Erykah Badu – Honey

Erykah Badu – Honey

I gotta give Ms. Badu some shine because every time she comes out she reinvents the wheel and brings a unique and distinct sound to the game. Only problem this time around is that the music industry is in a black abyss of sh*t, and GOOD music like this may not get the respect that it deserves. I wonder if BET will play this? I can’t imagine on what show, definitely not on 106 & Park.

Anyhow, album drops in February 26, 2008, check her out at

Support good music.

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Pussification, pt. 0

Pussification, pt. 0 – an abstract
Virtues: changed, dynamics, empowerment, pride, ‘stand-up’

No, its not what you think it is – I don’t craft porn-esque blogs or pieces. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but its not my style.

What I am referring to is the current and evolving state of our society since the feminist movement. It really gathered steam throughout the 80’s and 90’s, and is now a dominant force in the 2000’s. The urbandictionary .com definition of pussification is: “the state in which a society becomes less and less tough“, the origins of the word seems to come from comedian George Carlin (remember “Seven Dirty Words“).

I’d like to add to the definition that pussification is the state in which not only is society becoming less and less tough, but society is becoming overly ‘politically correct’ to the point where telling the ‘truth’ takes a backseat to being ‘polite’ – for fear of ‘offending’ anyone.

This is only pt. 0 in my series, as I will illustrate over time, the countless acts of pussification that exists in the world, and even in my life time. Everything will be touched on from, profession, education, relationships, to politics … the stink of pussification is strong (pun intended).

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Life in B Major
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Virtues: objectification, respect, ‘mack status’, inequality

First off, you must admit that the picture above is hot.

And to get in to this piece, I know you all have seen it before: you’re in the club with the music jumping, alcohol bubbling, and ladies bumping to the vibes. What I find interesting are the violators – those that take free liberty in gratifying themselves by molesting others. I never could muster the courage/efforts to run my hands all-over a woman while I dance with her. Even if I know her very well, or if we had a personal relationship in the past, I can’t ‘disrespect’ a woman like that in-front of others. So when I see this happening in the club, its kinda disgusting — even if the woman is fine.

So progressing, I experienced a strange event one day in class; I was chilling beside two of my female classmates that I was cool with. I was in the middle of the two, and I noticed that they were mouth-whispering to each other about something; probably about me – but I didn’t really care too much even though they had mischievous & devious looks. Then out of nowhere, I felt a soft hand quickly caress my man chest – I looked to the girl on my right as she giggled. And as my attention was preoccupied, the girl on my left carried out the same action as her accomplice. So I turned my attention to the opposite side & she also giggled too. Not like this was in an isolated room, at least 50 of us were in a lecture hall as this happened. I asked ‘what are you doing? She replied ‘just checking out the merchandise‘, I was taken aback. On the one side I felt like a mack as I had two moderately hot girls groping me, also, I felt like a piece of meat; a random object that these girls felt that they could just violate & objectify – that is a horrid thought, but on the flipside if I wanted to reciprocate the gesture it wouldn’t be acceptable – I would probably be charged &/or accused of something.

I guess that’s equality for you – different codes of conduct are ‘suitable’, depending on the environment.

So ladies, if you go to the local night club, expect to be violated.
And fellas, if ladies are violating you OUTSIDE of a club setting, hey, take solace in the fact that you ‘got it’ & the ladies can’t control their behavior in your presence … that’s what I did.

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Life in B Major

Breathe & Stop

Virtues: Cot damn, sexy, ravishing

They come when you least expect it;
Taking you back to a place in time where bliss stays rampant & inhibition is diluted;
Their mere presence alters your rhythm;
Thought is interrupted, Breath is suspended, Mobility is stalled;
Time slows to a snail’s pace, and vision acuity is crystallized
Focus, ready, shoot.
The memory is sharper than any Digi SLR;
Filed & archived away as a moment in time that will last forever as I continue my walk down the city sidewalk.

