Nu American Gothic

American Gothic

A little something to expand your art horizons and to coincide with the ‘Halloween theme’, as per Wikipedia, American Gothic is a painting by Grant Wood from 1930. Its inspiration came from a cottage designed in the Gothic Revival style with a distinctive upper window and a decision to paint the house along with “the kind of people I fancied should live in that house.”  The painting shows a farmer standing beside a woman whose identity remains ambiguous; she may either be his spinster daughter, as explained by the artist’s sister, or the farmer’s wife. The figures were modeled by the artist’s dentist and sister. The woman is dressed in a colonial print apron mimicking 19th century Americana and the couple are in the traditional roles of men and women, the man’s pitchfork symbolizing hard labor, and the flowers over the woman’s right shoulder suggesting domesticity.

It is one of the most familiar images in 20th century American art and one of the most parodied artworks within American popular

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Racists or A-holes?

Racism or A-holes

Gross ambiguity in ascertaining motivation

How we interpret events really depends on our perception; which is developed over time through experiences.  When we feel that we are ‘wronged’ or we are suffering some sort of injustice from our neighbors, ‘the man’, teachers, other authority figures – sometimes the only conclusion that we can arrive at to explain why people are treating us in a certain way can only be explained by ‘hatred’.  This ‘hatred’ though is ambiguous as it may be colored through ‘racist’ or ‘asshole’ goggles.  Ok, your probably not following, so let me paint this with examples:

The guy in this video is clearly an asshole, it is quite evident. Now, if you were the doctor, and you were black, some may interpret this as the guy not being an ‘asshole’ but a ‘racist’ – to explain why he is behaving so badly.  Essentially, you would have no choice to come to a conclusion such as that – this is why ‘context’ is so important and can lead to so many implications.

Many Cry

Thus many of the cries I hear from people in their attempt to describe authority figures like Cops, Teachers, bosses, etc. may be a mis-diagnosis — they are probably just assholes more so than racists.   To be an asshole usually suggests that one is not happy with themselves, and they take out their frustration on any and everything out there.   These people are rude, abrasive, and very self-centered – also mix in some condescending behavior and sarcasm, and you have an ambiguous person that can either be labelled a ‘racist’ or an ‘asshole’, depending on the context of the situation.

I guess if you find yourself dealing with an individual that you think may be an ‘asshole’ or a ‘racist’ … in the end it may not really matter how you label him; it just matters that you deal with the situation accordingly – if that means walking away or addressing it directly.  Just don’t let a false ‘labeling’ of such behavior fuel your anger to make you do/say something that you may regret – because then you may end up as an asshole yourself.

Check out the Asshole song by Denis Leary (90’s) here

Jasiri X – Blackface

Jasiri X – Blackface

Just getting caught up on Jasiri X as he is capturing the essence of how this thing called hip-hop got started; that is by reporting on the issues that affect the black/urban community via rap. Apparently he has weekly music videos that are a summation of the weekly events, this week in particular focuses on the re-emergence of ‘Blackface’ entertainment; as featured on CNN and YouTube.
Check out his YouTube channel here at

Masta Ace True Hip-Hop Stories: The Symphony

Rappers and their Ego

How an inflated ego opened the door for a new jack MC in ’88 called Masta Ace

Rappers must have the biggest ego problem of all entertainers, yes many of your favorite actors/actresses are known to be major pricks and bitches, but I would think that rappers take the cake in the a-hole department. With the self-boasting, self-accolade, heavy bravado lyrics, rappers really believe that they are that ‘sh*t’; and treat others like they are their minions and peasants.

Anyhow, this story just goes to show how one’s ego can have a heavy cost.

MC Shan

Masta Ace

Though, MC Shan fell off in the 90’s, and Masta Ace remained relevant in the underground scene, both MC’s remain respectable rappers in hip-hop.

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Dot City – 187

Dot City – 187

Dot City is the group, 187 is the freestyle track, and Just Feelings is the movement – more on the movement later. But my part in this particular video is the Directing and editing – thanks to Rhoda of for the help with the camera. Using a bit of Premiere Pro and After Effects, I was able to capture the raw & grittiness of this potent freestyle track.

Song Credits:
Vocals: Mr. P & Streets
Group: Dot City
Director & Editor: Desmond Blackman

Let me know what you think, peace.

Social Sheriff – Action & Consequence

Action & Social Consequence

The Social Sheriff is still relevant, crucifying those that act out of line

Every action has a reaction, this guy thought he could kick a little kid – with no consequence; well, he got a ‘face-full’ of consequence … I mean, at least try to block the hit.

Now after you are done laughing, I have to say that this quite refreshing as Social Justice as reared its vengeful head on this supposedly ‘mature adult’ with the glasses. Yes, the boxer who boxed out the lame, in the eyes of the law, will probably be charged with some sort of assault. However socially speaking, the man that had the nerve and audacity to kick a little child should be charged with some sort of offense for even thinking of the thought that he could do such a thing and get away with it. Now, we don’t have audio in this clip, so we don’t know if there was any provocation or what verbal events lead up to the man doing such a thing – not that anything would explain his actions, but it would give insight into why he ‘did what he did’. And ‘what he did’, got him a swift box.

Many other people should take on the ‘Social Sheriff’ role and ‘check’ people that get out of line, like:

Kanye West

Somebody should have gone up on stage, or just as Kanye was leaving the stage, and give him a swift box


They invade celebrities privacy, cause disturbances, and remind me of cockroaches when the lights go on – some celebrity needs to get out the ‘RAID’.

Those that watched

This era of ‘Instant Social Media Popularity’ has desensitizied the youth; as many youth in Chicago watched, laughed, and even filmed a brethren, a human being, get killed. Then such individual(s) thought it would be cool to share it on YouTube. In this instance, I’m pretty sure you can figure out what the Social Justice would be ….

Wrapping it up and going back to the beginning of this rant, let’s be thankful that guys like the overhand throwing man in the animated gif at the top still exist to protect those that can’t protect themselves, and who stand for something.

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Art imitating Life

Art imitating Life

How TV can learn from the social media realm

The Life Event

The wedding of Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz starts with a quality entrance dance to Chris Brown’s Forever…yeah, forever. It took place at a Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The Art

This scene comes from Season 6 of the U.S. version of the Office show; as they make no attempts to deny the idea for this wedding dance sequence as they reference the popular Youtube clip that has over 2 million views, and I am sure that many more views of the real wedding were spawned since the airing of this episode.

I have to give The Office kudos for having the courage to take ideas from the social media world, which in turn increases the popularity of the show online and offline.

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