Catering to your preconceptions of Others


Cater to what I think you want

Don’t know if I have a lot to write about this, as I’ve just been able to encapsulate this thought into easy digestable words. But I’m sure that I’m not the only one that holds back on saying things for fear of thinking what others might do and/or think. I guess it could be some sort of a chess strategy, but in doing this, it also builds cognitive dissonance; and if its one thing I’ve learned after spending thousands of dollars for a Psych degree is that Cognitive Dissonance is a Bitch – to put ot mildly. Yet, I for some reason, even knowing the bitch that Cognitive Dissonance is, still deal with trying to predict what others believe. And when you cater to what you think other people believe and such,this can turn you into some sort of a ‘Shape Shifter'(Compartmentalizing), as you try to project the best image that suits whom you are trying to impress.

Ahhh, does that make sense? As I write this, it makes more & more sense, and I feel more & more disgusted that I am probably not alone in this concept – collectively, we do this all the time, presenting different self’s to different people in hope to persuade them or something. Or maybe its a form of bamboozling – either way, its a way of detaching from one of your self’s, probably your true self. So when you hear the phrase ‘oh, she ain’t being herself’, it can also translate to say ‘she is trying to cater to what she thinks you want’ – and this is the slippery slope that we glide down, daily.

Don’t know how much further I can go with this rant, but if anyone out there can relate, feel free to share your thoughts.

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Basic This, Basic That

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Basic Goodness

This one Woman told me that I “think too much”, which is probably true – but she framed it in a negative context (or that’s at least how I took it). And ever since she said that, things between us haven’t been the same, and by “been the same’, I mean she kinda brushed me off. Which is okay I guess, as they say, more ‘fish are in the sea’, and I further don’t have time for someone that doesn’t like the analytical nuances – which I convey.  And furthermore, these occurrences happen time after time, which makes me wonder a few things … A lot of things, but for the sake of this post, I want to find out what ‘normal’ people discuss.

Is it just Weather? The latest reality show? Workplace gossip? I tend to think I discuss these basic things also, but I would further analyze the situational factors of the reality show, and point out behavioral issues of one’s co-workers. And I look for the ‘meta’ things in life, taking the conversation to a level where the topic becomes the merits of the actual conversation (if that makes sense).  I even tried to search online to see what ‘normal people talk about’, and the more results I found, the more I realized that I wouldn’t want to subscribe to that sense of ‘normalcy’

Anyhow, I’m tempted to either change my ways – engage in that basic discourse, but a line from Lupe Fiasco keeps agitating me “When you dumb it down, its just harder to understand“, yup, guess its going to have to be good riddance to not just ‘bad rubbish’, but ‘basic rubbish’.

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The 4 Types of Rappers


The 4 Types of Rappers

There are 4 Types of Rappers that we all know, love, hate, despise, and secretly want to be like.

The 90’s Rapper

This is the rapper that thinks that Rakim & Eric B are still the President, and hope that Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth will get back together. Baggy pants are still a staple fashion, and using complex metaphors over a classic snare drum & clap mixed with a boring chorus – are the ingredients to ‘Real Hip-Hop’

Top 90’s Rappers:

  1. Jay Electronica
  2. Raekwon
  3. Underground Rappers

The Gangsta Rapper

This is the Alpha Thug, spends his drug money on working with the popular producers and the best studios. Loves Scarface. Is not afraid to take pics or videos of himself with guns, knives, and using banned narcotics. Likes to use a wide range of simile’s to explain how he will shoot and kill you, your family, and even retroactively kill your deceased great-great GrandFather from the civil war.

Top Gangsta Rappers:

  1. Young Jeezy
  2. Rick Ross
  3. Gucci Mane

The Swag Rapper

This is the Rapper whom gets his haircut at least once a week, cause you, black ppl’s hair grows back very fast. Always has the newest shoes and gear, frequenter of the Luxury Car Rental stores – cause appearance is everything, right? Makes sure to buy bottles upon bottles in the club, pouring liquor into his entourage’s mouth, and strangers. And always takes a bad bitch back to the hotel – then when its time to checkout, its back to Mama’s house … Until next weekend, and ‘We Do it again’.

Top Swag Rappers:

  1. Ma$e
  2. Tyga
  3. Any rapper that is highly materialistic (Yes, its a lot)

The Emo Rapper

This is the rapper that likes close fitting jeans, and low V-neck tops. Working out at the gym isn’t that important, food isn’t as important either. Comes from the suburbs, but knows about hardships …. Talks about real problems like bitches that snort too much of your cocaine, those type of issues. Likes to sing too, and thinks they are ‘Pseudo Rockers’ so will have a skateboard and guitar too. Also this rapper is very expressive with his feelings and emotions, sometimes a bit too much.

