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Silly Monkeys! Part 3: The Bouncer

Silly Monkeys! Part 3: The Bouncer
Virtues: deceit, honor, code, ethics
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The Bouncer has a very important job at the club. In the club world, they are the ‘authority’ that regulate the patrons & uphold the club’s policies. The Bouncer is a ‘cool’ name for Security; I wonder how it started – must have been when someone working security in a club developed a reputation, better yet, an attitude, for physically &/or verbally denying people admittance to a club. That sounds like an accurate etiology of the word ‘Bouncer’; the bouncer enjoys the power he has – and administers such power to his advantage. The Bouncer gets to select which ladies get ‘preferential treatment’ into the club – though the lucky ladies may have to give something up in return (a number, dignity, etc.) , the Bouncer is content irregardless as it is just another act, and a benefit of his power.

Across the board – whether in a grimey or posh club, the Bouncer has the alpha male macho tough guy attitude. But even with all the power, respect, and perks, the Bouncer wants more. You see, on the ‘club hierarchy’ or ‘food chain’, the Bouncer is just above the people that do coat check & admittance. Yes, that is super ugly. The bar staff even makes more than the Bouncer. So the ‘muscle’ uses its ‘brain’, some cortical regions of it I suppose, and has learned extortion – or what people in the entertainment/club world call ‘greasing’ or ‘to grease’. Which is the act of paying a Bouncer a fee to his liking, in order for the Bouncer to overlook or bend some of the club’s rules. Greasing gives the Bouncer a new dimension of being Judge, Jury, and even sentencing board. For example, the dress code is a grey area – if you don’t meet the specifics there is hope that you will get in, and it probably will cost you $20 to the bouncer. And at Posh spots (L.A. especially!), your clothing may be on point, but if you don’t know anyone that works at the club, then you may also have to pay the Bouncer a fee that I like to call a ‘privelige fee’ – this is a fee that covers the Bouncer giving you the privilege to STILL pay the club admission fee, and party with the club patrons.

L.A. is notorious for that.

How do I know so much about the Bouncer, I know some, and I have experienced their tactics – and no longer will I be a ‘Silly Monkey’ to their foolery.

.:: d.b
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Pussification, pt. 0

Pussification, pt. 0 – an abstract
Virtues: changed, dynamics, empowerment, pride, ‘stand-up’

No, its not what you think it is – I don’t craft porn-esque blogs or pieces. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but its not my style.

What I am referring to is the current and evolving state of our society since the feminist movement. It really gathered steam throughout the 80’s and 90’s, and is now a dominant force in the 2000’s. The urbandictionary .com definition of pussification is: “the state in which a society becomes less and less tough“, the origins of the word seems to come from comedian George Carlin (remember “Seven Dirty Words“).

I’d like to add to the definition that pussification is the state in which not only is society becoming less and less tough, but society is becoming overly ‘politically correct’ to the point where telling the ‘truth’ takes a backseat to being ‘polite’ – for fear of ‘offending’ anyone.

This is only pt. 0 in my series, as I will illustrate over time, the countless acts of pussification that exists in the world, and even in my life time. Everything will be touched on from, profession, education, relationships, to politics … the stink of pussification is strong (pun intended).

.:: d.b

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