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Cheap E-Way

Cheap E-Way

Ways to save and cut back

Most of this is logical (hopefully), but in a tight economy, there are many ways that people can save their money and cut back.


Register a small business. Do it. Regardless if you have no idea of what product you plan to sell or what service you want to offer. Then, any activity/purchase you do for your business, can be a write-off – transit fare to meet clients, food purchases, clothing, wireless/internet expenses … the possibilities are endless.


Shop at a Dollar Store

– they have the everyday household items for $1, body spray deodorant, binders, lotions, drinks – and all the name brands; no ‘Acme’ or generic never-heard of brands


Bring your own beverages to work

– let’s do the math; let’s say you bought a Coca-cola beverage everyday at your work cafeteria for $1, 5 times a week. Over a month period, that equates to $20. If you went to the grocery store, and picked up a 12 pack of coca-cola for $5.99, you would save around $.50 per day rather than buying it at the cafeteria.


Cloud Computing

– This is working and storing information into the cloud (essentially a server) where you can access the data from any machine; no longer being restricted to a specific computer. Google offers many free cloud services like ‘Google Docs’ (wordprocessing, spreadsheet, powerpoint) and if you need a desktop software suite, Sun Office has a bunch of applications that are compatible with Microsoft and the best thing is that it is FREE.


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Nerban’s week in Tech – Google domination and $99 iPhone

Source: http://metasurfing.blogspot.com

The Nerban’s week in Tech

Week ending Feb 14 2009 – Google drops a whole load of features for Gmail, Google Meter, $99 iPhone

I know you all are digging the dope retro technology picture.  Anyhow, this week in technology for the Nerban sees an affordable iPhone, and Google’s continued pursuit of world domination.  I said it once, and I will say it again, Google offers the best services for the web (email, search, google docs), but Google is essentially an advertising service for companies – they offer free products, and slap adsense wherever possible.  Twitter, take note, as you may need a business model soon, anyway, here are the best links:

Google Sync for mobile devices (iPhone, Symbian OS, Blackberry)
– A convenient way to sync your contacts and calendar over the air; another attempt for Cloud computing – looks like it will be better than Apple’s ‘MobileMe’ which just continues to be littered with problems.

Google deleting Blogspot posts with no warning
– Even though it is in your TOS, Google is deleting any posts at its will, if you have copyright content such as music or video; specifically from a media company (Universal, Time Warner etc.). The quick way to resolve this, is to self-host your own blog, and don’t rely on Google’s BlogSpot service.

Google Power Meter
– Another attempt of Google trying to look more ‘green’, but also attempting to get beyond your home computing needs, and monitoring a household’s energy consumption.

Gmail knows where you are
– A Labs feature that tells your recipient where you were when you sent the message … somewhat intrusive, but there may be some use for it, can’t figure out how it could be useful though.

$99 iPhone
– As everyone is feeling the pressure in this battered economy, Apple posits itself to release an affordable iPhone; if successful, they could go at the neck and take out some cheap alternative smartphone models (HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung)

Mac Clones
– Soon, could we see Dell and other traditional PC manufacturers deliver computers with the Apple Operating System??

Until next week …

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Free the Airwaves (sponsored by AdSense)

Free the Airwaves
Google’s push from the clouds

If you think that Google is a search engine company, you are sadly mistaken – Google is essentially an advertising agency. Google provides free services such as its search engine, gmail, documents, picasa, and a plethora of others. Google then places ads in their free services through its advertising program named ‘AdSense'; it has proven to be a successful model, and has driven Google’s stock to almost $400 a share.

The web, Google has conquered – hands down. Now Google has its site on not only increasing their market share with web applications, but they are also developing an open source OS platform for wireless devices. Dubbed ‘Android’, this wireless device OS will utilize Google’s technology and will allow Google to stream AdSense ads to mobile devices. Of course, Android will connect with Google’s other established services such as Google Documents (Word, excel), Picasa (photo management), and of course web searching/surfing. The hurdle that Google faces is whether to build their own mobile device or convince established mobile device manufacturers (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, et cetera) to use their OS. One thing that the Google OS will have to facilitate is heavy data usage; as content/data will all be pushed from the ‘cloud’ to the device. Enter Google’s sponsorship about ‘freeing the airwaves':


From : freetheairwaves.com

About freeing the airwavesOne of America’s most valuable natural resources is our “white spaces” — the radio airwaves, or spectrum, that have long carried analog TV signals. Three-fourths of the white spaces are completely unused today, and — especially once TV is broadcast in digital only starting in 2009 — could be used to kick-start a revolution in wireless technology, including universal wireless online access and numerous new products and services that can’t even be imagined today.

This fall, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will decide whether to make this spectrum available for anyone to use. At Google, we think more open access to the white spaces is essential, not only for companies like ours, but for society in general. But this outcome is far from certain, so we’ve joined a broad coalition of public interest groups and industry peers who are working to convince the FCC to free the airwaves and unleash the next generation of Internet innovation. We hope you’ll add your voice to the debate by signing our petition and helping spread the word about this campaign.

No doubt, that Google is interested in new products that can stream its AdSense in the new white spectrum.

For more info, and to voice your concern go to:http://freetheairwaves.com

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