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Michael Jackson Abstract fan art

Designed by WordLife 316

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

R.I.P. the King of Pop Michael Jackson (1958-2008), a lot of my current musical tastes, and even my moves in the clubs (when I get down) are heavily influenced by Michael. Some of the most key songs that I play when I hit those emotional states will be a MJ song; and listening to them this morning, I realized that how masterful those songs are – the Off the Wall album is very timeless as those songs don’t really sound old.  Everything from the vocal arrangements, the percussions, production, and to LYRICAL CONTENT, MJ was way ahead of his time – and today’s striving musician should take some music history lessons … its not hard, just listen to that album and you will be a better artist. 

Looking out at today’s average R&B/pop/hip-hop artist, it is clearly evident that Michael influenced them all. It is sad though to see the many flashbacks of Michael from childhood to adulthood; as a change is evident, and the ‘machine’ behind him & his rising popularity to iconic status – influenced him very muchso. He never really had a childhood; which as an adult, he grossly overcompensated – but with all the allegations and such, I truly don’t believe he did what was alleged, his heart and intentions were always in the right place – just by current social standards, his actions raised eyebrows.

So f— the haters, this weekend celebrate his life, his memories, and his message of world peace, and let the celebration continue forever.  So here is some great abstract fan art:

Designed by Felsus

Designed by PC Joe

Designed by Stalker1837

Designed by Carinat

Designed by Drawing Your Attention

A bit more about Michael and his accomplishments from Wikipedia:
In the early 1980s, he became a dominant figure in popular music and the first African-American entertainer to amass a strong crossover following on MTV. The popularity of his music videos airing on MTV, such as “Beat It”, “Billie Jean” and Thriller—credited for transforming the music video into an art form and a promotional tool—helped bring the relatively new channel to fame. Videos such as “Black or White” and “Scream” made Jackson an enduring staple on MTV in the 1990s. With stage performances and music videos, Jackson popularized a number of physically complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk. His distinctive musical sound and vocal style influenced many hip hop, pop and contemporary R&B artists.

Sales of over 750 million records worldwide, making him the world’s best selling male solo pop artist.

Thriller sold over U.S. 28 million copies

.:: R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Abstracted Fear

Designed by dholl

Priming Fear

How we interpret ‘fear’

Fear is an emotional response to threats and danger. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of pain. Fear can be described with different terms in relation to the degree of fear that is experienced. It varies from mild caution to extreme phobia and paranoia. Fear is related to a number of additional cognitive and emotional states including worry, anxiety, terror, horror, panic, and dread. As an individual emotional state, fear can affect the unconscious mind, where it can become manifested in the form of nightmares. Fear may also be experienced within a larger group or social network. In this way, personal fears are compounded by social influence to become mass hysteria – exactly what the media does. So I thought it would be fitting to show some several emotions and feelings that produce fear and how the media uses these tactics to deliver news:


by lonelypierot

Life seems to be about connections and relationships with family, friends, co-workers, lovers. The media does a good job of promoting this basic human ‘need’ of ‘not being lonely’ – with relationship studies, tips, and tricks.


by Uribaani

Always makes for a good news stories; news channels love showing protestors clashing with police, protestors getting arrested, throwing rocks – makes the protestors seem like the only way they can vent their frustration is through angry methods.


by Silvair

Lou Dobbs is classic for this, he will say something like “China just increase their defense budget by X amount of dollars”, and then questions their motive for doing such – creating uncertainty in the mind of the viewer of what China may be planning to do. When news channels report stories that seem to be very vague, they are almost doing it so the viewer can piece together the ‘implied correlation’, they create casual dots that force the viewer to draw the connections.


by b0nkers
News channels always love a good conspiracy story because it allows the viewers imagination to run wild. Imagine, just saying “talks were held between government officials from Iran and North Korea”, the automatic response thought turns to negative thoughts of weapons of mass destruction – when it could be trade.

Only through education, enlightenment, and empowerment can we see through the ‘fear’ and face reality.

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tan(002) – Important Info for the Media at Breakfast

Tangent numero 2

Important Info for the Media at Breakfast

Important Information
I get a lot of mail; most of it are bills and/or statements, the rare occasion I will get a cheque from the government for like $40 (woo-hoo!). Thus, I usually allow the mail to sit for a couple of days as it does not bring me any excitement. From time to time I will be tricked into opening something instantly; as I may think that it actually has something beneficial for me – you know those envelopes that are very vague in nature, “Important Information”, or “Time Sensitive Material”. And I guess is the hope that something meaningful will be inside the envelope – but it never is, it is always some dumb credit card offer or a chance to join some dumb club for ‘exclusive discounts’. Whenever you see something that says ‘Important Information’, it rarely is not.

