Social Non-Conformances, ‘bust de dance’

”Bust de Dance’

Please let me know that I am not the only one that does this.

At times when I am at work, I have to use the elevator to go to various departments, usually when I use the elevator, it is empty.  And once I step in, its my own space – for that 5-15 seconds of seclusion, I sometimes feel the need, desire, want to ‘act a fool’.  My foolish behaviors manifest itself in several ways:

1. If I am not holding any documents, I want to dance.
2. If I am holding documents, I try to rhyme; using the words I see in the elevator (i.e. ‘Fire Exit’, ‘In case of emergency’, etc.)
3. If the conditions of number 1 hold true, but yet I don’t want to dance, I like to box, or practice ‘air boxing’

I would hope that I am not the only one that behaves in such a way in the elevator, personally I don’t think its that bad, definitely it is a bit weird and unorthodox.  That small amount of time in the elevator, and my unorthodox behavior is probably a good release exercise of all the stress, bullsh*t, and politics that I have to deal with in my 9-5, and in my personal life; it gives me a chance to ‘let loose’ (briefly), and do something without the worry of being criticizied, punished, or admonished for. 

Quite actually, it could be said that what I do is somewhat therapeutic – because almost instantly when the elevator door chimes, and the metallic steel doors open, I smile; partly laughing at my own actions, and partly preparing myself to handle the challenges that will arise.

Anyone does anything similar in the elevator?

.:: LibM ::.

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  1. U are not alone my brutha, I do it too. But I hate when I get caught or when someone comes in the elevator and u can tell that they heard u singing before the door opened lol

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