Sweet Freedom

Sounds of the 80’s

When you have a song stuck in your head, for a couple of years, it really sucks; especially if you consider yourself a music snob/connoisseur. Today however, via the wonderful app ‘Shazam’ for Blackberry, I was able to come across this gem from the 80’s; Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers in ‘Sweet Freedom’. This song was part of the soundtrack from one of those formulaic black cop/white cop movies of the 80’s ‘Running Scared’ featuring a young Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines (where did he go?). I’m a fan of music with heavy synthesizers and variations, so I recall hearing this song a couple years ago, and said it had to be a part of my collection; when I saw the music video however, it really deviated from my perception of the artist – which is cool. I thought it was gonna be a gheri-curled out brother in tight jean clothing, not a Doobie brother. C’est la vie.
One thing that is always funny about the 80’s is that all the music videos and party scenes look very gay; it seems it was ga ay ‘ol time or something (check what G Hines is wearing and the close face dance sequence with B Crystal) – not for me. Anyhow, enjoy a gem from the 80’s.

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