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The ‘How much F#*k to give’ compass

How much F#ck to give Compass

I’m sure all of us are at work/school and we are faced with conversations with people describing something – and we have all had that feeling of ‘I couldn’t really care less’ in regards to what they were saying. But because we are decent people, we ‘nod and smile’ to show that we are listening. So, anyhow here is a compass to actually help you determine how much of a ‘f#ck to give’ when people are unloading their problems/concerns with you.

First Date Compass

The First Date Compass

First Dates can always be nerve racking – and usually the hardest part is figuring out how one should act in order to ’round the bases’ – if you know what I’m saying.  And as men, usually the goal is figuring out how we should act in order to get laid …. so I’ve heard, I of course, just act myself ….




Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography

Dream Girl Kinetics

This is a Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography Music Video I produced for some independent artists out of Toronto. I was inspired by the Cee-Lo Green video ‘F— You’ and other Kinetic typography videos. A funny story accompanies this video, or tragic, I was like 80% done with the video, but then my power went out; which corrupted the file, so I had to spend another 10-12 hours re-creating everything. That was a lesson in saving multiple drafts of all video projects – especially in the Wonderful, yet buggy, Adobe After Effects, lol.

And of course with anything that is abstract, comes politics – especially when dealing with different people (which now, I really understand why most artists want to work for themselves and not deal with bullshit from other clients, collectives, etc.) … but thats for another chapter in my book, I’ll just say that when sampling a population, make sure your sample is representative of the target audience of your works.

Video Produced, Directed by d dot b (moi).

Also check out this artwork I did too: