Exercise w/ Elephant Man

Get in shape with the Energy God, Elephant Man

Fun Times & Working Out Bahd

2007 was all about the dance/rap gimmick; tons of rappers came out with a one-hit wonder accompanied with a catchy dance. This didn’t really work out for the artists (exception may be Soulja Boy with Crank Dat) as they will be back on the block hustling in no time.
However, Elephant Man represents the dancehall reggae scene that has used dances as a gimmick in their music for years — since the early 90’s. Whats funny about this is that he is trying to bridge the gap between dancehall dancing & exercise … kind of a cheesey attempt, but stranger things have worked.

Fan dem off …

.:: d.b

One thought on “Exercise w/ Elephant Man”

  1. Wow, this video is so funny.. But honestly if you double up the dance moves it can be a good work out…

    your health is your wealth ….

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