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tan(007) – The ISO Dated Shell Toes

Designed by: creatyves

Year/Month/Day, a drag, Adidas

Not to go on a tangent but …

There exists the ISO: The International Standards Organization. There primary role is to place standards for certain processes, services, and products. In the insurance, medical, financial, and educational fields there are thousands of errors that occur due to the misreading and/or misunderstanding of Date fields. For the date fields they can go Year/Month/Day, Day/Month/Year, Month/Day/Year, and with the latter two, you can only really know the format if the Month/Day or Day/Month has a number greater than 12. And every organization has their own date format – why? Could there not be a standard universal agreed upon format that everyone followed? For some, its always a mental game of trying to figure out what the format is, and its just really annoying and unnecessary.


Dragging Feet
In the literal sense. I hate when people at work or the mall or the street are walking and drag their feet on the ground. They make a unique annoying sound due to their lazy limbs not being able to take full steps off the ground. Is it really that hard to take your punk a– feet off the ground and walk properly? These lames, man, you can hear coming a mile down the road as the graze, rub their feet barely off the ground – you know if you had somewhat decent shoes, you would take more pride and conserve the grip on the sole for your shoes. Chumps.

Designed by: frcarneiro

Shell Toe Adidas
This will be quick and sweet. Adidas makes some very simple and clean shoes, I have several pairs that I have accumulated over the years – such as the shell toe (I have at least 3 pairs, all different colors). But why are Adidas shoes designed for the flat-footed individual? Can anyone explain to me the advantages of that? The advantages of designing a shoe that many people do not fit? The natural curvature of the foot is arced and rounded, not flat. I don’t have any more to rant about concerning this; Puma, Nike, Reebok all have shoes that are designed for the foot’s natural arc, and I don’t know of them to have any flat-footed shoes.

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Erykah Badu – Honey

Erykah Badu – Honey

I gotta give Ms. Badu some shine because every time she comes out she reinvents the wheel and brings a unique and distinct sound to the game. Only problem this time around is that the music industry is in a black abyss of sh*t, and GOOD music like this may not get the respect that it deserves. I wonder if BET will play this? I can’t imagine on what show, definitely not on 106 & Park.

Anyhow, album drops in February 26, 2008, check her out at http://www.erykahbadu.com

Support good music.

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