Simile vs Metaphors

Similes vs. Metaphors

No matter what your opinion is on the current state of hip-hop; whether we are in the ‘golden era’, or the ‘trash era’, one thing is for sure – hip-hop displays a fondness for literary devices, specifically that of simile’s and metaphors. Thinking about it, no other genre uses as much different metaphors & simile’s throughout a song – though, the abstract depth and reasoning behind the literary devices may vary across genres. Which is why, to ‘get’ hip-hop; you really have to listen and have knowledge to comprehend what the rapper is talking about – well, that used to be the old rules.   Here is where it gets murky (in my opinion), metaphors have an edge over simile’s in that it requires more thought and knowledge to process – a simile just likens object A to object B, and usually uses the operand word ‘like’ to indicate the comparison. Whereas metaphors those the same thing almost, except the objects are concepts, which when it is compared, creates new meanings and inferences. The underground rappers are known to favor the frequent use of metaphors in their songs – while mainstream rappers do not use them as much.

So with that, the question is posed, does usage of devices indicate the rapper’s intelligence and/or the intelligence of their audience? One component of music, successful music, is its ability to connect with the audience – there is a reason why known lyricists like Talib Kweli, Canibus, Joe Budden, and a slew of other talented MC’s never get those big budget marketing dollars. While, rappers like Drake, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, pretty much get anything they want in terms of marketing dollars for videos, tours, etc. The blatant anomalies that have walked the fine line, the tight rope act of ‘dumbing it down’, but not too much to lose the ‘real hip-hop crowd’, would have to be Eminem, Nas, and Jay-Z; who have openly admitted that they had to ‘dumb down’ their lyrics in order to remain on their respective major labels. So is it the usage of literary devices determine one’s audience? Would using a bunch of simile’s get you a Joe Budden audience? Would using a bunch of metaphors get you a Gucci crowd? I believe the answer is ‘NO, like the opposite of ‘YES’, as their exist a correlation between commercial rap/underground rap and similes/metaphors – just listen to a commercial track, and there is no deep thought behind it. Your brain will not work overtime to process; commercial rap songs are very sing-songy, like a nursery rhyme (see, I just made a simile!). Let’s take a look at some popular songs from Lil Wayne and Joe Budden:
Joe Budden – Broken Wings

Drake, Lil Wayne – I’m Going In


Some difficulty with these popular usages of simile’s are that one has to understand the reference – that reference is usually from pop or hood culture, but besides that, nothing else. And maybe, that is what music should be – a passive experience that is soothing, relaxing, comfortable. Because I mean, after a long day of work/school, do you really want to explore abstract concepts and ideas? I mean, that is like running a track backwards in a race – you will always lose, right?

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The LifeStraw

The LifeStraw

A look at a device used for water filtration – in the size of your hand.

LifeStraw includes LifeStraw and LifeStraw Family, which are complementary point-of-use water filters designed by the Swiss-based Vestergaard Frandsen for people living in developing nations and for distribution in humanitarian crisis. Most recently, LifeStraw and LifeStraw Family have been distributed in the 2010 Haitian earthquake and 2010 Pakistan floods. LifeStraw filters a maximum of 1000 litres of water, enough for one person for one year. LifeStraw Family filters a maximum of 18,000 liters of water, providing safe drinking water for a family of five for up to three years. It removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.9% of parasites. LifeStraw removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites.


The principal maker of the LifeStraw is Vestergaard Frandsen, check them out here.


DJ Miss Kittie

DJ Miss Kittie

House/Electronic DJ out of Toronto doing big things.  Came across her sets, and had to give respect and props for her blends and mixing abilities.  The Dot is filled with gems of talent like this.  Back in the day, the females never used to represent on the 1’s and 2’s but that is all changing as there are many DJ’s that are just as good, if not better than the dudes.

Check her out at and check out the mix below.
kit-n-wesson by DJmisskittie

Anti-BP Imagery

The BP Oil Spill – Looking back

Soon a year will pass after the devastating BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The affects were grave as people lost lives, and the environment was destroyed (water, animals, vegetation). As with most public outrage, comes creative forms of expression to ‘show what you feel’.

Powerful statements and feelings expressed through images; lets hope this tragedy is a ‘teachable moment’ for all involved – greedy corporations, corrupt governments, and unfortunately the wildlife and people affected.


