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Tangent numero 2

Important Info for the Media at Breakfast

Important Information
I get a lot of mail; most of it are bills and/or statements, the rare occasion I will get a cheque from the government for like $40 (woo-hoo!). Thus, I usually allow the mail to sit for a couple of days as it does not bring me any excitement. From time to time I will be tricked into opening something instantly; as I may think that it actually has something beneficial for me – you know those envelopes that are very vague in nature, “Important Information”, or “Time Sensitive Material”. And I guess is the hope that something meaningful will be inside the envelope – but it never is, it is always some dumb credit card offer or a chance to join some dumb club for ‘exclusive discounts’. Whenever you see something that says ‘Important Information’, it rarely is not.

It is the most important meal of the day that we all should make time for, but it always seems we are running late and never have time to eat a real breakfast. We may grab a Yop, those nutrigrain bars just to tie us over, but we all know that isn’t enough. After the hour commute, most times I get to work hungry, and the whole day I am eating a meal behind; my lunch is making up for my breakfast, dinner for lunch, et cetera. We could buy breakfast on the go (McD’s, Timmy’s, cafeteria), but we all know that if that is done a daily basis – it adds up, and multiplies. And taking a little extra time in the morning to make those eggs or oatmeal, can make a big difference – in our wallets and our tummies.

Media and Pandemics
This whole swine flu thing needs to be really put into perspective; A) it is not a new virus, it has been around since 1930, though relatively dormant until now. B) In the event that it does swing out of control, there are sufficient quantities of the vaccine to treat people. C) In comparison to the average Influenza flu that millions of people get each year, and of which 30,000 die annually in the U.S. – this swine flu has only claimed a few people in Mexico, and 1 infant in the U.S. So let’s not panic, and let’s return back to the real news story – the troubling recession. I am sure the Obama administration is enjoying this break from the media critiquing its economic stimulus packages and recession policies.


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(tan)001 – 100 days, protocol, half-sick

(tan)001 – 100 days, protocol, half-sick

Tangents: My favorite part of the day, as I gotta speak on all the cognitions running amuck in my head …

Being half-sick is never fun; it is not the sickness that takes over your whole body, and causes you great discomfort or pain, but it still is a pain in the *ss. Been running around with some allergy-like symptoms: runny nose, scratchy throat – which all cause you to feel tired and drained of energy. And this can not come at a worst time when one is trying to meet so many deadlines. I got to rate my immune system somewhat – I never really get sick in the winter, but as soon as we start transitioning to spring, the pollen, the bees, the spring-like conditions, always get to me and I come down with something. Only in the recent years have I begun to even take allergy pills to combat it; but, rarely helps.

Protocol, protocol, protocol
Just found out that I owe a lot of money in overdue fees – $36 worth. That is not the shocking part (even though it is still shocking), but over a period of a month, I have been borrowing a book from my school’s library, and allegedly I have returned the book late, and every time it is late a $3.00/hour charge has been levied upon me – this must have happened over 5 times. My beef is, after the first offence, wouldn’t it make logical sense to say, “Hey, you have some outstanding fees on your card”, rather than let it get to $36? Well, safe to say, I will be fighting this, as the library staff should make people aware that they are racking up fines.

100 days
I guess these are some very important times, because every major newscast is planning a ‘special’ on the President’s first 100 days – CNN has stepped up to the plate with acquiring a lot of black journalists, Fox News is … well … is Fox News – they do what they do. Overall, he has hit the ground running hard, and has done the best he has with the cards dealt to him. Obama has had some faux pas: the joke about the special Olympics on Leno, flip-flopping on going after the Bush Administration on torture policies, and of course the ‘bow’ to a Saudi Prince, but in all, it is way too early to assess the effectiveness of his policy, let’s wait a year or so. I mean, based on how the nation feels about the last 8 years, anything Obama done will be praised as ‘much better’, that is why his approval rating is still so high, the honeymoon isn’t over.

No time handling hands for you – you are not equipped for time handling duties
Yes again, I am writing about time, not in trying to ‘find more time’, but to ‘manage time’. When people say, ‘Oh, I don’t have time’, that literally means they don’t want to do it – and I myself, was almost saying to a fellow peer of mines when he was trying to get me to do some Producer-esque tasks (when I wanted to do more technical ish), and I realized that it was a cop out. For instance, if he had said to me, “Ok, do these tasks, and I will pay you $10,000”, you best believe my tune would have jumped a few octaves and would not illicit a reluctant response. But I guess we all need to find our motivation, because it is the motivation that turns ‘time’ into a friend from a foe.


