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Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography

Dream Girl Kinetics

This is a Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography Music Video I produced for some independent artists out of Toronto. I was inspired by the Cee-Lo Green video ‘F— You’ and other Kinetic typography videos. A funny story accompanies this video, or tragic, I was like 80% done with the video, but then my power went out; which corrupted the file, so I had to spend another 10-12 hours re-creating everything. That was a lesson in saving multiple drafts of all video projects – especially in the Wonderful, yet buggy, Adobe After Effects, lol.

And of course with anything that is abstract, comes politics – especially when dealing with different people (which now, I really understand why most artists want to work for themselves and not deal with bullshit from other clients, collectives, etc.) … but thats for another chapter in my book, I’ll just say that when sampling a population, make sure your sample is representative of the target audience of your works.

Video Produced, Directed by d dot b (moi).

Also check out this artwork I did too:

Lebron James Fan Art: Then and Now

Via wirestyle

LeBron James Changing Fan Art

Its interesting how you can go from a fan favorite, to most hatred almost instantly; especially for the sports athlete elite whom are paid ridiculous amounts of money to shoot a cylindrical ball into hoop with mesh. LeBron James of the Miami Heat is a good case study of how fan art can change almost over-night from adoration to bitterness.

Via Cotovelo

Via Rizzla76

And the transition begins ……

Via PoopsMcGeee

– This one is almost ‘coonish’
Via Jubhubmubfub

— I guess as an athlete you got to have thick skin … or piles of money to deal with all the ‘hate’.

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Catching Air

Via um0p3pisdn

Up There

Snowboarding looks like fun, but its something that I haven’t tried surprisingly – being that I hail from Canada; you know, home of the igloos, mounties, snow, and subtle racism. But after checking some of these great snowboarding digital images, I may have to visit a ski mountain or two and see if I can ‘get down’ by getting ‘up’ on these snow hills (yes, that pun was that witty).

Sonic Gets Live
Via NetRaptor

The Retro Snowboarder
Via YSR1

Via miniDEM0N

FlyCade @ G6Media

My High Style Editing - Custom Lambo and BW movie scene-

A Wizard at Work

Local Toronto Graphic Designer/Artist/Wizard Hasani showcases some of his illustrations.  Full Portfolio at http://www.krop.com/hasani/.  After looking at some of his work, you realize that composition & retouching is an artform; reserved for purely for artists – and Hasani IS that artist that teaches and shames your favorite graphic artist.

Follow @flycade


– now thats a ‘Dream Girl’


Jessenia Vice

– Ms Jessenia Vice

Check out Hasani at http://www.krop.com/hasani/


Cold Wintery Art

Winter Lust

The weather outside is definitely frightful, and inside is more than delightful; though some people’s insides are as cold as the terrain in the Yukon, but thats another analysis for another post. Here are some great designs that captures the essence of ‘Winter’ and ‘beauty’ from the Interwebs

Via elanordh

Via LeafOfSteel

Via KaanaMoonshadow

Via Tolkienmaster

The Long Visual Road

via Demonflame

The Long Road to ….

The most importance thing of the Long Road is not necessarily the destination, but the journey, and what you learn during your travels.  One’s outlook and perspective can greatly influence if the road will be joyous or sombre.  Here are some great imagery from the Interwebs that capture that ‘Long Road’

via robertmekis

via VisualPoetress

via erbphotography

via VisualPoetress

“I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment” – Nelson Mandela

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iPod Fan Art & Variations

iPod Art

Prior to 2001, Apple was a struggling computer manufacturer, trying to deal with Windows based machines and software; many have written them off, but they dropped the iPod in 2001, and it has to be one of the defining items of the 2000’s.  Since launching on October 23, 2001, the iPod has sold over 240 million units worldwide as of January 2010.  Here are some creative iPod digital art renditions.

Designed by Rebou91

Designed by Saiyan Queen Vega

Designed by Silph Creator

Designed by Kamijo

Christmas Art

Ho Ho Ho Art

Get your mind out the gutter, and spend it with family and friends. Tis the season for Holidays!

Designed by ShiroiNeko-sama

Designed by Abakum

Designed by Darkredrose

Designed by Osy057

Designed by Dolphy

Designed by quangdotca

Kobe Bryant Fan Art

Kobe Bryant Fan Art

Love him or hate him, he gets it in

Love him or hate him, Kobe Bryant seems to be that dude that can reach in his bag of tricks and pull out something amazing.  Anyone one with thousands of sites and blogs dedicated to his demise must be doing something right, right?  This L.A. Laker perennial All-Star pulled off a ridiculous shot last week against Duane Wade (clip below), so I figured that you gotta give a player his due when he gets it in – and season after season, Kobe Bryant has lifted the NBA out of the ‘Jordan-less’ era, and I am sure that David Stern isn’t complaining with the revenue the league is bringing in.

So here is some Kobe Bryant fan art that shows off his athleticism and that smile that is warming to some on the West Coast, but is hated by most.

Designed by Man of Inspiration

Designed by Diztrickt

Designed by K1Illuminati

And here is Kobe doing what he does best