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Raising awareness

They say that ‘Content is King’, and it is, but then ‘Awareness is Royalty’, because the problem that I face, as with others, is the awareness of content. Its something that I have been struggling with for years, and I know, or have a good idea of how to get around it – but I guess my insecurities get the best of me. Insecurities suck. It really does. In the current day of attention spans lasting from 1-10 seconds, it is even more important to have awareness out there. Heck, even your own close friends may not be aware of the projects that you are doing unless you bang them with the content, repeatedly, creatively. As a good friend of mines once said, ‘Persistence over Resistance’ – and yes he was referring initially to how he bags chicks with his persistence (I advised him how ‘persistence’ can be viewed as ‘harassment’ in a court of law), but this nugget of wisdom can be extrapolated to the business of branding.

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