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Best Tiger Woods Parodies and mashups

Poor Tiger

This story keeps unfolding and getting worse for Tiger Woods, but with most public tragedies come some creative humor – at the expense of some. The ‘mashup’ is the new trend, so the following are some funny mashup videos as people have likened Tiger to famous/infamous cheaters such as Shaq, Kobe, Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton … and the list goes on.

1-900 Cheater

Feat. Tiger Woods, Shaq, Chris Brown. Based of Jay-Z’s classic ‘1-900 Cheater track’.

Eye of the Tiger

Chinese TV Re-enactment

This has to be the funniest animation and most insulting to Tiger Woods – they have him crying like a bitch, but funny.

50 Cent Pimpin’ Curly – Episode 3

50 Cent in Pimpin Curly

50 Cent is a very funny guy – I thought that this was another attack on Rick Ross, but it seems to have nothing to do with ‘Officer Ricky’.  If the hip-hop thing doesn’t work out, 50 Cent can definitely take a leap into acting, as he displays soome of his talent in this funny video as Pimpin Curly deals with hoes and their tirades …

50 is too much in this.

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