Masta Ace True Hip-Hop Stories: The Symphony

Rappers and their Ego

How an inflated ego opened the door for a new jack MC in ’88 called Masta Ace

Rappers must have the biggest ego problem of all entertainers, yes many of your favorite actors/actresses are known to be major pricks and bitches, but I would think that rappers take the cake in the a-hole department. With the self-boasting, self-accolade, heavy bravado lyrics, rappers really believe that they are that ‘sh*t’; and treat others like they are their minions and peasants.

Anyhow, this story just goes to show how one’s ego can have a heavy cost.

MC Shan

Masta Ace

Though, MC Shan fell off in the 90’s, and Masta Ace remained relevant in the underground scene, both MC’s remain respectable rappers in hip-hop.

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