Manoj: India’s Elite Telemarketer (mockumentary)

India’s ‘The Office’

A very funny spoof of outsourcing in India as ‘Manoj’ takes the viewer on a mockumentary on his business and lifestyle in India. This video takes some cues from the popular TV show ‘the Office (U.S. & U.K. version), and adds an Indian flavor to it – while also touching on the outsourcing issue as many American corporations put their call centers in India.
I put this video up (besides the fact that is funny & intriguing) is that I had an idea which was similar to this a couple of years ago, and I still think, if written and presented properly, this idea would be a hit. Something for you striking Hollywood writers to think about on your laptops in Starbucks.

.:: d.b

Why they are the way they are

Why they are the way they are
Virtues: Perseverance, Strength, Courage, Black Women

It has been said that black women have an attitude.

Not only do they have attitude, but they are opinionated, calculating, and have a low tolerance for … just about anything.

They move swiftly throughout; strong & defiant to get what they want.

You dare not argue with black women because you will lose; even if you are right, trust me, you will lose some other way.

We have classified black women as Bitches; because their opinions clash with our alpha-male persona.
We call them hood rats because their Fathers have abandoned them and have forced the single-mother to fend for themselves with a dependent(s) in a decaying environments.
We objectify them in pop culture as video vixens that are only as relevant as their ‘assets’ or their willingness to please others (RE: Karine ‘Superhead’ Steffans).
We call them hoes as a way to characterize their promiscuous lifestyle, but for men, that same promiscuity is revered & receives adoration.

So, I get it. Black women will drive you crazy; they will be pesky, vocal, and confrontational. Black women don’t put up with shit – they deserve better & will not settle for less.
So yeah, the attitude is there, but is a manifestation of how they have been treated over generations; they have been shitted on forever, but are now doing the dumping.

And that is why they ‘are’ the way they ‘are’.

.:: d.b


“The culture of the coffee-stop empire.”
This is just an observatory piece of being at a Starbucks on a Friday night in the T Dot. My unorthodox biz partners & I, decked in modern hip-hop attire; hoodies, loose fitting jeans, and portable mp3 players walk into a Starbucks in one of the moderate-to-affluent parts of our city (* Note, I don’t know about your city, but there are no Starbucks in our hoods). Naturally, when 3 big black guys walk into such an establishment, there are the usual quick glances away from us, and awkward pauses in their conversations with each other. Which I understand, sadly, because you know, we are out of our element – however I’m not writing about that … been there, done that, ya dig?

So after getting hot beverages that were obtained/stolen/exploited from Africa (topic for another day), we sat down & got to business. After getting work done & cracking jokes, it hit me that this Starbucks was jumping: big line-ups & the cash register, friends coming in rocking the Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Eagle, and dudes rocking the California Beach Boy look that Starbucks is into a bit more than selling coffee. Some patrons were studying amidst elevator & jazz rhythmics, while other patrons were discussing the previous week’s events with their friends. What was interesting, besides the fact that they were predominantly white, is that they dressed similar, represented the “Millennial” generation – cohort 1 & 2, and all embraced & understood (consciously or not) the point of this piece. Starbucks is not about selling coffee, Starbucks sells social experiences. People literally were dressing up, pulling up in upscale vehicles, and not just to order marked-up coffee, but to meet friends, gossip, engage each other, pretty much to ‘connect’.

This is just my logic of the $7.8 billion dollar a year coffee shop, and why they nicely decorate their interior with earth tone colors, play non-popular music, and use distinct language (grandé, tall).

So now I guess I know why they looked @ us the way they did; its not the usual racial prejudice mixed with a dash of stereotyping.

We did not fit in with their social experience & the cultural norms that come with it.

But F*** ’em anyway, I’m about re-defining the box, not assimilating to it, bitches!

Exercise w/ Elephant Man

Get in shape with the Energy God, Elephant Man

Fun Times & Working Out Bahd

2007 was all about the dance/rap gimmick; tons of rappers came out with a one-hit wonder accompanied with a catchy dance. This didn’t really work out for the artists (exception may be Soulja Boy with Crank Dat) as they will be back on the block hustling in no time.
However, Elephant Man represents the dancehall reggae scene that has used dances as a gimmick in their music for years — since the early 90’s. Whats funny about this is that he is trying to bridge the gap between dancehall dancing & exercise … kind of a cheesey attempt, but stranger things have worked.

Fan dem off …

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