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Iron Fatigue

Importance of Iron

The ills of Iron deficiency

Fatigue is one of our worst enemies – it causes us to lose energy and motivation to complete tasks, enjoy company and/or entertainment. For the Yuppy, this fatigue may be onset due to long hours, high temperature, physical activity, or stress. Any or a combination of these symptoms, mixed in with irregular eating, can lead to decrease functioning. So, you may have an iron deficiency, which can be described as; a reduction in hemoglobin, which is the key factor in providing oxygen in the blood stream. Not having the required amount of oxygen in the blood stream causes the lethargic, fatigue feeling that some may experience on a daily basis.
Here are some common symptoms
– irritability
– weakness
– shortness of breath
– low blood pressure (especially when going from lying or sitting to standing)
– sore tongue
– brittle nails
– unusual food cravings (called pica)
– decreased appetite (especially in children)
– headache
To correct iron deficiency, one could take iron supplements (pills) that are available at your local pharmacy without prescription OR you can change your diet to include foods with plenty of iron. Meat, fish, poultry are all good sources of iron, and for the vegan crowd, legumes and dark-green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale and oriental greens are especially good sources of iron. Of course after a change in your diet, and you still notice that you have fatigue, and it may be an iron deficiency, you should contact your local physician.

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Phases of the Migraine

Phases of the Migraine

Different phases of pulsating pain
Phases of the Migraine

The Yuppy, Nerban, bum, herb, dude, trick may differ in their values and characteristics, but they all are exposed to mental strains – the stress of the world, mixed with a lack of sleep, with a sprinkle of annoying mofo’s, can be the recipe for concurrent migraines. You know what a migraine is; the heavy feeling in your head, the throbbing, occurs when you really don’t need it – when you have to focus on an important task, when you are in the company of loved ones, or when you are at work. Migraines have the ability to affect our mood, and subsequently our behavior. Upon reading, I found out that there are different phases of migraines that can attack us:

Prodrome phase
Prodromal symptoms occur in 40–60% of migraineurs (migraine sufferers). This phase may consist of altered mood, irritability, depression or euphoria, fatigue, yawning, excessive sleepiness, craving for certain food (e.g. chocolate), stiff muscles (especially in the neck), constipation or diarrhea, increased urination, and other visceral symptoms. These symptoms usually precede the headache phase of the migraine attack by several hours or days, and experience teaches the patient or observant family how to detect that a migraine attack is near.

Aura phase
For the 20–30% of individuals who suffer migraine with aura, this aura comprises focal neurological phenomena that precede or accompany the attack. They appear gradually over 5 to 20 minutes and generally last fewer than 60 minutes. The headache phase of the migraine attack usually begins within 60 minutes of the end of the aura phase, but it is sometimes delayed up to several hours, and it can be missing entirely. Symptoms of migraine aura can be visual, sensory, or motor in nature.

Pain phase
The typical migraine headache is unilateral, throbbing, moderate to severe and can be aggravated by physical activity. Not all of these features are necessary. The pain may be bilateral at the onset or start on one side and become generalized, and usually alternates sides from one attack to the next. The onset is usually gradual. The pain peaks and then subsides, and usually lasts between 4 and 72 hours in adults and 1 and 48 hours in children. The frequency of attacks is extremely variable, from a few in a lifetime to several times a week, and the average migraineur experiences from one to three headaches a month. The head pain varies greatly in intensity.

Postdrome phase
The patient may feel tired, have head pain, cognitive difficulties, “hungover”, gastrointestinal symptoms, mood changes and weakness. Some people feel unusually refreshed or euphoric after an attack, whereas others note depression and malaise. Often, some of the minor headache phase symptoms may continue, such as loss of appetite, photophobia, and lightheadedness. For some patients, a 5 to 6 hour nap may reduce the pain, but slight headaches may still occur when standing or sitting quickly. Normally these symptoms go away after a good night’s rest.

Now the remedy part to ‘alieve’ migraines, I usually go with the common-sense theorem; don’t do the things that are taxing to your body (i.e. not sleeping well, not eating properly, etc.), but that is better said than done – especially with the ambitious and simple-minded alike. There are the over the counter drugs like Aspirin and Tylenol, but I am not really a proponent for drugs because though they may help, one may develop a dependency on it that may be detrimental. And further, one is not solving the precipitating problem, but just allowing a mechanism to cope. Thus, the experts suggest that one way to significantly lower the frequency of migraines is to do physical activity for at least 15 minutes a day – its funny, it seems that excursive/vitality is the remedy to most ailments, yet we never find time to do so, and that is why a good 2/3+ of the U.S. population is obese – go figure. Sexual activity is also another viable way to decrease migraines – I am sure the fellas will subscribe to that … and it may even lead to an increase in men reporting migraines.

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True story:

A carrier pigeon in Colombia gave new meaning to the term “jailbird” when officials discovered that it was trying to smuggle cell phone parts into a high-security prison, a news report said.

The carrier pigeon has Colombian authorities concerned there may be a new way to smuggle goods into prisons.

The bird was carrying the contraband on its back in a little suitcase, the Caracol news outlet said Monday.
source: CNN.com

Let no one say that criminals are not innovative and creative people; they obviously just have a hard time channeling their skills to non-criminal acts. Hustlers will always find a new, innovative way to do something better, faster, more effecient, or in this case – without detection from ‘the man’.

