Into the Fold

Back into the Fold

Back into the fold could stand for many things; returning to a state of normalcy – which could be either + or -, depending on how you frame it. My normalcy is always somewhat variable – meaning a constant change of things/events. With many projects on the go, the management of them is challenging, but exciting at the same time – even more exciting when momentum seems to be going positively.
Stress is a factor in all projects, and at least one of my situations has been resolved – Biz partners can be a challenging bunch; especially when one majors in Bullshitis and is difficult just for the sake of being difficult – gotta cut those cancers out. Its odd that just coming to a decision and affirmation to stick to a certain position can be very relieving.
So I guess coming ‘back into the fold’, can also mean returning to a state of progression – internally and externally. ┬áThere is an ironic simplicity when dealing with the difficult … follows a Director term, ‘cut’.

All the events in life are an experience; you can choose to learn or just be passive about the event.

.:: LiBM ::.

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