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That gets a ‘pass’ … really?

Really? That gets a ‘pass’?

Social Causes for Alarms that are not alarms

I like how we as a society, are very upset and vocal at such news stories and figures like the AIG fiasco; where after billions and billions of bailout money, and causing this economic meltdown, AIG gives out millions of dollars in bonuses – and the public is outraged. I am sure many of us want to go to the barn and get pitch forks and burn down the financial institution; this is an example of acceptable rage and anger toward an institution and/or individual. Essentially, the public doesn’t want AIG to get away with this behaviour or ‘get a pass’; like, oh ya, that is acceptable behaviour, because you know, they are AIG. That logic is not flying, so thinking about that, there are many examples of where some people, situations, events are ‘getting a pass’; the real meat & potatoes of such newsworthy events are not being reported or contested.

For example, this whole ‘Chrianna’ issue (Chris Brown & Rihanna) is finally getting around to talking about relationship abuse, but not enough dialogue is going on about the effects of witnessing or being the victim of childhood abuse – as those that witness abuse growing up, are more likelier to abuse their spouse when they are adults (i.e. Chris Brown).

Snoop Dogg

One of the game’s most influential rappers, a pop culture icon, but let’s be real – how is a self glorified pimp being able to go on Martha Stewart? Snoop has produced successful porn videos, rolls with Bishop Don Juan, smokes copious amount of marijuana, and he gets to speak at the 2009 Nation of Islam march? Its like America said, “Oh, its just Snoop Dogg, that is his thing”, which would lead some to suggest that since Snoop has been presenting his image for over 15 years or so; his longetivity of his image grants acceptance. I mean, I ain’t hating on Snoop, but I can’t believe that he gets a ‘pass’ in this ‘politically correct’ society, he has even been on the ‘The View’ – the most liberal ultra-feminist show.

Snoop on the ‘View’

Dr. Phil/Oprah

Encouraging weight loss is a noble idea, really. Americans are the most obese nation on the planet, I mean I live in Canada, and whenever I am in Anywhere, U.S.A., a small drink size, looks like a large to me. However, in all persuasive messages coming from a communicator, credibility is important – in terms of weight loss, Dr. Phil, Oprah, are not credible. People are more likely to believe someone, believe the message of what they are saying, if such communicator embodies the traits to which they are expressing.

Lil Wayne kissing Baby

How can the ‘greatest rapper alive’ get a ‘pass’ for kissing another man? Remember when he kissed Baby, and his justification was that Baby is like his father, but even if you talk to most Fathers that have sons, they stop kissing their sons after a certain age … well before puberty. In a realm like hip-hop, that is very No-Homo, the hip-hop community has seem to given a ‘pass’ to Wayne, really?  Maybe Canibus was right when he talked about the Gay Rapper wrecking havoc on the game.  Talk about getting hoodwinked, and now Wayne is supposedly the ‘greatest rapper alive’ with his drug, syrup infested raps.

Kudos to Jon Stewart who recently scolded CNBC for being complicit in this global financial meltdown, he didn’t let them get a ‘free’ pass, but it may be telling of media when someone who is a comedian, is really handling hard-hitting stories that real journalists should be investigating.  Some things seem out of context to me at times, and we sensationalize the WRONG aspects of a story or an event.

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Artists’ Emo Energy

Emotional Energy

Ever wonder why you are just attracted to a certain entertainer? Even if they have lacklustre skills? Above average skills? One of the key components that one can rock to a ‘Soulja Boy’ and a Kanye West, is the fact that these artist’ bring something more than lyrics and beats – emotional energy. Really it is emotions that is transformed into energy, that is then absorbed by the audience. When you get chills after hearing a song by Kanye or Tupac, its partly because the emotions that they breathed on the track was so energetic, potent, that it sent a chill down your body. When Soulja Boy yells ‘Youuuu’, you know that you gotta move; these artists’ energy, through songs, brings you INTO the song so that you can experience what they are saying. You get the vantage point of the artist, Tupac brings you to the Oakland blocks, Kanye takes you on an acid trip in hip-hop electro music, and Rick Ross takes you on a ride in Dade County. Once I understood the concept of emotional energy, it built my ideal that there is a reason why certain artists exceed:

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes
One of hip-hop’s best live performances



Lyrically gifted; very potent MC, but will never go anywhere because his bars lack feelings

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli
A grassroots, social minded MC, very lyrical, but lacks emotional energy.

Kanye West

Kanye West
Pretty much the emotional energy of a Busta Rhymes, taking down a notch, and the lyrical skills of a Talib; the Louis Vutton Don gets it in; even though he is very arrogant.