It is the most important meal of the day that we all should make time for, but it always seems we are running late and never have time to eat a real breakfast. We may grab a Yop, those nutrigrain bars just to tie us over, but we all know that isn’t enough. After the hour commute, most times I get to work hungry, and the whole day I am eating a meal behind; my lunch is making up for my breakfast, dinner for lunch, et cetera. We could buy breakfast on the go (McD’s, Timmy’s, cafeteria), but we all know that if that is done a daily basis – it adds up, and multiplies. And taking a little extra time in the morning to make those eggs or oatmeal, can make a big difference – in our wallets and our tummies.

Media and Pandemics
This whole swine flu thing needs to be really put into perspective; A) it is not a new virus, it has been around since 1930, though relatively dormant until now. B) In the event that it does swing out of control, there are sufficient quantities of the vaccine to treat people. C) In comparison to the average Influenza flu that millions of people get each year, and of which 30,000 die annually in the U.S. – this swine flu has only claimed a few people in Mexico, and 1 infant in the U.S. So let’s not panic, and let’s return back to the real news story – the troubling recession. I am sure the Obama administration is enjoying this break from the media critiquing its economic stimulus packages and recession policies.


.:: LiBM ::.

O’Reilly defends Palin and the Right over Eminem lyrics

O’Reilly defends Palin over Eminem lyrics

What is interesting about this is that O’Reilly goes in a tirade about liberal attacks on the right by using a song by Eminem (who does not subscribe to liberalism). Trying to make a mountain of a mole – only thing he is accomplishing is generating more buzz for Eminem. Only been 80 some odd days and the right is losing their mind over their loss of power.

React or Respond?

Reaction vs. Responding

Spectrum of reasoning

I was listening to some talk show podcast, and they were debating the pros and cons of reacting vs. responding; at first I thought that they were pretty much the same in definition; a course of action after an event, but upon further research, the conceps are evolved. A reaction can be likened upon an impulsive action focused on a narrow part of the overall situation, usually to the exclusion of larger goals and objectives. Whereas a response can be defined as a wiser course of action that considers the complexities of people and circumstances; responses aims to accomplish goals based on a more through understanding of the whole situation.

Thus, it is safe to say that responding should be the ideal course of response for us mortals, however I believe, and I am sure that many of you probably agree, that we tend to react more than we respond. We fly off the handle, don’t take time to carefully think about the gravity of situations, and our reactions cause tension, animosity, and hate – from others. To give a medical analogy, consider a patient; the patient goes in to their Doctor for a follow-up visit – let’s say that the patient has improved since the last visit, the Doctor will say that your body is ‘responding’ to the treatment/drug. Whereas, if the patient visits the Doctor, and the patient is sick, the Doctor will say that their body is ‘reacting’ to some virus. Thus, this concept of reacting vs. responding can be compared to a negative vs. positive contrast or even further, it can be compared to degrees of reasoning. Many people in your lives who are hot-headed, easily tempered, it would be safe to say react to situations; while those who take time to deliberate the pros and cons, look at the glass both half-full and half-empty, are probably ones to respond to situations.

The classic and most modern example of reaction vs. respond is when President Obama ‘sonned’ a White House reporter in March 2009 when Obama was asked why he didn’t react sooner regarding the AIG fiasco; Obama replied “I like to know what I am talking about before I give a response”.

Take notes.

.:: LiBM ::.

That gets a ‘pass’ … really?

Really? That gets a ‘pass’?

Social Causes for Alarms that are not alarms

I like how we as a society, are very upset and vocal at such news stories and figures like the AIG fiasco; where after billions and billions of bailout money, and causing this economic meltdown, AIG gives out millions of dollars in bonuses – and the public is outraged. I am sure many of us want to go to the barn and get pitch forks and burn down the financial institution; this is an example of acceptable rage and anger toward an institution and/or individual. Essentially, the public doesn’t want AIG to get away with this behaviour or ‘get a pass’; like, oh ya, that is acceptable behaviour, because you know, they are AIG. That logic is not flying, so thinking about that, there are many examples of where some people, situations, events are ‘getting a pass’; the real meat & potatoes of such newsworthy events are not being reported or contested.

For example, this whole ‘Chrianna’ issue (Chris Brown & Rihanna) is finally getting around to talking about relationship abuse, but not enough dialogue is going on about the effects of witnessing or being the victim of childhood abuse – as those that witness abuse growing up, are more likelier to abuse their spouse when they are adults (i.e. Chris Brown).

