Why they are the way they are

Why they are the way they are
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It has been said that black women have an attitude.

Not only do they have attitude, but they are opinionated, calculating, and have a low tolerance for … just about anything.

They move swiftly throughout; strong & defiant to get what they want.

You dare not argue with black women because you will lose; even if you are right, trust me, you will lose some other way.

We have classified black women as Bitches; because their opinions clash with our alpha-male persona.
We call them hood rats because their Fathers have abandoned them and have forced the single-mother to fend for themselves with a dependent(s) in a decaying environments.
We objectify them in pop culture as video vixens that are only as relevant as their ‘assets’ or their willingness to please others (RE: Karine ‘Superhead’ Steffans).
We call them hoes as a way to characterize their promiscuous lifestyle, but for men, that same promiscuity is revered & receives adoration.

So, I get it. Black women will drive you crazy; they will be pesky, vocal, and confrontational. Black women don’t put up with shit – they deserve better & will not settle for less.
So yeah, the attitude is there, but is a manifestation of how they have been treated over generations; they have been shitted on forever, but are now doing the dumping.

And that is why they ‘are’ the way they ‘are’.

.:: d.b

4 thoughts on “Why they are the way they are”

  1. First, I must commend you on taking the time to try to understand the psychology behind black women’s behaviour. While I agree with you that black women can have a bit of an attitude and tend to have very strong personalities, I disagree with your reasoning behind it. Black women have been put down by society, be it through patriarchy, racism, and even worse by their own kind – black men. However, historically speaking, black women have always been strong women with voices (raised in song since the days of slavery). In today’s society, black women are educating themselves, thus helping them to develop high self esteem and subsequently a voice within society. As such, they refuse to settle for anything less than they deserve because they’ve had to work twice as hard for everything. So no, black women aren’t angry and bitter and “doing the dumping now” but rather we are doing what they’ve always done – raising our voices – through a different medium called EDUCATION!

  2. Right on some points, such truth, but Now Brothers know this now and they are mad now. So now we have the Irresistable force(BlkMen), an the Immovable object(BlkWomen), about to Clash. So how much better do you think things are going to get now? I am a Brotha who has been on both sides of this War, and I’ll say this, I educated, good job, nice house, growing business, and Im gonna sit back and just watch the fireworks as I side step ppl playin there games, and pick from the best what life has in store for Me.

    Last how about we try being Proactive, instead of reactive, might work, because being there after the fact really cant help after the damage is done.

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