Top Emo Rappers:

  1. Drake
  2. Drake
  3. And, Drake

Yeah, we know there are more types of Rappers that could possibly be added to this list, feel free to list those types in the comments below.

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Whom are the better drivers? Men or Women?


Whom are the better drivers? Men or Women?

This argument has been discussed for many years, and I’d suggest that up to the 90’s, the hands down argument was that Men were the better drivers than womenn; and that can be attributed just to the rise of equality/feminism. In the 60’s, Men were driving more than women because Men worked and the women stayed home, so by definition of exposure/repetition, its safe to say that Men were the better drivers. But as Women started going to work and being more independent, its safe to say that we have reached a point where there are just as many Women drivers as Men. According to a survey by Carrentals UK, they have attested that Women are better drivers than Men, and produced the following findings:

  • 57 per cent of men had been involved in one or more accidents compared to 44 per cent of women
  • 45 per cent of 36- to 45-year-old and men over 65 years old had been caught speeding
  • 60 per cent of men over 65 had been involved in an accident, compared to 30 per cent of women in the same age group.


Probably, a better way to look at whom are better drivers can be boiled down to whom can be distracted the easiest; and for Men and Women, they both have vices that cause them to be distracted while at the wheel.

Distractions for Women

  • Rearview Mirror: Women use this not to really check vehicles behind them, but to check their lipstick & massacre
  • Mobile Phone: A second not checking the phone is a second of missed Instagram pics from their friends

Distractions for Men

  • Women on the Street: If there is a hot chick standing on the street, we will definitely break our necks to catch a glimpse
  • Women in the Car: Self-explanatory

Remove the distractions that both Men & Women have and then they are both good drivers that can navigate the road with efficiency – hopefully.

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Whom should pay for dates? Men or Women?

who should pay

Is Chivalry Dead?

So you were able to persuade the girl of your dreams in going on a date with you, perfect. Things are going well, you give her your magic charm, she is smiling & laughing (hopefully not at you), the food is good, and you end up paying, and you take her home. Good Stuff. But the cycle of you paying for the meal after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and to the 10th date, starts to leave you wondering, “When is she going to pay for the date?”. And this is the question that is the fuel for debate, and equally the source of arguments as some women, regardless of how long they have been dating their Man, refuse to pay for dates. Chivalry is not dead, is it? Yes, Men should do certain things, but we also live in an age of equality – with the rise of Feminism, women desire & want to be treated as equal, as they should be. But in some facets of life, they still want the Man to ‘take care’ of certain things such as dates – even if they are in a long-term committed relationship or even married.

A lot has been said also on whom initiates the date – meaning that if the Man asks the Woman out, then the Man should pay – I can understand that. But after awhile, once a mutual understanding is established, and once both parties are interested in each other, then that is when things such as dates should start being shared, right? This video illustrates the differing views between males & females on whom should pay for date – hilarity ensues as most women will stick to their guns that women should NEVER pay for dates, and where Men are always trying to walk that fine line of ‘wishing/hoping’ that women eventually start sharing or paying their ‘fair share’.

Starring Comedians:
Sylvana: @sylvanasays
Justin Laite:
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Flippin’ the Neediness


Flip the Neediness?

A method to dump your partner w/o being the ‘Bad Guy’

I’m sure we all have had that experience of being with someone that just became too needy over time; at first their needy behavior was ‘adorable, but then it grew into a weird beast that is both weird and sometimes creepy – with constant text messages and phone calls. Well, there are a couple of ways to deal with the needy:

  • Drop ‘em like its hot – the fastest & equally coldest method
  • Tolerate – answer the constant text messages/phone calls
  • Flip the Neediness – YOU become the needy one!
Now this is the one that is most interesting, ‘Flippin the Neediness’. Defined by comic Justin Laite, this is the process of becoming even MORE needier that your needy partner so that they start realizing that YOU are the neediness and with the hopes that they eventually dump you because they can’t handle your needy behavior any more.  So for instance if they call you 5 times a day, then you start calling them 20 times a day.  Send them over 50 text messages a day; describe your toast, coffee, brunch, lunch, and so on.  ‘Like’ and comment on all of their FaceBook posts everyday.  Eventually, they should be sick of you and will start to think that YOU have a problem.  This is almost an ideal situation if it works because it removes the burden of dumping someone that is emotionally unstable.  Classic.
Has anyone tried this before? What has been your findings? I would presume it would be awesome.

