Importance of Media Training, ex. 1

Importance of Media Training, ex. 1
Case: Lil Wayne

In a recent interview in Blender magazine, a little gassed off the success of his single, ‘lollipop’, Lil Wayne said the following:

“I don’t do too many (drugs). I just smoke weed and drink. But I’ll never f**k with no more coke. It’s not about the bad high; it’s just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I’m a pretty boy.”

Media Training is very important – it helps artists not sound like ignorant individuals, and helps artists from looking dumb and un-intelligent. I can just imaging that Wayne’s publicist must’ve had heart palpitations after hearing the quote. Lil Wayne says in this quote, don’t do drugs, not because it could possibly kill you, but don’t do it because it can cause acne on your face.

Remember, the whole point of interviews is to leave a favorable impression for your fans & potential fans. Not to come off as an ignorant mofo.

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