Nerd Generational Hipsterism

The Nerd Culture & Hip-Hop

Seems like that the hip-hop hipster/nerds are here to stay; which in my opinion, has both good & bad traits. The ‘good’ is that maybe some intellectual/creative art can come about, I mean not to say that the average hip-hop head is dumb; as many of the ‘real hip-hop heads’ know a lot about the socio-political world beyond the music. But in theory, the ‘nerds’ and the ‘hipsters’ should be able to be just as knowledgeable – if not more …. sounds like a stretch especially since the hipsters only seem to be about fashion, but I guess we will see.

The bad? Well, I am not necessarily a fan of the tight jeans and loud ass colors, but to each their own. Oh, also don’t like the feminine nature that some of the male hipsters are promoting – be a man.

A breakdown from Illdoctrine on Hipsters
– kind of accurate

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