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Guide to Music: Flobots

Guide to Music: Flobots

Alternative Hip-Hop gets picked up in the mainstream

Flobots are an Alternative Hip Hop band from Denver, Colorado, formed in 2000. To date, they have released two albums (counting Onomatopoeia) and one EP. Flobots found mainstream success with its major label debut Fight with Tools (2007), featuring the single “Handlebars”, which became a popular hit on Modern Rock radio in April 2008.


Gotta give it up to this alternative hip-hop group for being on a major label (Universal Music Group) and focusing on real lyrics.  Support real hip-hop and not that bullshit on the radio!

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Uncanny Flashbulb memories

Uncanny Flashbulb memories

A flashbulb memory is a memory created in great detail during a personally significant event, often a shocking event of national or international importance. These memories are perceived to have a “photographic” quality. The term was coined by Brown and Kulik, who found highly emotional memories (e.g. hearing bad news) were often vividly recalled, even some time after the event.

Now of course we all can recall where we were when our loved one’s died, birth of our children, Princess Di dying, Sept 11, 2001 Terrorists attacks; pretty much any monumental event throughout history – we have an uncanny ability to recall exactly what we were doing when we learned of such information. The memory is usually very clear and precise, which makes me wonder/wish why I can’t recall other things that were pivotal in my development. I am sure you all can relate that you wish you could recall things more clearly because it would either help your current situation at the extreme, and at the minimal, it would put a smile on your face – either or, it would give you more understanding.

So here are what we probably all wish were flashbulb memories:

The first time we got our mack on

The first time we realized someone was flirting with us

First time we realized that we can tell when someone is talking B.S.

Too bad we can’t create our own original flashbulb memories …

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Guide to Music: Jay Electronica

Guide to Music: Jay Electronica

That real music that you missed isn’t gone, its just harder to find …

Jay Electronica is a rapper and producer known for his use of percussion-less film soundtracks as a background for raps, his abstract lyrical style, and his associations with Erykah Badu, Just Blaze and Nas. He produced the first track, “Queens Get the Money”, on the 2008 Nas album Untitled. The unconventional nature of much of his music, and the lack of conventional release methods for that music, have since 2007 made him the object of much attention. He is perhaps best known for the piece of music Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge).

Eternal Sunshine

Renaissance Man

Posers feat. The New Royales … BIG TUNE!

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O’Reilly defends Palin and the Right over Eminem lyrics

O’Reilly defends Palin over Eminem lyrics

What is interesting about this is that O’Reilly goes in a tirade about liberal attacks on the right by using a song by Eminem (who does not subscribe to liberalism). Trying to make a mountain of a mole – only thing he is accomplishing is generating more buzz for Eminem. Only been 80 some odd days and the right is losing their mind over their loss of power.

Increments in Time


Increments in Time

Another one of my rants on ‘time’

I am sure if we all could better manage our time, we would be more productive individuals in all facets in our lives. But this fine art is hard to grasp by many; even I have trouble sometimes (shocking). I can’t tell the many of times were I had a schedule with someone and they were late – not by like 5 minutes, but by like 15 minutes to an hour. At first thought, I thought that the type of people that I am dealing with (i.e. Music artists, entertainers) they did this to be ‘fashionably late’ – yes there are some people like that, and to those, I would like to give them a ‘fashionable kick’ in the head, but violence is frowned upon, generally. But then, I noticed that many people that I encounter that were not in the entertainment field, were just as tardy; poor punctuation. So rather than classifying such people as narcissistic pricks, maybe they just interpret the perception of time differently than I. Perfect segue to how we ‘perceive time’.

Time can be defined as a component of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects. Different individuals may judge an identical length of time to be passing at different rates. Commonly, this is referred to as time seeming to “fly” (a period of time seeming to pass faster than possible) or time seeming to “drag” (a period of time seeming to pass slower than possible). The psychologist Jean Piaget called this form of time perception “lived time”.

I would go a step further and suggest that time feels like its ‘dragging’ when the mind is not stimulated; i.e., your at a boring job at work, and the day just seems to drag on – you keep wishing that it would end as fast as possible, or a fire alarm would be pulled. When the mind goes into ‘routine mode’, the area of the brain that handles processing and thinking shuts off, and one becomes dormant. However in contrast, in a highly stimulating job that forces one to always process different trains of thoughts, time would ‘fly by’. As I always try to compare things to the Yuppy, when the Yuppy essentially finds it hard to turn off the ‘switch’; even in relaxed modes, the Yuppy gets agitated; as he/she conjures up ways to increase and improve their efficiency in their projects – that is why, with most Yuppy’s, life seems to fly by. Yuppy’s always complain that they can’t get things done; wishing they could add more hours in the day, or they try to extend the day by using energy supplements. Either way, time is a universal standard of measurement, but the perception of the value of time (and how we use time) is susceptible to individual interpretation … which explains why people are so out of sync with each other.

And sadly, until we all perceive time similarly, I will continue to wait for clients …