You’re a F#*cking Human Being

You’re a Fucking Human Being – Joe Rogan and Daft Punk

A rant by UFC announcer, ex-Fear Factor host, comedian Joe Rogan off of his podcast; an interesting take on life, religion, politics, and such. Don’t really get why they autotuned Joe Rogan’s voice, and added Daft Punk’s ‘Around the world’, but that mix, and the visuals makes for a good 5 minutes of engaging content.

The Long Visual Road

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The Long Road to ….

The most importance thing of the Long Road is not necessarily the destination, but the journey, and what you learn during your travels.  One’s outlook and perspective can greatly influence if the road will be joyous or sombre.  Here are some great imagery from the Interwebs that capture that ‘Long Road’

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“I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment” – Nelson Mandela

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The Israeli Snakebot

New Age Battlefield Techniques

The Israeli Defense Forces are seriously working on a robotic snake for tactical usage. The snake would be camouflaged to appear like a real snake and has the ability to deliver bombs, reconnaissance, and if the snake is destroyed, it has the ability to spawn into smaller snakes – which can then operate independently on its own. In the current stage, the snake is slow in movement, but within time, it will replicate the behavior of a real snake. I guess this is the future of battlefield tactics. I wonder what is next, a robotic bird? Oh, I think they already have that, maybe a field rat or something. SMH.

SGT & Mel want to win a Z103.5 Dream Wedding!

On a frigid Sunday in the City of Toronto, two lovebirds ventured around the downtown core, the harbourfront, Rogers Centre, Yonge-Dundas Square, in an attempt to film a successful viral-esque video to win a Radio contest on Toronto’s Z103.5FM. Shockingly enough, they have made the top 5, so if you like what you see, head over to:
And vote Stephen & Melissa to win their dream wedding!

Within Range

You Fancy huh? Or Fast?

There has to exist some unwritten formula for common courtesy that states; if someone offers to buy you a meal, such meal must not be more than 100% more of what your meal costs. So if I am buying something that costs $2.75, then your max range for a similar item must be $5.25 – this is governed by the International Law of Non-Dirtbaggery and common sense. This makes sense right? I recently was a victim of this heinous offense, as someone went well out of range – especially when I didn’t even acknowledge that I would buy her meal! The nerve of some people, but as a gentleman I played it cool, and I would of covered the costs if it was in the acceptable range, but when it was upwards to 250% of my total value of my meal, that is when the line had to be drawn down in the sand. As Homey the Clown from In Living Color used to say, “Homey don’t play that”, so upon checkout, I paused and looked at her to give some money to her exuberant meal – to her dismay and embarrassment as she was fumbling for money to pay for her ‘royally’ expensive meal. And a lesson was learned, from both parties.

Prolonged Chapter

Managing Doubt and your own Expectations

Self-doubt is a real bitch; and its a tricky issue because usually the self-doubt comes from others. Or better yet, it comes from how you perceive how others think of you. Then its a spiraling effect of self-doubt from with-in, and with-out; until it leads to a state of timidness and procrastination. As you become afraid of doing something that you may or may not be too sure of, because of what someone may or may not think. Our own projections can then become a hindrance. I really don’t know or pretend to know what the cure is – the easiest thing to say is ‘Ignore the self-doubt’, easier said than done when you got the voices of your self and your peers spewing negative phrases – and for some reason in the mind, it is amplified to the ‘Nth’ degree.
For months I wanted to update this blog with a more streamlined look, but my self-doubt kept prohibiting me, first I was like, “what’s the value, no one comments on it”, but maybe they don’t comment because the mechanism to comment isn’t quite clear. I made up a plethora of other excuses too that I won’t bore you with, but I am happy that I have come to a place where I am washing away the dirt of my self-doubt. Take this is as one of those new-age affirmations of self-will and determination, or a ploy by me to commit to something because I have published it on this world wide web, but I will remove this self-doubt, and finally just ‘do the damn thing’.

New facelift coming soon … I think, lol

What should I do? Cleveland responds

Cleveland Responds to LBJ Nike Ad

Besides that the production value of this response video to Lebron James new Nike Ads is very high; which suggests that a lot of people in Cleveland are passionate about this issue, this video hits LeBron hard on several points. They call him a traitor, quitter, and pretty much label him a bitch – the moral of the story is that the city of Cleveland is very passionate about their sports.

The Recession

In a city hit hard by the recession, it is not surprising that many people find solace and/or escapism from their everyday life through sports – and what makes this particular story very hard is that LeBron grew up in Cleveland; as oppose to most sports franchise players that come from another place.  Thus, the people of Cleveland felt like Lebron is ‘one of their own’, and literally, he is.

On one hand you got to feel kind of bad for the city of Cleveland – as they treated LeBron like a lover, brother, family member that betrayed them, but on the other hand, it is just ‘sports’ and sports these days are a strategic game.

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Into the Fold

Back into the Fold

Back into the fold could stand for many things; returning to a state of normalcy – which could be either + or -, depending on how you frame it. My normalcy is always somewhat variable – meaning a constant change of things/events. With many projects on the go, the management of them is challenging, but exciting at the same time – even more exciting when momentum seems to be going positively.
Stress is a factor in all projects, and at least one of my situations has been resolved – Biz partners can be a challenging bunch; especially when one majors in Bullshitis and is difficult just for the sake of being difficult – gotta cut those cancers out. Its odd that just coming to a decision and affirmation to stick to a certain position can be very relieving.
So I guess coming ‘back into the fold’, can also mean returning to a state of progression – internally and externally.  There is an ironic simplicity when dealing with the difficult … follows a Director term, ‘cut’.

All the events in life are an experience; you can choose to learn or just be passive about the event.

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