Baggage Handlers (Short Film)

Short Film Synopsis:
We are all products of our past relationships; the relationship baggage we carry is sometimes too much for our current partners. A couple finds out that they are still carrying a lot of their past and have to make a decision that will bring happiness – to everyone involved


Jahte Le
Hilary Wirachowsky

Writer, Director, Editor:
Desmond Blackman

Shawn Buckley

Goose Goddi Productions,
Desmond Blackman (VUSM)

(c) 2019

The Benefits of Living w/ a Hype Man

I got the idea for this sketch after listening to some 90’s Hip-Hop, specifically listen to Busta Rhymes and his hype man ‘Spliff Star’.  Then I just took that idea and wondered how living w/ a Hype Man (which is essentially a motivational accomplice) would be.

Thanks to Matt & Anthony Engelbrecht for being a part and doing some amazing improv (especially the bedroom scene).