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The Influenced Economy

The Influenced Economy

Sourced from Adweek:
Social media specialist Vitrue, which aids brands in building their customer bases on social networks, tried to put a media value on such communities.
The firm has determined that, on average, a fan base of 1 million translates into at least $3.6 million in equivalent media over a year.

This translates to the fact that the more followers and/or fans that you have on social networking sites, the more leverage or value one possesses. Which in turn suggests that advertisers should pay more for an ad on a profile page with 1 million followers, than a profile page that has 5,000 followers – creating an advertising economy of scale based on influence.   Seems like we are in high school all over again, but this “Influenced Economy” may be a viable way for social media companies to actually start making money, and have a real business model.

Sources: http://www.adweek.com

Marge Simpson Playboy Cover

Beyond 2D Imagination

Playboy’s smartest move

Marge Simpson will be on the cover for the November 2009 issue for the iconic magazine Playboy. One way to generate interest into a dying medium & publication is to blur the lines of reality – so kudos to Playboy for accomplishing buzz and pushing the imagination of many to actually contemplate what is under that green dress (insert joke here). This issue can spawn Playboy’s competitors to think of other crazy issues, such as Cartman’s mother from South Park in Hustler, or even Lois from the Family Guy — the sky is the limit.

Here are also some other interesting derivations of the iconic cartoon mother

Designed by Elton Pot

Designed by Strike Force

Designed by Steve PR


Adidas Fly House Party

Adidas Ultimate House Party

The full-length video of the Adidas House Party featuring everyone from Run DMC, Russell Simmons, Missy, David Beckham, Method Man, Redman, Kevin Garnett, Estelle, Young Jeezy, and of course classic and fresh Adidas shoes. This is the full-length commercial, not the 30-second chop up that you see on your regular TV channels. Only one thing, has anyone ever been to a fly house party like this? I recall all my house parties been barely full, and not having that much style, but I still had fun in the ‘bashment jams’ … my West Indian Caribbean people will not what I mean!

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