blackberry, I was able to come across this gem from the 80’s; Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers in ‘Sweet Freedom’. This song was part of the soundtrack from one of those formulaic black cop/white cop movies of the 80’s ‘Running Scared’ featuring a young Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines (where did he go?). I’m a fan of music with heavy synthesizers and variations, so I recall hearing this song a couple years ago, and said it had to be a part of my collection; when I saw the music video however, it really deviated from my perception of the artist – which is cool. I thought it was gonna be a gheri-curled out brother in tight jean clothing, not a Doobie brother. C’est la vie.
One thing that is always funny about the 80’s is that all the music videos and party scenes look very gay; it seems it was ga ay ‘ol time or something (check what G Hines is wearing and the close face dance sequence with B Crystal) – not for me. Anyhow, enjoy a gem from the 80’s.

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