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Black Superheroes

The Black Superheroes

Yes, they do exist, and have existed since the 1960’s or so – the first popular black super heroes such as ‘Falcon’, and ‘Black Panther’ were introduced to cater to different audiences that were emerging. Jumping forward, the most popular adaptation of a Black Superhero would have to be Will Smith’s portrayal of Hancock released in 2008. And with Hollywood’s fascination of imaginary worlds and characters, the releases of the Iron Man series, X-Men, Avatar, and Transformers, have resurged the comic book industry – whom we once thought was dying, but is surging as they are adapting their content to new mediums (such as Apple’s iPad).

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The Mighty Thor
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The Falcon: The First Black Superhero by Marvel comics in the 1960’s

Black Panther
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For more information check out: http://www.blacksuperhero.com

Defining an Era or Error: Timbs

The Hip-Hop Utility Boot of our Times

Timbs, Timbos or Timbies

The utility boot that was originally designed for hiking and mountaineering, is probably more popular for its usage and wear in hip-hop culture. Since the mid 90’s, the Timberland boots have been a staple in hip-hop culture – from the young Mobb Deep due of Havoc & Prodigy walking Queens, NY in their Timbs in Shook Ones, to the current female video vixens that rock cute pink Timbs, Timberland boots help to define the hip-hop era. You can simply look at a Timb and know what year, or what trend was popping around that time. I always wanted a Timb in high school, but couldn’t afford the high price – I know have one, and I always revert back to it for snow/rainy weather. You can tell the success of a product when the good ‘ol bootleggers in China try to start selling knock-offs, and when there are many imitation brands (pointing at YOU ‘Lugz’, are they still around?).

The Custom Joints
With a popular brand, comes the demand for custom designs to your product – mostly by third-party sources. Here are some interestign ones:

The Dead Presidents Timb


The Designer Timb


The Louis Vuittion Timb

The Scottish Timb

The Full House Timb

Overall the Timberland line has flourished in the past 10 years or so opening many retail stores throughout North America and the U.K., and have grossed yearly revenue sales that have climbed into the billions.  Another brand that has benefited off of hip-hop culture – hope they give back.

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Marge Simpson Playboy Cover

Beyond 2D Imagination

Playboy’s smartest move

Marge Simpson will be on the cover for the November 2009 issue for the iconic magazine Playboy. One way to generate interest into a dying medium & publication is to blur the lines of reality – so kudos to Playboy for accomplishing buzz and pushing the imagination of many to actually contemplate what is under that green dress (insert joke here). This issue can spawn Playboy’s competitors to think of other crazy issues, such as Cartman’s mother from South Park in Hustler, or even Lois from the Family Guy — the sky is the limit.

Here are also some other interesting derivations of the iconic cartoon mother

Designed by Elton Pot

Designed by Strike Force

Designed by Steve PR


Defining an Era or Error: Nintendo


Being an “80’s baby”, the original Nintendo system was a staple in every kid’s home; I still recall the day that I got it – it was christmas, and I was up for several hours playing Super Mario Bros & Duck Hunt. I recall learning the special cheat codes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Super Mario 3 and other games. You have to give Nintendo some credit for popularizing the video game industry and by pushing change & innovation; not only in technology, but in popular culture. Way back in the 80’s, Atari was actually the first home video gaming system, but was vastly archaic, Nintendo introduced a system that was cheaper than the Atari, inexpensive, and had a bunch of fun & interactive games. From the 80’s to the current era, Nintendo has sustained the competition with the defunct Sega console, and even the Microsoft X-Box, and Sony Playstation. And now with the Wii, Nintendo has redefined the gaming experience and even though the X-Box and Playstation 3 has faster processors and better visual graphics, Nintendo is the leader because of the interactivity the Wii has as it immerses the video game player into the actual game. An interesting fact is that the actual company Nintendo has been around since 1889, dabling in various ‘playing game products’, such as the Nintendo Playing Card Company before launching into the video game industry in the mid 70’s with the release of Donkey Kong, and the first generation Nintendo system in the early 80’s.

Donkey Kong Arcade Video Game
Popular arcade video game introduced to North America in 1981, surprisingly to my knowledge, was also the first introduction of ‘Jumpman’ – now known as ‘Mario’

Super Mario Bros 3
Released in 1990, one of Nintendo’s most successful game ever … much better than that sh*t that was Super Mario 2, right???

Definitely Nintendo is not an error in our culture, they have become a household brand that has provided with fun & entertainment experiences that have shaped our personalities.

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Ads are now watching You


Ads are now watching You

Measuring Advertisement Effectiveness

Starting in January in Japan, an advertising firm will place an interesting piece of technology above an advertisement in a public place.   NTT Communications will use a system to track the effectiveness of ads; a representative said that the system will “… automatically measure the effectiveness of the advertisements we can put a camera and PC nearby, and by using the image from the camera we can estimate how many people are looking at the monitor.”  With facial recognition technology, the system can detect how many people are actually engaged with the advertisement; which is an interesting concept because up to now, advertising rates were based on estimated viewership/traffic in a certain area, this technology could easily change how advertising rates are structured because now, advertising agencies can actually measure the effectiveness of an ad, and can now give accurate number on how many people actually were engaged with a specific advertisement.  The privacy groups will cry foul saying that this is another example of ‘Big Brother’ watching over us, which they may have a valid point, but as long as the technology is only being used to detect faces, and not being transferred to government agencies for other uses, then I say that the technology should flourish as it gies a whole new dynamic to measuring effectiveness of advertisements.

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Social Non-Conformances, ‘bust de dance’

”Bust de Dance’

Please let me know that I am not the only one that does this.

At times when I am at work, I have to use the elevator to go to various departments, usually when I use the elevator, it is empty.  And once I step in, its my own space – for that 5-15 seconds of seclusion, I sometimes feel the need, desire, want to ‘act a fool’.  My foolish behaviors manifest itself in several ways:

1. If I am not holding any documents, I want to dance.
2. If I am holding documents, I try to rhyme; using the words I see in the elevator (i.e. ‘Fire Exit’, ‘In case of emergency’, etc.)
3. If the conditions of number 1 hold true, but yet I don’t want to dance, I like to box, or practice ‘air boxing’

I would hope that I am not the only one that behaves in such a way in the elevator, personally I don’t think its that bad, definitely it is a bit weird and unorthodox.  That small amount of time in the elevator, and my unorthodox behavior is probably a good release exercise of all the stress, bullsh*t, and politics that I have to deal with in my 9-5, and in my personal life; it gives me a chance to ‘let loose’ (briefly), and do something without the worry of being criticizied, punished, or admonished for. 

Quite actually, it could be said that what I do is somewhat therapeutic – because almost instantly when the elevator door chimes, and the metallic steel doors open, I smile; partly laughing at my own actions, and partly preparing myself to handle the challenges that will arise.

Anyone does anything similar in the elevator?

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