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UCN: 4 Types of Rappers

Another sketch for Urban Comedy Network, written & produced by me; I got the idea while trying to figure out how many different types of Rappers are in my ‘Heavy Rotation’. I actually came up with around 7, but logistically, I could of only filmed 4, and plus, I didn’t want to do all that editing. Maybe a part 2 will be on the horizon.

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Manoj: India’s Elite Telemarketer (mockumentary)

India’s ‘The Office’

A very funny spoof of outsourcing in India as ‘Manoj’ takes the viewer on a mockumentary on his business and lifestyle in India. This video takes some cues from the popular TV show ‘the Office (U.S. & U.K. version), and adds an Indian flavor to it – while also touching on the outsourcing issue as many American corporations put their call centers in India.
I put this video up (besides the fact that is funny & intriguing) is that I had an idea which was similar to this a couple of years ago, and I still think, if written and presented properly, this idea would be a hit. Something for you striking Hollywood writers to think about on your laptops in Starbucks.

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