Alternate iPhone App Stores

Touch My Apps

For all those that have jailbreaked iPhones and want to explore the further capabilities of their device, check out:

More and more of these stores are appearing to loosen Apple’s monopoly on the control of applications, and to increase the amount of applications that are available, but have been refused entry into Apple’s iTunes store. Apparently, Apple rejects many apps on a daily basis for a multitude of reasons, and if you are a software developer, it can be frustrating to be always getting rejected.

Artists’ Emo Energy

Emotional Energy

Ever wonder why you are just attracted to a certain entertainer? Even if they have lacklustre skills? Above average skills? One of the key components that one can rock to a ‘Soulja Boy’ and a Kanye West, is the fact that these artist’ bring something more than lyrics and beats – emotional energy. Really it is emotions that is transformed into energy, that is then absorbed by the audience. When you get chills after hearing a song by Kanye or Tupac, its partly because the emotions that they breathed on the track was so energetic, potent, that it sent a chill down your body. When Soulja Boy yells ‘Youuuu’, you know that you gotta move; these artists’ energy, through songs, brings you INTO the song so that you can experience what they are saying. You get the vantage point of the artist, Tupac brings you to the Oakland blocks, Kanye takes you on an acid trip in hip-hop electro music, and Rick Ross takes you on a ride in Dade County. Once I understood the concept of emotional energy, it built my ideal that there is a reason why certain artists exceed:

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes
One of hip-hop’s best live performances



Lyrically gifted; very potent MC, but will never go anywhere because his bars lack feelings

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli
A grassroots, social minded MC, very lyrical, but lacks emotional energy.

Kanye West

Kanye West
Pretty much the emotional energy of a Busta Rhymes, taking down a notch, and the lyrical skills of a Talib; the Louis Vutton Don gets it in; even though he is very arrogant.


Was very hot in the late 90’s with mindblowing lyrics, but lacked energy to sustain the masses

You know, it is kinda funny that maybe emotional energy can be tied to the overall intelligence of an audience; for example, very lyrical rappers rarely make it to superstar status because it takes a higher intellect to understand their lyrics.  Yes, you may be saying that Lupe and Kanye are the exception, but these artists only broke the fold with emotionally charged singles – Lupe’s ‘Superstar’, and Kanye’s ‘Jesus Walks’.

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Direct to the point

Direct Sales

Respect the Customer

Sales is one of the world’s oldest traditions. Salesman are persuasive individuals that attempt to get you to buy a product or service. Sales can be split into sub-categories ranging from buying a product/service to buying into an idea. When buying into an idea, it is best for the salesman to get straight to the point; don’t sell dreams and hopes or the American Dream. Especially now with this broken economy, salesman will use all sorts of tactics to prey on susceptible individuals.  So my advice, especially when dealing with intelligent people, get straight to the point – we want the bread and butter, cut the filler.  If an idea is solid, we will see it, if it’s loose, then we will tell you where to go.

So for you people involved in MLM’s, retail, insurance sales, here are some tips for you all to incorporate into your sales schema’s and pitch’s so that you won’t waste people’s time:

  1. “WHAT HAVE I DONE TODAY TO GENERATE BUSINESS FOR TOMORROW”Before the highly successful saleperson leaves their office for the day, they will repeat this quote to themselves. Whatever type of daily organizer or appointment schedule you use, you need to look at it prior to leaving your office and make sure that you have activities on the books for tomorrow. For example, you will have scheduled confirmed appointments on the books, or you will have sales contracts to write, or you will have prepared a list of clients to call on your call back list, etc… This will double or even triple your personal production.
  2. “MY INCOME IS IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE SERVICES I RENDER TO OTHERS”Highly successful salespeople delivers exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale. By giving your clients exceptional customer service, they will be more willing to refer you and your company to their friends, family, and co-workers. Thus dramatically increasing your referral business. We all know that referrals are the #1 internal marketing vehicle. So, by memorizing this quote, you will have more satisfied customers and also dramatically increase your income due to the increased referral business.
  3. “THE MOST POWERFUL INGREDIENT IN BUSINESS IS POSITIVE MOMENTUM, GET IT AND KEEP IT”The “big MO” is something that all successful salespeople find, build and maintain at ALL times. In order to get and keep positive momentum, there are some areas that you need to avoid. Some of these areas are negative people, bad business decisions, costly advertising mistakes, poor time accountability, and blaming others for your failures. Positive momentum is developed first and foremost by your ATTITUDE. Conceive your business strategies, believe in your business strategies, and then go out and achieve your business goals.
  4. “IN ORDER TO WIN A MAN/WOMAN TO YOUR CAUSE, YOU MUST FIRST MAKE A FRIEND”This is just plain old sales 101. Before anyone buys anything from you, they must first like you and trust you. Before they like you or trust you, you must be a friend to them in their eyes. Always remember that the client is buying you, not your product. So once they are your friend, they will buy anything from you. Also, this quote will greatly help you in your personal life as well.
  5. “THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WISE PERSON AND A FOOL IS THAT THEY BOTH FACE THE SAME CHALLENGES, THEY BOTH MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES: THE WISE PERSON LEARNS FROM THEIR MISTAKES”We will all make mistakes in business and that’s alright. Just don’t continue to make the same mistake over and over again. For example, a fool is a person that constantly arrives to work late everyday, or constantly misses their weekly/monthly sales quota, or is constantly running the same advertisement every month but the telephone never rings from that particular advertisement. In order to become a wise person, it takes constant focus on all of your decisions regarding any business or sales issue.
  6. “YOU CAN’T DO THE SAME THING EVERYDAY AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT”As professionals, we are either moving forwards or backwards in life, we are NEVER standing still. Highly successful salespeople constantly strive to move their careers forward, thus producing more appointments, sales, income, and professional career advancements. If for whatever reason you find yourself moving backwards, you need to refer to Quotes #1, #2,#3,#5, and #7.
    KNOW SALES, KNOW MONEYSales is a learned respones. The more knowledge and information you can obtain pertaining to sales, the higher your income will be! Individuals that state that they are a born salesperson, is nonsense. To become highly successful in sales, it takes a tremendous amount of time to read as many sales books as you possibly can, or attending as many sales seminars that you can, or listening to tapes or CD’s in your car on the way to work so you can constantly continue to educate yourself on sales. I can assure you that your competitors top salesperson is constantly building his/her library of knowledge of sales material, are you? Once you “know” sales, you will “know” money because your knowlegde is greater, your attitude is stronger, and your self-confidence is bullet proof!


I am sure, hopefully, that most of you all are doing this, but when your customer is directly asking you the ‘straight goods’, act like UPS and deliver.

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Stretching Thin


Stretching Thin

Staying on the equilibrium path of momentum for the Yuppy; CAUTION, challenges ahead, usually from within

The Yuppy goes ‘hard’, our lives is a constant balancing act as we try to maintain a steady equilibrium of forward movement. Some of us have vices that we use to sustain the movement; alcohol, drugs, avoidance, detachment, and we think that this will stretch our movement. However this is counter-productive thought, our vices usually are a quick fix for us to escape our fears, insecurities and problems which are probably interfering with the forward movement that we are desiring to achieve. Being self-aware of such a fact, and taking a hard look at your inner self can make one realize potential hazardous behaviors. I am not saying that social drinking is not acceptable, but if after every stressful event in your life, you cope with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, then one is creating a dangerous dependency.

Personal relationships can be the worse as we may not be able to enjoy the company of others (our family, friends, loved ones). Sometimes yuppy’s are so passionate about their own projects, their agenda, that they can’t relate to others’ accomplishments and stories. It’s like our sister and brothers can be telling us something about their day that they find interesting, and we will show an attitude of of un-interest and nonchalant behavior. Appreciating others may be a first step in appreciating our own selves and accomplishments.

In all, the Yuppy goes hard, and the Yuppy has a lot to deal with. A lot of pressure and stress can come from various sources, and how we deal with them ultimately defines how far we will go, and at what cognitive/physical/social expense.