Lebron James Fan Art: Then and Now

Via wirestyle

LeBron James Changing Fan Art

Its interesting how you can go from a fan favorite, to most hatred almost instantly; especially for the sports athlete elite whom are paid ridiculous amounts of money to shoot a cylindrical ball into hoop with mesh. LeBron James of the Miami Heat is a good case study of how fan art can change almost over-night from adoration to bitterness.

Via Cotovelo

Via Rizzla76

And the transition begins ……

Via PoopsMcGeee

– This one is almost ‘coonish’
Via Jubhubmubfub

— I guess as an athlete you got to have thick skin … or piles of money to deal with all the ‘hate’.

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Catching Air

Via um0p3pisdn

Up There

Snowboarding looks like fun, but its something that I haven’t tried surprisingly – being that I hail from Canada; you know, home of the igloos, mounties, snow, and subtle racism. But after checking some of these great snowboarding digital images, I may have to visit a ski mountain or two and see if I can ‘get down’ by getting ‘up’ on these snow hills (yes, that pun was that witty).

Sonic Gets Live
Via NetRaptor

The Retro Snowboarder
Via YSR1

Via miniDEM0N

FlyCade @ G6Media

My High Style Editing - Custom Lambo and BW movie scene-

A Wizard at Work

Local Toronto Graphic Designer/Artist/Wizard Hasani showcases some of his illustrations.  Full Portfolio at  After looking at some of his work, you realize that composition & retouching is an artform; reserved for purely for artists – and Hasani IS that artist that teaches and shames your favorite graphic artist.

Follow @flycade


– now thats a ‘Dream Girl’


Jessenia Vice

– Ms Jessenia Vice

Check out Hasani at


Euro-Hop on Hip-Hop

The Euro Flava on Hip-Hop

2010 can probably be seen as the year of the ‘teaser’, where hip-hop got a little sugary taste of euro flavor. And the equivalent to the creepy guy that delivered the sugary snack was none other than Euro house star producer David Guetta. With chart-topping tracks for Kid Cudi, Estelle, Flo Rida, and Black Eyed Peas, other hip-hop and urban artists are taking note and realizing a new potential and opportunity. Some absolute truths exist with the euro market;
A) it is a big-ass market,
B) most Europeans already embrace the hip-hop culture

Thus, as hip-hop grows and continues its syntheses, 2011 will be the year of more and more songs embracing the Euro flava’. Rihanna just dropped a literal euro album, and everyone from Usher to Ne-Yo has singles in the works.
However, some of the hip-hop purists abd your general haters, have voiced some of their dis-taste for this evolution – citing it as ‘pop’, ‘euro trash’, and turning hip-hop into shit. What I think it is actually doing is tapping into a sub-genre that for some reaspn took very long for artists to explore. Hip-Hop has many Flavors, and this particular one will be somewhat on the pop tip; with mindless lyrics about club life, e-popping, and alcohol drinking rhymes, but isn’t it better than the current ‘club hip-hop’ trash of Wocka Flocka and other ‘hits’ that only talk about shooting and drug dealing? I guess I am referring to deciding between picking on one of the lesser evils, but from a societal standpoint, music laced with heavy degradation and negativity can’t be good. We are probably a long way off for clubs to be playing Talib Kweli or Immortal, but give me a euro-pop track with layering instrumental compositions with mindless lyrics, over bass-heavy coke-laced raps.

And really, life is all about innovation & progression, and that is what hip-hop has always done – I’m not saying that this sub-genre should dominate the artform, but it should be a viable repertoire in an artist’s weaponary and should be similied to ‘dirty South’, ‘west coast’ hip-hop style.

David Guetta feat Chris Willis, Fergie, LMFAO

Flo Rida – Club Can’t Handle Me ft. David Guetta

Cold Wintery Art

Winter Lust

The weather outside is definitely frightful, and inside is more than delightful; though some people’s insides are as cold as the terrain in the Yukon, but thats another analysis for another post. Here are some great designs that captures the essence of ‘Winter’ and ‘beauty’ from the Interwebs

Via elanordh

Via LeafOfSteel

Via KaanaMoonshadow

Via Tolkienmaster