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Royskopp – Happy Up There

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Royskopp – Happy Up There

Royskopp is an electronic music duo hailing from the Norweigian region of the world, so I am guessing that is Norway.  Kanye West latest album 808’s & Heartbreak is definitely influenced by the sound of Royskopp and their fusion of electronic house music and hip-hop music.  Royskopp first became known to me in that funny Geico commercial with the Caveman, anyhow Royskopp seems to be dropping something this year and here is the latest video, pretty unique and creative.

And here is the very funny Geico Commercial with the Royskopp hit ‘Remind Me’

White Jewish NYC rapper disses Obama, Luda

E-Shy disses Obama, Ludacris

This is an interesting video, or a collage of images/videos with an audio track layed over it from a NYC based white Jewish rapper, E-Shy goes in on Obama’s policies, Obama’s deflection from the issues, and makes a strong argument to why he shouldn’t be president. Of course, like all rappers, E-Shy attacks Obama’s manhood, and even goes after Michelle Obama. Its good to see hip-hop getting political again.

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Nas ft. Keri Hilson – Hero

Nas ft. Keri Hilson – Hero

Universal must be very happy with this song because it is a single that they can actually promote and market – not saying that the new album for Nas titled ‘Untitled’ is bad; its just too geo-political-socially charged that I have a hard time seeing Universal Music Group pushing a lot of marketing dollars behind Nas’ latest effort.

This song features Keri Hilson (Timbaland fame) and is produced by Polow Da Don – hit producer of such hits for Rich Boy, Young Buck, Young Jeezy, and others. Nas’ albums usually don’t have big time producers such as Polow as Nas likes to go for the grimier, dark, and more somber beats.

Of course we all know that Nas was suppose to name his album ‘Ni****’ but that would be too hard to get retailers such as Wal-Mart and HMV to go along with such a bold and emotionally-charged word. To check out the ‘Ni****’ mixtape though featuring some album tracks and other material, download it free here:

DJ Green Lantern & Nas

Nas drops ‘Untitled’ on July 15, 2008 and is no doubt to continue to spark debate and dialogue …. which hip-hop is supposed to do.

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BET on Mute

Random thoughts:
at the gym the other day, trying to get my work-out on. So, I am on the exercise machine and I am watching various mute channels on the multiple TV’s that are overhead of these machines. On one TV, a rerun of CSI Miami was intriguing, another TV had CNN with the daily fear-fuelled news, but what caught my eyes was the TV showing some hip-hop music video on BET. No all of these TV’s were muted; no sound emitting – which is an important fact in all of this. The particular music video on BET was your derivative content for the average hip-hop song; ice-flashing, booty shaking, hood themed, and of course the new crave — the obligatory regional dance. This one in particular was the ‘snap dance’.


What was shocking was that with no sound emitting from the tube, to attempt to correlate meaning to the visual mess in the music video, the music video seemed almost comical — even amusing. Without sound, the people gyrating, and jumping around looked so funny, and even asinine. I guess sound, at least attempts to give the viewer a sense of meaning to what is going on in the video — and even in the presence of sound, most music videos on BET look ridiculous. So imagine, how when other cultures view BET who do not understand the language or culture …. they must be laughing and having a good time watching the perception of black culture.


Thus, try watching BET with no sound … get the popcorn out.


Can we really be mad at BET for this? I don’t know …..