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The Influenced Economy

The Influenced Economy

Sourced from Adweek:
Social media specialist Vitrue, which aids brands in building their customer bases on social networks, tried to put a media value on such communities.
The firm has determined that, on average, a fan base of 1 million translates into at least $3.6 million in equivalent media over a year.

This translates to the fact that the more followers and/or fans that you have on social networking sites, the more leverage or value one possesses. Which in turn suggests that advertisers should pay more for an ad on a profile page with 1 million followers, than a profile page that has 5,000 followers – creating an advertising economy of scale based on influence.   Seems like we are in high school all over again, but this “Influenced Economy” may be a viable way for social media companies to actually start making money, and have a real business model.

Sources: http://www.adweek.com

New HP Commercials w/ Hip-Hop

Lupe Fiasco in new HP TV ads

HP does it again as they fulfill their spot as the second coolest brand of computers behind Apple; though I think that HP edges out Apple in the commercials.

Magical Fan Art


Magic Push

Orlando Magic Fan Art

These NBA playoffs have been very entertaining; with Kobe, LeBron, Carmelo, Wade, Howard – they have really shown why the NBA is the jealous pretty girl that the NHL envies. Even though the NBA and advertisers alike would have preferred to see a Kobe vs LeBron matchup, Dwight Howard and the Magic have provided some exciting games – with most games being decided in overtime by a handful of points. So why not give some light to the underdogs? Hopefully, they will find their way to the basket and stretch this series to 7 and beat Kobe (you can tell I am biased … somewhat).

By K1Illuminati

By Da Kid GFX

By Grphxz


By n4s-gfx

Go Magic!

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Ads are now watching You


Ads are now watching You

Measuring Advertisement Effectiveness

Starting in January in Japan, an advertising firm will place an interesting piece of technology above an advertisement in a public place.   NTT Communications will use a system to track the effectiveness of ads; a representative said that the system will “… automatically measure the effectiveness of the advertisements we can put a camera and PC nearby, and by using the image from the camera we can estimate how many people are looking at the monitor.”  With facial recognition technology, the system can detect how many people are actually engaged with the advertisement; which is an interesting concept because up to now, advertising rates were based on estimated viewership/traffic in a certain area, this technology could easily change how advertising rates are structured because now, advertising agencies can actually measure the effectiveness of an ad, and can now give accurate number on how many people actually were engaged with a specific advertisement.  The privacy groups will cry foul saying that this is another example of ‘Big Brother’ watching over us, which they may have a valid point, but as long as the technology is only being used to detect faces, and not being transferred to government agencies for other uses, then I say that the technology should flourish as it gies a whole new dynamic to measuring effectiveness of advertisements.

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