Was very hot in the late 90’s with mindblowing lyrics, but lacked energy to sustain the masses

You know, it is kinda funny that maybe emotional energy can be tied to the overall intelligence of an audience; for example, very lyrical rappers rarely make it to superstar status because it takes a higher intellect to understand their lyrics.  Yes, you may be saying that Lupe and Kanye are the exception, but these artists only broke the fold with emotionally charged singles – Lupe’s ‘Superstar’, and Kanye’s ‘Jesus Walks’.

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Ironies in Hip-Hop

Image source by: http://godelite.deviantart.com/

Ironies in Hip-Hop

An ‘Irony‘ is a literary or rhetorical device, in which there is an incongruity or discordance between what one says or does and what one means or what is generally understood. Irony is a mode of expression that calls attention to the character’s knowledge and that of the audience; it can be said that hip-hop music uses many literary devices as rappers use vivid and colorful language to paint a canvas; the brush used is a combination of blunt dialogue, metaphors, simile’s, syllabic rhyming, and cross textuality references.  However, the culture itself – the artists behind the music, and the lifestyle, presents some interesting irony; everything from lines in songs, to certain artists making business decisions, to events that have transpired.  Hip-Hop definitely presents some interesting ironies such as:

Tupac dying while being signed to Death Row Records

Notorious B.I.G. making a song on his last album called ‘Going back to Cali’

Lil Wayne being the biggest artist in the game

50 Cent being very rich

Eminem being White (there are no white M&M’s)

OutKast having commercial success

T.I. (really T.I.P.) got arrested and convicted because of a tip to the authorities

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The Financial Times of Rappers

The Financial Times of Rappers
Virtues: financial responsibility, planning, guidance 

Let’s see how the ‘Greatest Rapper Alive’ handles his money:

Here’s a snippet from The Smoking Gun:
According to a lawsuit filed last month by businessman LeMarck deAndre, Lil Wayne (real name: Dwayne Carter) agreed to pay at least $120,000 for the repair and refurbishment of a 1999 Bentley, which is pictured below. However, after the 25-year-old rapper belatedly paid $78,000 for work on his ride, deAndre contends, Carter refused any further payments. deAndre’s December 18 Alameda Superior Court complaint, which you’ll find here, charges that Carter owes nearly $80,000 in fees for the storage of the burgundy Bentley, which apparently was going to be shipped from northern California to Louisiana, home to Carter and Cash Money Records, the label Carter headed until last year.

So what’s Wayne’s reason for not paying? deAndre says he never gave him one and people in Cash Money stopped answering his calls. But interestingly enough, Wayne was negotiating a publishing deal for several hundred thousand dollars around the same time he had this $120k+ worth of work done to this car. So, in typical Lil Wayne behavior, he was spending money he didn’t have yet. And it backfired. Peep the 7 page complaint for damages here. Interestingly enough, I’m also told that the Bentley was originally a gift from his “Daddy” Baby and was signed over in Dwayne Carter’s name. Why Baby gave Wayne a Bentley he had to pay the bills on himself is beyond me…but not surprising. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne is threatening to blame this whole incident on his managers, but his managers say Wayne frequently ignored their advice and/or just didn’t tell them about his purchases.

d.b says:
Well, if this claim is true, it will just be another example of how the young, rich, and powerful are not financially astute. It could also say that these artists’ have a circle around them that are not looking out for their best interests. Or, it could be that these artists’ are just stupid and even though they are presented with the education and skills to manage their money, they are mentally unequipped to handle such a capacity.

The ‘Best Rapper Alive’ may need the best ‘Debt Consolidation’ Agent alive.

.:: d.b ::.

Importance of Media Training, ex. 1

Importance of Media Training, ex. 1
Case: Lil Wayne

In a recent interview in Blender magazine, a little gassed off the success of his single, ‘lollipop’, Lil Wayne said the following:

“I don’t do too many (drugs). I just smoke weed and drink. But I’ll never f**k with no more coke. It’s not about the bad high; it’s just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I’m a pretty boy.”

Media Training is very important – it helps artists not sound like ignorant individuals, and helps artists from looking dumb and un-intelligent. I can just imaging that Wayne’s publicist must’ve had heart palpitations after hearing the quote. Lil Wayne says in this quote, don’t do drugs, not because it could possibly kill you, but don’t do it because it can cause acne on your face.

Remember, the whole point of interviews is to leave a favorable impression for your fans & potential fans. Not to come off as an ignorant mofo.

.:: d.b