Nerban’s week in Tech – Google domination and $99 iPhone


The Nerban’s week in Tech

Week ending Feb 14 2009 – Google drops a whole load of features for Gmail, Google Meter, $99 iPhone

I know you all are digging the dope retro technology picture.  Anyhow, this week in technology for the Nerban sees an affordable iPhone, and Google’s continued pursuit of world domination.  I said it once, and I will say it again, Google offers the best services for the web (email, search, google docs), but Google is essentially an advertising service for companies – they offer free products, and slap adsense wherever possible.  Twitter, take note, as you may need a business model soon, anyway, here are the best links:

Google Sync for mobile devices (iPhone, Symbian OS, Blackberry)
– A convenient way to sync your contacts and calendar over the air; another attempt for Cloud computing – looks like it will be better than Apple’s ‘MobileMe’ which just continues to be littered with problems.

Google deleting Blogspot posts with no warning
– Even though it is in your TOS, Google is deleting any posts at its will, if you have copyright content such as music or video; specifically from a media company (Universal, Time Warner etc.). The quick way to resolve this, is to self-host your own blog, and don’t rely on Google’s BlogSpot service.

Google Power Meter
– Another attempt of Google trying to look more ‘green’, but also attempting to get beyond your home computing needs, and monitoring a household’s energy consumption.

Gmail knows where you are
– A Labs feature that tells your recipient where you were when you sent the message … somewhat intrusive, but there may be some use for it, can’t figure out how it could be useful though.

$99 iPhone
– As everyone is feeling the pressure in this battered economy, Apple posits itself to release an affordable iPhone; if successful, they could go at the neck and take out some cheap alternative smartphone models (HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung)

Mac Clones
– Soon, could we see Dell and other traditional PC manufacturers deliver computers with the Apple Operating System??

Until next week …

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