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Adidas Fly House Party

Adidas Ultimate House Party

The full-length video of the Adidas House Party featuring everyone from Run DMC, Russell Simmons, Missy, David Beckham, Method Man, Redman, Kevin Garnett, Estelle, Young Jeezy, and of course classic and fresh Adidas shoes. This is the full-length commercial, not the 30-second chop up that you see on your regular TV channels. Only one thing, has anyone ever been to a fly house party like this? I recall all my house parties been barely full, and not having that much style, but I still had fun in the ‘bashment jams’ … my West Indian Caribbean people will not what I mean!

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Life 101: Taxes, not pissing off authority

Life 101

Taxes, Leasing, and Not pissing off the man

There are many things that we learn in high school that we probably will never utilize in our adult lives; like Geography, History, Chemistry, Biology – unless you plan to to practice in one of those disciplines, chances are, the information will be useless to you. However, there are some things that I thought about that we all need to learn no matter if you are just going to start working after high school or are planning post secondary education.


This whole Western System is essentially designed for people to support the government. We go to school to equip us with the skills to work, and as we work, we pay taxes to the government, which in turn the government uses to provide social services. So, if taxes are going to be something that we are going to have to do until the end of our lives, why don’t we provide a mandatory tax preparation course so that we all can get a better idea to fill-out those retarded difficult forms.

So many young adults get pulled into the idea that Leasing is so easy; I know many who lease everything from their cars, apartment, electronic equipment, et cetera. Leasing fulfills the appetite of those people that ‘must have’; they must have the latest car, technology, fashion, and the like. But most don’t understand compound and principal interest that are key elements of leasing agreements. If people learned about what ‘leasing’ really comprises if, then we can probably reduce the amount of young adults who go into debt or have their items repossessed because of debt.

How to NOT piss off the Man:

If you are black or Latino, listen up here. This should definitely be taught like every year of High School; especially for males. The ‘Man’ in this term is for the law enforcement officers, and the golden rule is ‘respect’. When you are pulled over, whether you feel it was warranted or not, just answer the officer’s question with common courtesy and respect. Using vulgarity and having a rude attitude will get you nowhere.

I am sure there are other Life 101 skills that need to be a mandatory component of high schools, if you have any ideas, share your thoughts.

Tip What? pt.4: When to tip

Table of contents for Tip What?

  1. Tip What?
  2. Tip What, Pt 2
  3. Tip What? pt.4: When to tip


Tip What? Pt. 4 – When to Tip

Only on vacation

This is the fourth or fifth installment of my rant against the social practice of ‘tipping’ – usually I have accounted my experience of my reluctance to tipping.  Many have said that I am cheap, inconsiderate, lacking sympathy, and other colorful descriptive language – my whole thing is that tipping should be an act of voluntary goodwill; it shouldn’t be a forced act.  As many people feel that they HAVE to tip – I subscribe to no thought.
However, in some instances, to ensure one’s safety at times, I do believe that you have to tip.  What are these instances you may ask?  Well its not at your local restaurant or diner, tipping should only feel mandatory when one is abroad in a foreign land.

When in a resort destination like Cuba or Mexico, or any other tropical place, it is wise to tip the Bell Man and the hotel cleaning staff.  In some places, the hotel staff can’t take money, so it is wise to give gift bags of everyday items such as toiletries, pencils, pens, socks, anything usually that can be found at your local dollar store.  It is good to treat these staff well so to lower the probability that they will rob you and tipping the bell man, can usually lead to good intel on the happening spots.

That’s about it.  No need to tip the taxi driver driving you from the airport, no need to tip local restaurants on your vacation, no obligation.  As a rule of thumb when dealing with service industries, don’t be an A-hole when dealing with people that prepare your food or upkeep your room.

Well, until the next installment, don’t expect a tip from me when you see me in the restaurant … because you may be shocked when I do.

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Royskopp – Happy Up There

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Royskopp – Happy Up There

Royskopp is an electronic music duo hailing from the Norweigian region of the world, so I am guessing that is Norway.  Kanye West latest album 808’s & Heartbreak is definitely influenced by the sound of Royskopp and their fusion of electronic house music and hip-hop music.  Royskopp first became known to me in that funny Geico commercial with the Caveman, anyhow Royskopp seems to be dropping something this year and here is the latest video, pretty unique and creative.

And here is the very funny Geico Commercial with the Royskopp hit ‘Remind Me’