Snoop Dogg

One of the game’s most influential rappers, a pop culture icon, but let’s be real – how is a self glorified pimp being able to go on Martha Stewart? Snoop has produced successful porn videos, rolls with Bishop Don Juan, smokes copious amount of marijuana, and he gets to speak at the 2009 Nation of Islam march? Its like America said, “Oh, its just Snoop Dogg, that is his thing”, which would lead some to suggest that since Snoop has been presenting his image for over 15 years or so; his longetivity of his image grants acceptance. I mean, I ain’t hating on Snoop, but I can’t believe that he gets a ‘pass’ in this ‘politically correct’ society, he has even been on the ‘The View’ – the most liberal ultra-feminist show.

Snoop on the ‘View’

Dr. Phil/Oprah

Encouraging weight loss is a noble idea, really. Americans are the most obese nation on the planet, I mean I live in Canada, and whenever I am in Anywhere, U.S.A., a small drink size, looks like a large to me. However, in all persuasive messages coming from a communicator, credibility is important – in terms of weight loss, Dr. Phil, Oprah, are not credible. People are more likely to believe someone, believe the message of what they are saying, if such communicator embodies the traits to which they are expressing.

Lil Wayne kissing Baby

How can the ‘greatest rapper alive’ get a ‘pass’ for kissing another man? Remember when he kissed Baby, and his justification was that Baby is like his father, but even if you talk to most Fathers that have sons, they stop kissing their sons after a certain age … well before puberty. In a realm like hip-hop, that is very No-Homo, the hip-hop community has seem to given a ‘pass’ to Wayne, really?  Maybe Canibus was right when he talked about the Gay Rapper wrecking havoc on the game.  Talk about getting hoodwinked, and now Wayne is supposedly the ‘greatest rapper alive’ with his drug, syrup infested raps.

Kudos to Jon Stewart who recently scolded CNBC for being complicit in this global financial meltdown, he didn’t let them get a ‘free’ pass, but it may be telling of media when someone who is a comedian, is really handling hard-hitting stories that real journalists should be investigating.  Some things seem out of context to me at times, and we sensationalize the WRONG aspects of a story or an event.

.:: LiBM ::.

Obama and ‘The Bradley Effect’

Let’s hope this effect is something of the past ….


The Bradley effect is named after former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, an African-American who ran for California governor in 1982. Exit polls showed Bradley leading by a wide margin, and the Democrat confidentially thought it would be an early election night. But Bradley and the polls were wrong. He lost to Republican George Deukmejian. The theory was that polling was wrong because some voters, who did not want to appear bigoted, said they voted for Bradley even though they did not.  “People will usually tell you how they voted after the election, but we found in the Bradley campaign … that people were actually not telling us who they voted for,” said Charles Henry, who researched Bradley’s election.

I hope for the best, but I always had this thought in the back of my mind – let’s pray that I am wrong and that America has changed, yes they are still a few of those Americans that think that Obama is a Arab & a Terrorist, but they all watch Fox News …. and their viewership is decreasing day by day.

.:: LiBM ::.

Where the beef should lie


Where the Beef Should Lie

Rappers, misdirection, media

Rappers constantly beef with each other, of all the other musical genres, hip-hop music has to have the most animosity amongst its artists. Rappers have gained a career (a la 50 cent) by dissing and feuding with other rappers and their respective camps, and of course, some rappers have also perished of beef (R.I.P. Tupac & Biggie). The causes and reasons for beefing are self-serving at best; it can be looked at an attempt for one rapper to gain notoriety for dissing another or it can stem from a real personal beef that began before the music. Lately, it has been the former, as many rappers will diss others so that they can get heavy rotation in the rumor mill and spill cycle – this usually happens just around the time when they are releasing an album. At times though, the reason for beefing can seem silly at best, some of these beefs include: 

– DFB beefing with D4L over who created the ‘Lean with it rock with it’ dance
* note: both groups are irrelevant

– Ice-T dissing Soulja Boy because he thinks he is corny

– 50 Cent dissing Ja Rule for singing on the tracks, but then 50 Cent makes a career of singing on tracks (’21 Questions’, ‘candy shop’, ‘ayo technology’)

– The rise of local/up and coming rappers jacking somewhat-established rappers (like Yung Berg), taking their jewellery, and showing such jewellery on YouTube
* note: YouTube jackings of rappers is a growing and alarming trend, rappers need to get their insurance game up!

Not one to condone beefing or dissing, but I think that rappers need to step up their game and take their dissing/beef to the next plateau; I mean verbally attacking a fellow rapper, saying that you are going to kill him, rob him, et cetera, is not that realistic – rappers should really be beefing with people that are detrimenting their community and society. Hip-Hop, in its childhood was heralded as a genre to address social issues and injustices, the classic song ‘The Message’, had a real message of how politics, media, and the government had left many inner city New York communities in perils.