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Sylvana: @sylvanasays
Justin Laite:
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Quick Meals, a la Ghetto


Gourmet Ghetto Quick Meals

We get it, life is busy. And sometimes, its just easier to stop off at your favorite Fast Food Chain and shove thousands of calories & sodium into your mouth for $2.99 or less. But, there are options for creating quick ‘Creative Meals’ for people on the go.

‘Ghetto Cooking’ sounds bad, but its really just a method of fusing together cooking ingredients based on a few simple pillars – the main pillar being whatever is in your kitchen (seriously). There are 2 dishes that you can try that will not only save you time in the kitchen, but will save you money.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

This is a simple recipe for the classic ‘Spaghetti & Meatballs’, but without the Meatballs. Here is what you will need:

      > Spaghetti Pasta or Ramen Noodles
      > Ketchup
      > Hot Dog Weiners
Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Gourmet Beef Patty
Everybody loves a Beef Patty, but what about taking it to the next step and creating a Gourmet Beef Patty sandwich? Now, you are probably thinking ‘Patty & cocoa Bread’, nope – that is not what is happening here. We are putting the gourmet ingredients into the Patty itself. Here is what you’ll need:

      > Beef Patty
      > Lettuce
      > Tomatoes
      > Onions
      > Pickles
      > Cheese

Prep Time: 7 mins

Hope these recipes will be added to your culinary repertoire – if not, hope you at least learned some creative Ghetto alternatives to cooking!

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Video by Urban Comedy Network

Whom are the better drivers? Men or Women?

Male & Female Drivers

Comedians Sylvana & Justin do battle once again as they stick up for their respective genders to discuss which sex has better skills behind the wheel. They both make convincing arguments, but I’m going to have to say that Men are the better drivers because we aren’t preoccupied with looking at OURSELVES in the rearview mirror.

Another comedy project from Urban Comedy Network in the POV series, go subscribe and share this video, support please if you get a laugh.

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Gangnam Style Twerk

Gangnam Style Twerk

Another comedy video from my Urban Comedy Network Family featuring comedian Anthony Engelbrecht. This was an interesting shoot because we had a script that we had to modify on the fly, so most of the content was impromptu, and we met some interesting people showing us their variations of the Gangnam Style dance – which included booty smacking and all. I had fun editing this video, which is a rarity.

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Compartment Consolidation – Then and Now

Controlling the self’s

Living with our many Compartments

I don’t think I have posted this, but I wrote this little note in December 2011:
“For awhile I have thought, better yet have been battling with the many creative endeavours that I pursue. And I always have battled with the questions “How do I promote this brand?”, “Do I have to create a new site for this brand”, etc., blah blah blah. And I think that Life in B Major will be the definitive title to embody everything whom I am – which is, profoundly, ‘The Creator of Things’. This is whom I am, at least this is whom I think I am. And I will try to be this to the fullest. I guess this is what you call ‘consolidating the compartments’ to make one unifying floor with no distinct sections & barriers, only logical ones.

Clarity. End scene.”

As I reflect on the year that was, I don’t think I have made as much progress that I wanted, though I have made some strides to consolidate the compartments to a solid 2.5 (don’t ask how I have derived the .5), and I have a better self-awareness of my battle of confidence and believing in myself & my abilities – I’ll touch on that in another post.

Anyhow, this is my first real post in awhile, and just like every other time that I say I am going to post more regularly, this time, I mean it!


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The Ten Weave Commandments


All my Ladies that have weave, whether Yaki, Remy, or Synthetic will be able to relate to the ‘Ten Weave Commandments’. One thing that is evident about hair weave, is that it is a multi-billion dollar industry and women invest a lot of time and energy in trying to find that right weave.
So personality @nadinemarieg created a funny parody called the ‘Ten Weave Commandments’, and they are helpful tips for any woman struggling with their weave:

1. Never let your tracks show (self-explanatory)
2. Always travel with your weave glue (or hair pins in case a track falls out)
3. Always pat your head when it’s itchy (patting won’t pull out the tracks or make your hair messy)
4. Never lie and say “it’s all mine.”
5. Never make your weave too greasy (there’s nothing worse than a greasy weave, believe me)
6. Always travel with your brush (weave gets frizzy. Gotta keep it looking lush)
7. This rule is so overrated: keep your Remy and Yaki completely separated
8. Gel down your edges if they’re nappy (weave and nappy roots — that’s just tacky)
9. Nine should’ve been number 1 to me; ALWAYS know when to take out your weave!
10. Buy a wig just in case. If your hair is looking rough, put on a wig to cover it up.

Hopefully these tips will help some ladies to living a good life with their weave, because no other relationship is as important as a woman and her weave.

Video Produced by Urban Comedy Network
Director, Producer, Editor: Desmond ‘LiBM’ B
Performer: Nadine Marie @nadinemarieg

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