Defining an Era or Error: Nintendo


Being an “80’s baby”, the original Nintendo system was a staple in every kid’s home; I still recall the day that I got it – it was christmas, and I was up for several hours playing Super Mario Bros & Duck Hunt. I recall learning the special cheat codes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Super Mario 3 and other games. You have to give Nintendo some credit for popularizing the video game industry and by pushing change & innovation; not only in technology, but in popular culture. Way back in the 80’s, Atari was actually the first home video gaming system, but was vastly archaic, Nintendo introduced a system that was cheaper than the Atari, inexpensive, and had a bunch of fun & interactive games. From the 80’s to the current era, Nintendo has sustained the competition with the defunct Sega console, and even the Microsoft X-Box, and Sony Playstation. And now with the Wii, Nintendo has redefined the gaming experience and even though the X-Box and Playstation 3 has faster processors and better visual graphics, Nintendo is the leader because of the interactivity the Wii has as it immerses the video game player into the actual game. An interesting fact is that the actual company Nintendo has been around since 1889, dabling in various ‘playing game products’, such as the Nintendo Playing Card Company before launching into the video game industry in the mid 70’s with the release of Donkey Kong, and the first generation Nintendo system in the early 80’s.

Donkey Kong Arcade Video Game
Popular arcade video game introduced to North America in 1981, surprisingly to my knowledge, was also the first introduction of ‘Jumpman’ – now known as ‘Mario’

Super Mario Bros 3
Released in 1990, one of Nintendo’s most successful game ever … much better than that sh*t that was Super Mario 2, right???

Definitely Nintendo is not an error in our culture, they have become a household brand that has provided with fun & entertainment experiences that have shaped our personalities.

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