Somewhere, along hip-hop’s progression, the pursuit of using music for ‘social messages’ subsided for the pursuit of material wealth. Well, if a rapper is going to ‘clap’ at anyone, it should not be his fellow brethren, it should maybe be somebody like:


Bill O’Reilly
The popular Fox News pundit has a successful show called the O’Reilly Factor, where the tagline is ‘No Spin Zone’, this guy has been described as a neo, fascist, racist, biased reporter – everything from calling Michelle Obama Barrack’s “Baby Mama”, to actually challenging rappers; O’Reilly made Ludacris lose a sponsorship deal with PepsiCo over O’Reilly’s rant of Ludacris and his questionable misogynistic lyrics.



Lou Dobbs
If I see another report on illegal immigrants from this guy, I will go crazy. Dobbs complains how jobs are being taken from Americans by migrant workers, but what he fails to realize most times that the jobs that are being ‘taken’ are the ones that average Americans will not do.

I think Kanye said it best in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but I have to give rappers credit – they have took jabs and shots at GWB, while more underground rappers have dedicated whole songs to his legacy. 

Besides this list, I am sure that rappers can find other sources for beef than another rapper that may or may not have stole their dance, swag, or jewellery.

.:: d.b ::.

Colorofchange.org vs. Fox News

Colorofchange.org vs. Fox News

Nas delivers Fox News a message to their headquarters. The message is a petitions signed by over 600, 000 people claiming that Fox News spews propaganda and has been racist to the Obama family and to African Americans. The prime target in this speech by Nas is that of popular Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly; O’Reilly and Nas had some beef before as O’Reilly got Nas barred from performing at a Virgina Tech memorial concert a few years ago – inciting that Nas was a ‘gangsta rapper’. So I am sure Nas jumped at the opportunity to stick it to O’Reilly.

Nas also disses Fox News and O’Reilly on his latest album ‘Untitled’ with the song ‘Sly Fox’

What is more alarming than Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, and the rest of the ‘reporters’ they have, is the fact that Fox News have a huge following, so Fox is effectively ‘supplying’ a ‘demand’. And if the ‘demand’ knows that the supply is fulled with hate/racist attitudes, then the ‘demand’ group really needs to be looked at it – and feared.

.:: d.b ::.

Importance of Media Training, ex. 2 "Effiminizing"

Importance of Media Training, ex 2 “Effiminizing

Bobby Brown recalling an encounter with Usher:

“When I walked into the party I ran into Usher and we immediately gave each other a hug. While he was holding me, he turned to the side and kind of put my neck in a playful choke hold and started squeezing me. I tried to tell him that I couldn’t breathe but he couldn’t hear me because the music was loud. It didn’t help that he was drunk. I was yelling, ‘yo, yo, yo let me go! I can’t breathe!’ He was excited to see me and he was just expressing himself with this gesture. He was so drunk he didn’t realize what he was doing.”

When you are a recording artist, your image is everything – it defines whom you are. With that said, it would be wise to always present a positive image about yourself, in this case Bobby Brown made an ominous mistake of trying to present a negative image of Usher, but in the same breath as Bobby Brown is presenting an image of Usher, Bobby comes off looking bad also. It can be said that Bobby Brown was the King of R&B for awhile before the Reality shows and the coke; Usher grew up on images of Bobby Brown and was no doubt influenced by him. Now, Usher can be viewed as the King of R&B, and it is kind of sad that Bobby Brown appeared to be helpless as Usher had in a ‘playful choke’. I mean, you want to have the appearance that you can hold your own and be a ‘man’ – but this situation has Bobby Brown looking like a real b*tch as he was pleading for mercy from the might ‘Usher’ … I don’t even want to get into the metaphorical symbolism that is laced in this incident. 

So for you new artists’ out there, especially the dudes, in your press interviews & sound bites, you want to come-off as a man that can stand on his own, not as a man that is pleading for help and comes off as effeminate … not a good look.

.:: d.b ::.

Importance of Media Training, ex. 1

Importance of Media Training, ex. 1
Case: Lil Wayne

In a recent interview in Blender magazine, a little gassed off the success of his single, ‘lollipop’, Lil Wayne said the following:

“I don’t do too many (drugs). I just smoke weed and drink. But I’ll never f**k with no more coke. It’s not about the bad high; it’s just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I’m a pretty boy.”

Media Training is very important – it helps artists not sound like ignorant individuals, and helps artists from looking dumb and un-intelligent. I can just imaging that Wayne’s publicist must’ve had heart palpitations after hearing the quote. Lil Wayne says in this quote, don’t do drugs, not because it could possibly kill you, but don’t do it because it can cause acne on your face.

Remember, the whole point of interviews is to leave a favorable impression for your fans & potential fans. Not to come off as an ignorant mofo.

.:: d.b