Iron Fatigue

Importance of Iron

The ills of Iron deficiency

Fatigue is one of our worst enemies – it causes us to lose energy and motivation to complete tasks, enjoy company and/or entertainment. For the Yuppy, this fatigue may be onset due to long hours, high temperature, physical activity, or stress. Any or a combination of these symptoms, mixed in with irregular eating, can lead to decrease functioning. So, you may have an iron deficiency, which can be described as; a reduction in hemoglobin, which is the key factor in providing oxygen in the blood stream. Not having the required amount of oxygen in the blood stream causes the lethargic, fatigue feeling that some may experience on a daily basis.
Here are some common symptoms
– irritability
– weakness
– shortness of breath
– low blood pressure (especially when going from lying or sitting to standing)
– sore tongue
– brittle nails
– unusual food cravings (called pica)
– decreased appetite (especially in children)
– headache
To correct iron deficiency, one could take iron supplements (pills) that are available at your local pharmacy without prescription OR you can change your diet to include foods with plenty of iron. Meat, fish, poultry are all good sources of iron, and for the vegan crowd, legumes and dark-green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale and oriental greens are especially good sources of iron. Of course after a change in your diet, and you still notice that you have fatigue, and it may be an iron deficiency, you should contact your local physician.

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